How to write a catchy receptionist cover letter

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The role played by receptionists is important because they serve as the first contact line between companies and visitors. This job is perfect for people with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. If you consider it a great career choice, the first step to take is to write a catchy receptionist cover letter. With enough practice and knowledge, you will put together the best one that will catch the attention of future employers and help you get a dream job. Learn how to complete this task with ease.

The importance of having a good cover letter

All receptionists work at front desk areas and they’re responsible for handling different administrative duties and greeting visitors. Other activities that they perform include the following:

  • Taking phone calls;
  • Notifying about visitor arrivals;
  • Directing them;
  • Answering to inquiries;
  • Providing instructions;
  • Maintaining a reception area organized and clean.

To write an outstanding receptionist cover letter, showcase the following qualifications and experiences:

  • Excellent communication abilities;
  • A friendly personality;
  • Perfect organizational skills;
  • High professionalism levels;
  • Being customer-oriented;
  • The ability to inform others effectively and fast;
  • Computer literacy;
  • Ability to work under pressure.

A well-written cover letter will help you make the best first impression on potential employers. It shows that you are a perfect candidate for this job. It should be professional, succinct, and address the needs of potential employers. If you feel stuck, use suitable samples as helpful guides when writing your cover letter.

How to gather important information

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Read job offers carefully, know them well, and make references to them when writing your cover letter. Look at detailed job descriptions and choose the duties that you have skills or experiences with. Be ready to address all of them in your paper. Pay attention to the qualifications section and choose the ones that match a given job.

Many job offers include the contact details of representatives. Copy them correctly because wrong information will send your cover letter to other places and hurt your chance to succeed at the very beginning. Investigate potential employers to be able to use information about them in your paper. Besides, this knowledge will help you increase a chance to get a job and demonstrate that you’re a dedicated person.

Learning the right business letter format

Your receptionist cover letter is a formal business letter, so you need to follow the right format when writing it. Stick to the following basic rules:

  • Place your contact and personal details on the top left;
  • Then put the date;
  • Write down the contact and personal data of potential employers;
  • Address them properly;
  • Use single spacing and 1-inch margins;
  • Use double spaces between paragraphs and avoid indenting;
  • Use easy-to-read fonts;
  • Leave a few lines to sign your name manually;
  • Type your title and name.

How to write a winning cover letter

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Address recipients properly because you’re writing a formal business letter. Simple and casual greetings aren’t appropriate for this type of writing. If you don’t know the gender of recipients, use a full name without stating it.

Identify why you’re writing your cover letter, which is quite cut to the chase, so no long greetings are required. Use the first paragraph to announce your main purpose and tell readers why you’re writing this paper right from the top. Name a particular company and mention people who recommended you to apply for a specific job.

After the first sentence, you should introduce yourself to potential employers and provide them with a brief summary of your personality. Make sure that this passage is no longer than a few sentences. You only need to give them an overall idea of who you are.

Stating your interest and qualifications

After introducing yourself, start writing the next paragraph of your receptionist cover letter. This is where you need to state your interest in a specific job and why a given company interests you so much. This section shows your homework in investigating potential employers while proving them that you’re a perfect candidate. Mention what a company does and why its activities interest you without being afraid to compliment employers.

The rest of the main body should be dedicated to your job qualifications. Use this great opportunity to tell readers why you are a perfect fit for a given job. Address different parts of a job offer to show that you did some work and display your work qualifications in a succinct manner.

Mention all past experiences and describe how they will suit a future job. Elaborate some points that aren’t covered in your resume. Pay attention to your computer experience and customer service because all receptionists must work on computers and interact with other people on a daily basis. Mention invaluable and important skills to write an impressive receptionist cover letter.

Taking some final steps

After mentioning all of your relevant job experiences and qualifications, you need to write a great concluding section. When writing the conclusion of your cover letter, restate your enthusiasm for a particular job. This paragraph needs to reiterate your enthusiasm for a job and repeat why you’re a highly qualified candidate. Don’t forget to thank potential employers for their time in considering your job application.

Proofread your cover letter because sending it without being revised is a big mistake that will ruin your chances to succeed. That’s because any grammar and spelling errors can hurt your job application and make you appear unprofessional. Check your cover letter a few times before sending it and ask other people to do the same because a fresh pair of eyes can match the mistakes that you miss.

Send a resume together with a cover letter. This means that you shouldn’t forget to attach it when sending a cover letter. If you fail to do it, there is a high chance that potential employers won’t respond.

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