How to choose the best English essay topics

There are plenty of different assignments that students have to complete while studying. Sometimes you are dealing with a task that does not take you much time and does not make you feel bored or overwhelmed, while another task may make you struggle. Why is it so? This really depends on different factors, and one of them is the topic that you have to write your assignment on.

It is known that studying is more effective and easy if English essay topics are really interesting for students. Finding an attention-capturing topic for an essay is a problem that concerns both teachers and student. The thing is that some topics are chosen for students by their tutors, and sometimes, students can choose a topic that they like.

While it may be easier for a student to choose what he or she wants to write about, for teachers it is harder to guess what is going to suits the interests of their students. Today, there is a range of tips and recommendations that can be used by students and teachers in order to choose the best English essay topics.

How can teachers find interesting essay topics for their students?

If you are a teacher, you know that is it very important to keep your students interested in the discipline and in a particular topic. Another thing that you also know is that it is not that easy to cause and maintain this interest. So, what can you do to choose the best topics for students? First of all, you can give them some freedom by allowing choosing topics themselves. Not only will this simplify work for you, but it will also be useful for your students because they will have to do some thinking and researching in order to find the topic that they want to write about.

You should also spend some time explaining to your students how they should choose the topic. For instance, you can tell them that the topic should be interesting for them and it is good if they have some knowledge about it and their own experience or opinion that they wish to express in their writing.

If you want to narrow the search for them, you can offer them the list of topics that they can consider. In this case, you will also need to do some research in order to find out what topics can be interesting for your students. Of course, it is important to mind the level а education institution because topics suitable for students at a university may be unsuitable for those studying at high school.

How can a student choose interesting English essay topics?

If your teacher has given you an exact topic, then you just need to stick to the requirements; however, if you have some freedom to choose what to write about, it makes things and harder, and easier at the same time. It is harder because you will have to go through different options in order to choose the best topic that you are satisfied with, and it is easier because, eventually, your work will not be very difficult if you are excited about the topic.

It is important not to choose just the very first topic that you consider as an option, and you should be really serious about the process of choosing the right one. That is why it is recommended to make the list of the options. You can use the Internet to check out examples of topics, or you ask your tutor for a piece of advice.

When narrowing the list of the options, you should also pay attention to other factors, including the following:
  • If you have already certain knowledge about the topic because this will save you lots of time;
  • The availability of reliable sources of information that you can use in your work;
  • If you can use the obtained knowledge in future.

If you choose the right topic that is both interesting and useful for you, you will be able to complete your work easier, and, moreover, this will increase your chances on obtaining high grade, which is important.

What topics can you choose for writing a high-quality essay?

There are different topics that you can choose out from to write a high-quality English essay. You can make a search on the Internet trying to find some options and then narrow the list of the topics to only one.

Here, we will also give you a few tips that you can use in order to choose the best topic for the English essay.

The following are general ideas of what you can write about:
  • Describing places, people, and things. This is where you will have to describe things in details, for instance, sound, touch, smell, taste, etc.;
  • Storytelling or narrating events. Narratives can be used for illustrating a report, idea, an experience, explaining a problem, arguing a point, or simply entertaining readers;
  • Process analysis means explaining a process step by step. You can explain how something can be done or how to do something;
  • Contrasting and comparing. Usually, we do this when we need to make a decision. For instance, you can write about how and why you made a certain decision;
  • Drawing analogies: An analogy helps readers understand a complicated subject;
  • Classifying and dividing. This is related to organizing;
  • Examining causes and effects. You can write about causes of different events and problems, such as global warming;
  • Developing extended definitions. Controversial and abstract ideas can be clarified through these definitions;
  • Arguing and persuading. You can choose statements that you want either defend or attack in your essay.

What topics can you choose for describing places, people, and things?

The following are some of the topics that you can choose something out from:
  • A baseball glove;
  • Waiting room;
  • A PC;
  • A restaurant;
  • A closet;
  • A smartphone;
  • A house of your dream;
  • Your ideal roommate;
  • A locker;
  • A city bus;
  • Your memory of a subject from your childhood;
  • An art exhibit;
  • A secret hiding place;
  • A vase of flowers;
  • A bowl of fruit;
  • A product in your refrigerator.

