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Presentation college in South Dakota is the Catholic private college founded in 1951. The college is a member of both the North Star Athletic Association (NSAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The department of athletics at college offers 10 kinds of sports including the following:

  • Basketball for both men and women
  • Soccer for both men and women
  • Women’s volleyball
  • Football
  • Women’s and men’s golf
  • Women’s Fast-Pitch softball
  • Men’s baseball

Students can get athletic scholarships.

Presentation college athletic program

The mission of the college is to offer students diverse opportunities to take part in athletic programs while pursuing their education. Athletic programs promote the main values of the college and back up Christian values while offering a life learning experience that will promote the well-being of student-athletes.

Students can be awarded student athletic scholarships by the coaches of the college according to their policies and procedures of the educational institution, NAIA, and the NSAA. The number and amounts of awards may vary.


For young athletes, to enroll in one of the American universities is a great opportunity to arrange your life. The main advantage of education is the opportunity to obtain an excellent academic education and at the same time continue to achieve success in the chosen sport. In American universities, there is no need to make a choice between studying and sports career. Here, these aspects are harmoniously united and called “a double career” that gives a great advantage in the future as the graduate can continue his sports career and, if desired, subsequently start working on the acquired specialty at the university.

What is a sports scholarship?

When enrolling in Presentation college athletics, students are given a wonderful opportunity to receive a scholarship or in other words a grant that is a certain amount of money to pay for studies, accommodation, and meals. However, it is worthwhile to understand that the grant is not given out so freely to the student but makes it possible not to worry about these important aspects while studying sports in college.

A sports scholarship is awarded to a student for a period of 10 semesters. The bachelor's degree is four years of study or 7–8 semesters.

How to get a sports scholarship

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The main feature of getting a scholarship is to have enough motivation. American universities give the right to receive a scholarship not just to champions. Studies and sports in the United States are possible for almost any athlete who has the title of master, and in some sports, it is enough to have a title of a candidate for sports. To prove that you have a title or experience you need to do the following:

  • You need to provide confirmation of the achievements in the sport
  • You need to show the recommendations of the leading coaches and athletes
  • You need to submit video recordings and other media materials

Although requirements for each sport can vary.

If you think that you have not enough strong sports results, then, at least, there is an opportunity to receive a partial sports scholarship. The main rule of American universities is that the best coaches will not know about you until you announce yourself. Girls and boys have the same chances to get a scholarship in Presentation college athletics.

Kinds of sports

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Today, universities provide more than forty training programs on which you can get a sports scholarship.

Sports scholarships can be of two kinds:

  • For men
  • For women

For example, girls can get a scholarship in the direction of beach basketball, while the boys do not have such a possibility. The same goes, for example, for free wrestling. Guys can count on a scholarship in this kind of sport, but the girls will not receive scholarships for this sport.

Whether you get a sports scholarship or not, it will be full or partial, depends not only on your skills, but also on the following:

  • The correctness of submitting documents
  • Negotiating with trainers
  • Choosing the right college

Even if you are an excellent athlete, you should take into account that admission to universities is a matter that requires time and diligence, and it is necessary to begin to engage in it one or two years before the admission.

Advantages of studying at Presentation college

Studying at Presentation college offers the following benefits:

  • Free education for any specialty – the scholarship covers expenses related to education, accommodation, meals, medical insurance, as well as purchase of all necessary teaching materials and even sports uniforms.
  • Work in a professional and well-funded team – high athletic performance and championship in the competitions of the country testifies to the high level of prestige of the educational institution. That is why each university invests heavily in the development of its teams and the support of athletes.
  • A high level of sports training – a team of personal trainers will do everything possible to develop the potential of each athlete. The system of training, correct and adequate nutrition, services of professional masseurs, nutritionists, and other specialists will allow you to improve your sports skills and perhaps even get a profitable invitation from leading sports teams after completing the training.

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