Introduction to high school vs college essay writing

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The leap from high school to college is quite difficult and sometimes stressful enough for many students. It is a completely new life both socially and academically. Everything is different – location, campus, life in a dorm, classrooms and student cafes. Actually, all of this stuff is fun and students easily get used to the new environment while it cannot be said about the learning process. You are going to experience a different schedule system, serious subjects, a new grading system, strict professors, heaps of assignments and projects and lots of other challenging things.

Longed-for freedom is so luminous that school-leavers may get blinded for the first time forgetting that being free is also associated with responsibility, self-discipline and adult problems. If high school is more like your sweet home where teachers are making your troubles their own, college teachers do not treat you like a child. At college students are left for themselves in many things from preparing for the seminars and exams to choosing a partner for a joint project. And it is natural as adult life means adult duties.

The most challenging issue for many freshies is numerous writing tasks. Students get very much bewildered with why their high school papers were A-graded while the essays for college are tomahawked. For this reason, some first-year students start hating college essay writing from the first days of studies. However, it is not an option for those who want better scores no matter what. So that you could adjust to a new system of writing it is high time to read this high school vs college essay guideline.

We have gathered best tips for those students who have no wish to be caught unaware of college writing peculiarities. When entering a college every student must hunt down the differences between high school and college essays. The differences are huge, so let’s get started.

A thesis in academic writing

Both high school and college essays should have a thesis statement. To write a thesis for high school paper is quite easy. If the assignment says to express your view on euthanasia you can write “In my opinion, euthanasia is...”, a college paper expects you to write a catching, meaningful thesis which you will answer in the body paragraphs.

The thesis for a college essay should do two things: raise the problem and hook the audience. Boring, weak statements are not welcomed by professors so you are to do your best so that your thesis will sound appealing and clear. To do this, make sure that the problem you are discussing is not too obvious.

Consider the basic facts about a thesis for a college paper:

  • A thesis is neither a topic nor an opinion. “Will Euthanasia be Legalized in Asian Countries?” is a topic. “Asian people will never support euthanasia” is an opinion.
  • A thesis never comes in the form of a question. “Why is the Asian community against Euthanasia?” is not an argument. No argument, no thesis.
  • A thesis should not sound combative and vague. “The law permitting euthanasia is crucial for people in Asia” - it is hard to argue this statement because who decides it? This statement is moralistic rather than reasonable. Moreover, people who do not support euthanasia will disagree with you and will unlikely read your paper.
  • “The chance of legislation of euthanasia in Asia is non-existent due to cultural, historic and family values” is an ineffective thesis too because a list of reasons prompts the audience what to expect in your essay. It becomes evident that your paragraphs will be about historical reasons, family reasons and so on. Is it intriguing? No. Is it intensive enough? No.
  • A good thesis is arguable. “The claim of terminally ill Asian patients that the life is their personal property is getting louder, but the authority will unlikely give them a chance to choose to die”. This statement is effective as it shows that the Asian community has faced this problem and a certain number of people support euthanasia. At the same time, there is a definite claim that the government will not adopt this law. The audience will react by inquiring “Why?”

So when writing a thesis for a college essay, you should make it eloquent and thought-provoking.

How a thesis should be supported

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Once a thesis statement is designed, it is necessary to provide the supporting facts. High school students are used to telling about their own experiences in the body of the essay. Commonly their papers contain their personal views on the issue. It is not good for the academic writing. Your own opinion should be left behind as professors do not care what you think about the problem. They want to hear strong, well-researched facts from reliable sources that fully back up your thesis. That means you should approach the issue scientifically:

  • To search for the information only in the credible academic resources
  • To write in an unbiased, literally manner
  • To present a unique paper
  • To write accurately

Using the evidence to provide solid ground for your argument is a must. Otherwise, your paper will surely fail. Keep in mind that all sources you used must be properly cited and referenced. The citation rules vary depending on the essay format.

High school vs college essay instructions

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In high school, students have more freedom of choice when choosing a topic. It also concerns the structure, language and format of their essays. The limitations for college students are more demanding. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the instructions given by your professor.

By admitting the requirements, you get slighter chances that your paper will be turned down. For the record, while writing remember that you will probably be asked the following questions: “Have you taken into consideration..?”, “What about this statement? ”, “Why have you chosen this evidence?” and some of the kind. This will help you write effectively and satisfy your instructor.

To avoid an unpleasant talk with your trainer, please follow these high school vs college essay writing rules:

  • Learn about the deadline
  • Ask about the format you should use for your essay (APA, MLA or Chicago)
  • Ask if there are special requirements as to the type of the essay, its structure and length
  • Inquire how much time is given to data collection and assembling the information
  • Specify the sources (Professors usually want students to use particular materials)

Without a doubt, college writing is much more troublesome and demanding compared to the high school writing. However, every student can develop this skill with time. The thing is practice, practice and practice.

Competent hints and A+ college papers search

Essays, term papers, research papers and other thesis-related tasks are the forms of academic writing. When talking about high school vs college essay skills, we should note that academic assignments require profound grammar and style knowledge, remarkable critical thinking and scientific approach. Add to this, some more writing work such as bibliography, abstract page, cover page, etc. This is not surprising why students vex essays when studying in college.

Your first attempt to write a college paper will be successful provided that you can schedule your writing process effectively:

  • Do the research
  • Outline the essay
  • Write a draft
  • Proofread and edit
  • Admit the limitations
  • Meet the deadline

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