How to write an exploratory essay

How to write an exploratory essay, study, ideas, college, words, different, audience

Exploratory essays don’t take a position, they study the problemand the different opinions about the answer. Exploratory essaysreach a topic from an objective opinion with a neutral tone.These this type of paper does not solve the problem but offersvarious perspectives on the problem and tries to find an explainthese points clearly.

Exploratory essays look at various groups of people andaudiences, who have interest in the problem, and study theirdifferent perspectives while also paying attention to the commonground.

Often, there are two sides of a problem, which cause a debate.When writing an exploratory essay, try and look beyond theobvious answers to find creative solutions to the problem. Forinstance, if your paper is on the illegal immigration, you mayconsider not only conservative and liberal political views butalso study the problem from the point of you of border patrolemployees and the immigrants themselves.

Preparing a paper

How to write an exploratory essay, study, ideas, college, words, different, audience

Follow these steps when writing your exploratory essay:

  • Draw a basic plan.
  • Read different articles on the subject.
  • Find out how every article can be applied to back up thepoints in your plan. Use the MLA format.
  • It may be useful to gather some visuals for your paper.
  • Compose a draft. Include the transitions like “anotherperspective is...” or “some people believe.” If you’re talkingabout a certain article don’t forget to use author tags.
  • Add paraphrased and summarized ideas, as well as quotes intoyour draft.
  • In an exploratory essay, you usually paraphrase in your ownwords or summarize the positions you talk about. Use citationswhen they are especially striking or when you cannot paraphrase asentence or a phrase.
  • Editing. Assess your paper by following the instructions youwere given. Also ask someone else to check your paper and seewhether they understand everything clearly. Check if there areany mistakes.
  • Final variant. Once you revise your paper and correct all themistakes, prepare a final version of it.

Features of exploratory paper

Exploratory papers have the following features:

  • They indicate your personal interest in the problem and theposition your support.
  • They describe and identify the problem and offer an arguablequestion.
  • They analyze the rhetorical situation of the problem.
  • They sum up and indicate at least three main points on theissue.

Finding a good topic

How to write an exploratory essay, study, ideas, college, words, different, audience

If you want to know how to write an exploratory essayinterestingly, you need to find an arguable topic, which means itshould be the following:

  • Not a fact you can easily check and find the answer to.
  • It should not be solved.
  • It should be interesting at the moment.
  • It should be connected to an enduring problem.
  • It is something people have different opinions about.

Prepare your paper for a thesis

Define the main topic of your paper that will relate to what willbe indicated by your thesis. If there are prompts that specifythe problems you need to discuss in the paper, select thesubjects, which you want to focus your paper on. Exploratorypapers examine your thinking process as you’re trying to work outpossible outcomes for a problem. This kind of paper does not callfor you to decide what the best method is but rather study howthese methods may or may not work.

You can try and write the thesis before writing the paper. Thisway you may stay focused on the main points. However, by the timeyou finish researching and exploring the issue, your thesis maychange completely. Therefore, it is best to craft it after youhave done your research and write your paper in full.

Choose the main points and start working on a plan. Exploratoryassays study the problem without taking a definite position onthe topic. Your plan will be a necessary instrument while writingyour thesis since it will sum up the main points of your paperand assist you to define what information is important to yourthesis.

Do a profound research if you want to write a proper thesis.Otherwise, it will be difficult if you don’t know enoughinformation on the subject. You need to find credible andverifiable sources that you can use to prove the credibility ofyour paper. If you want your research to be proper, you need toaddress all positions of a problem. It is important to researchother opinions on the subject and study them properly.

Even though facts are important in an exploratory paper, you alsoneed to concentrate on your thinking process. When trying to finda solution to the problem, think whether there is one or severalsolutions, or maybe there are no solutions at all. Also thinkabout why the issues you’re studying are important. Concentrateon how your logic develops when you are trying to find answers tothese questions. You can prioritize the problems of your paper byusing the process of thinking and developing logical questions.

Structuring a paper

Exploratory papers are quite different from argumentative ones.In fact, they are different from any other kind of assignment youhave ever written. You don’t need to convince the audience in thevalidity of your thesis. You will be trying to find a solution tothe problem and formulate prior conditions about how it may besolved.

This kind of paper is a retrospective of your thinking andwriting process as you’re trying to find a solution to theproblem. It explains how, when, and why you have done certainkinds of research. This piece of writing is about how you workthrough problems that need to be researched and written.

Working on the thesis

Address the who, what, how, and why of the problem you arediscussing. Detach major factors of the issue to find out thereasons for writing and the objective as well as the main conceptof your paper. If you can’t find them, these questions may becomemain points for the audience. You are examining the problem byoffering information to the reader not by giving a definitesolution or opinion on the subject.

Prepare a couple of drafts for thesis. Try to get the essence ofyour paper in more than two proposals. Find the thesis that fitsyour work the most. If you’re still unsatisfied with the thesisrewrite it as many times as you need until you have a variantthat confirms the main discussion in your paper and that appliesa concise and clear language. Include the strongest words at theend of your thesis.


In the entry, outline the issue you are exploring and explain whyit is important. Also, you need to briefly discuss the following:

  • The organizations and people involved with the problem
  • Possible causes of the problem
  • Several possible solutions to the problem
  • Short overview of the kinds of services you studied duringyour inquiry

The main section

The paragraphs of the main section should talk about the inquiryprocess you used to research your issue. The paragraphs shouldconsist of the following:

  • Source introduction and why you selected it for yourexploration
  • Important data you have found in the source concerning yourproblem
  • The importance of this source information
  • Personal reflection on how the sources assisted you and madeit possible for you to think differently about the issue.


In the deduction, restate the issue you examined, highlight someof the possible causes, review the organizations and peopleinvolved, and outline some possible solutions. If there are stillsome questions about the issue, this is the place to discussthem. Explain why you still have questions about the issue, whereyou may find answers to these questions, and what other researchis necessary to find solutions to the problem.

Application of exploratory essays

Exploratory essays are often found in many college researchassignments and businesses. The main point of this type of paperis to let you study various viewpoints on a certain issue. Someof the examples of exploratory questions include:

  • The future of the Middle East
  • Reasons of the Civil War in the U.S.
  • Handling illegal immigration in the U.S.

Businesses may ask employees to write an exploratory paper aboutthe following:

  • How do consumers use the product most often?
  • What do people think about the product based on differentadvertisements?
  • What are the most popular competing products and what aretheir advantages over our product?

If you study several viewpoints, you can get a betterunderstanding of the different audiences for a problem and grasphow to develop the best possible solution.

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