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Essays are important assignments in academics. Students get writing tasks throughout the entire period of their studies - small compositions at primary schools, loads of essays in secondary classes, high school paper and finally a variety of writing tasks in higher educational institutions. Add to them career-oriented papers as college admission essays, resumes, CVs, and qualification writing works.

The number and variety of writing assignments that students face every day are incredible. All that requires titanic efforts and lots of skills without mentioning time and nerves spent on writing. Therefore, students should master the writing art with all related peculiarities.

The two main things to know about the essays are structure and content. Both parts are equally important, however, every essay starts with the format which determines the further writing procedure.

We have prepared this guideline for those who want their essays to look impeccable. Professors consider the format of essays first before moving to the content. By doing so, they easily check whether a student is able to follow the instructions and format the paper properly.

The format matters much because whatever you will write in the essay has to be framed and shaped accordingly. You should know that a certain design will be excellent for one paper but absolutely improper for another.

Even if you request a paper from professional writers, you should specify the format details in the order form. To learn how to produce a perfectly constructed essay, you should first get familiar with the key format elements and then with essential designing strategies.

All existing formats have common requirements as to:

  • Font and its size
  • Margins
  • Spacing
  • Number of pages
  • Title page
  • Headings
  • Listing
  • Citation
  • References

Basic formatting tips

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A widespread format for college essays is MLA, abbreviated from the Modern Language Association which has suggested a unified version of many academic writing requirements.

An essay written in the MLA is done in MS Word and follows these options:

  • You should type your name, the professor’s name and title, discipline and class, and the date in the upper left corner of the page.
  • 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Double spacing. The entire paper from the title to the references should be double-spaced with no extra spaces between paragraphs and other parts.
  • One-inch margins (the parameters are the same for the top, bottom, left and right sides of a page).
  • Page number. The MLA uses your name plus a page number on each page. This “header” looks like this: Atkinson 3 and is typed in the upper right corner. The first page also has this header - Atkinson 1. Make sure that you start writing from a new line, below the header.
  • Every essay should have a title. It goes below the header and a line above your essay text. Type it in the same fonts as the whole essay. Do not underline it, make it bold or italicized. Titles for academic essays have no quotation marks.
  • 1/2 inch indent. Write each paragraph with a five space indent. Not to fail the indent just press the TAB button once and your first line will be indented automatically.
  • Left-aligned content. To line up the text, use a left-align icon in the word processor.

Of course, there are other formats acceptable for scholarly writing. For more related articles and best examples of college papers, we welcome you to our website. You will discover lots of useful and essential things about academic papers with us!

The necessaries of title formatting

These simple formatting tips and MS word processor enable you to make your essay look as accurate as it should be. A properly formatted paper is a paper that is easy to comprehend. It is pleasant to focus on the content if nothing else disturbs your eye.

However, there are other writing nuances that make your paper successful. It is like neat and decent clothes which will hardly impress the others unless you add some stylish highly unusual details to the outfit. This is something that draws the eye and provokes the interest. Once you have created your style and learned the secrets of fascination, you will always stand out. Same deal is with your essay. It is time to learn how to heighten the reader’s interest in your writing piece.

Your professor is holding a good-looking essay. What does he or she expect to read? Will your research, story or analysis be interesting? Before everything else, it depends on how compelling your title and college essay heading is.

You will need to split your writing into several parts – paragraphs – according to the type of your essay. Remember that introduction and conclusion are indispensable parts of an essay. It is quite easy to decide on the structure while finding a good title and headings for your essay can sometimes be troublesome.

These tips will save the situation:

  • A good title has less than ten words.
  • The title should match the essay content and be powerful, clear and trending. A title that works is the one where you state your topic and present your opinion.
  • Headings will be useful if your essay is long.
  • A heading should be composed of two –six words.
  • Do not type the title in bold, colour or italics.
  • Do not leave extra space above and below the title.

Essay headings

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Why are headings important? First, they make the text more readable. Second, they serve to clarity. If your essay is more than five pages long, headings are necessary because they help the readers better follow your ideas and not to get bored with a long one-piece paper.

The style of a heading – caps, lower case, centred, etc. – allows the reader understand whether you are talking about the central point or referring to some secondary, less important issues.

Write the headings according to the format specifications. For example, the APA format has five levels of headings. APA headings are performed in bold case, uppercase or lowercase, italicized, capitalized or non-capitalized form depending on the level. So a writer should be very careful with these strict rules.

Essay headings in the MLA format are numbered with the Arabic numbers and a period. You also may use a level system where each heading is designed according to the order of importance. Prominent headings have a larger font and boldface while subordinate headings are lowercased and italicized.

It is up to you how to present the headings in the essay; the key idea is to be consistent. If your first heading is short, make the rest headings look the same.

What are the next steps?

Capability to write the paper according to a proposed format and other instructions is highly essential for every college student. It is a bad idea to skip the formatting stage thinking that the content of your paper matters more.

Senior students will confirm that your paper will get a low score if you have ignored the suggested format. However, there is a risk to fail the entire course and repeat it next year.

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