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How to start a research paper

The research paper shows the students confidence in this or that field and finalizes the knowledge. Learn how to start a research paper.

Surviving your dissertation

A dissertation is a difficult assignment, that requires all student’s efforts for its implementation. Moreover, this assignment is probably the most time-consuming during college. Procrastination makes this assignment very difficult for students. Get some useful tips on surviving your dissertation and fight against procrastination effectively.

Tips for writing a book

Are you thinking about writing your first book? Here’re some useful tips for writing a book, that you can follow.

What is a case

What is a case study? A case study is purposeful cognition, the results of which are presented in the form of a system of concepts, laws, and theories. The purpose is to study specific object.

Writer services

Every writer needs particular editing help with his manuscripts and also wants to organize an effective writing process. We propose you learn about the most useful writer services of today.

Website business plan

The business plan is the paper that helps to find investors and partners. It also helps to identify your purpose. Thereby, fight your procrastination and write your website business plan.

Writing a book proposal

A book proposal is an important part of the publishing business. Writing a book proposal correctly will help you stand you among others and attract the attention of editors.

Writing a memoir

Want to write memoirs? Then this article is for you. These tips on writing a memoir will help you create a memorable work.

IT movie rating

Every movie poster has figures of age restrictions. But what is behind these figures? Find out what the age rating in the movie is and what IT movie rating.

Problem solving techniques

We face various problems every day. Here are effective problem solving techniques that will help you solve problems at work and everyday life.

Email writing tips

Every day people send thousands of e-mails without thinking about how to do it right. Here are some email writing tips.

How to write a dissertation

The dissertation is the main academic document that students perform in the university. Learn how to write a dissertation.

How to write references for a research paper

Splendid ideas and strict rules on how to write references for a research paper will help you produce a credible and impressive scientific paper without difficulty.

Motivation to write a paper

Students have to write many different essay assignments in college. Some of them are very time-consuming, so it is important to find you effective motivation to write a paper.

Professional essay writers

Students in college get many writing assignments during the year. They often feel the lack of time. Sometimes it is needed to hire professional essay writers

Websites that write papers for you

Feeling unable to complete writing assignments and find the service you need? We suggest you read this top list of websites that write papers for you.

Writing a business proposal

Here are some tips on writing a business proposal including main approaches and principles, templates and samples of the structure and text of the commercial proposal to attract investors.

Essay writer reviews

Outstanding revision tips for those who want to submit errorless papers. Essay writer reviews process requires regular practice and good knowledge of the subject. The article contains lots of professional advice for disciplined students.

How to write a personal essay

Emotions and feelings represent different reflection forms of real world. Here is how to write a personal essay about emotions and feelings.

Letter format

Although it is possible to send emails, people still often need to write letters, and it is important to know what letter format should be used.

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