What topics can you choose for narrating events?

The following are some of the topics that you can choose something out from:
  • A memorable event;
  • Your first day at a job;
  • An embarrassing experience;
  • A disastrous date;
  • A strange encounter;
  • A memorable moment of failure;
  • A frightening experience;
  • A memorable journey;
  • A rebellious act;
  • Your first visit to a large city;
  • An act of heroism;
  • A significant misunderstanding;
  • Surviving a natural disaster;
  • A vacation trip;
  • Your first time away from home;
  • The experience of being lost;
  • An important discovery.

What topics can you choose for explaining a process step by step?

The following are some of the topics that you can choose something out from:
  • How to plan the great party;
  • How to lose weight;
  • How to find an ideal roommate;
  • How to survive a night of babysitting;
  • How to mow your lawn;
  • How to succeed in college;
  • How to complain effectively;
  • How to bathe a cat;
  • How to get rid of a roommate;
  • How to pitch a knuckleball;
  • How to rent your first apartment;
  • How to quit a bad habit;
  • How to avoid a nervous breakdown;
  • How to overcome insomnia;
  • How to develop self-confidence.

What topics can you choose for contrasting and comparing?

The following are some of the topics that you choose something out from:
  • Astrology vs. Astronomy;
  • Childhood vs. Adulthood;
  • Apple vs. Microsoft;
  • Ego vs. Superego;
  • Renaissance Art vs. Baroque Art;
  • Monarchy vs. Presidency;
  • Biology vs. Chemistry;
  • American Government vs. British Government;
  • Fruits vs. Vegetables;
  • Republican vs. Democrat;
  • Coke vs. Pepsi;
  • Dogs vs. Cats;
  • Christianity vs. Judaism;
  • Rap vs. Pop;
  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek;
  • Jazz vs. Classical Music;
  • Cash vs. Credit Cards;
  • Red vs. White;
  • Soccer vs. Football;
  • US President vs. UK Prime Minister;
  • Gandalf vs. Dumbledore.

What topics can you choose for drawing analogies?

The following are some of the topics that you can choose something out from:
  • Making a speech;
  • Starting a new job;
  • Moving to a new neighborhood;
  • Watching an exciting movie;
  • Working at a fast-food restaurant;
  • Quitting a job;
  • Reading a good book;
  • Going into debt;
  • Losing a close friend;
  • Getting out of debt;
  • Leaving home for the first time;
  • Learning a new skill;
  • Taking a difficult exam;
  • Responding to bad news;
  • Gaining a new friend;
  • Responding to good news.

What topics can you choose for classifying and dividing?

The following are some of the topics that you can choose something out from:
  • Roommates;
  • Music on your MP3 player or phone;
  • Self-centered people;
  • Study habits;
  • Hobbies;
  • Online educational resources;
  • Stand-up comedians;
  • Students in a library;
  • Reality shows on television;
  • Gardeners;
  • Sales clerks;
  • Drivers in a traffic jam;
  • Dancing styles;
  • Fictional detectives;
  • Road trips;
  • Ways of boring people;
  • Video games;
  • Cheaters;
  • Customers at your workplace;
  • Shoppers.

What topics can you choose for examining causes and effects?

The following are some of the topics that you can choose something out from:
  • Why some students cheat;
  • The effect of a parent on your life;
  • The effects of a coach or teammate on your life;
  • The effects on children of a broken marriage;
  • The effects of peer pressure;
  • The environmental effects of bottled water;
  • The effects of pressures on students to get high grades;
  • The effects of poverty on an individual;
  • Why people keep pets;
  • Why people exercise;
  • The downside of smartphones;
  • The causes of noise pollution;
  • The effects of computers on our everyday lives;
  • Why reality shows are so popular;
  • The effects of not keeping a personal budget;
  • The effects of moving to a city.

What topics can you choose for developing extended definitions?

The following are some of the topics that you choose something out from:
  • Trust;
  • Kindness;
  • Sexism;
  • Gumption;
  • Racism;
  • Sportsmanship;
  • Honor;
  • Modesty;
  • Self-assurance;
  • Humility;
  • Dedication;
  • Sensitivity;
  • Peace of mind;
  • Respect;
  • Ambition;
  • Right to privacy;

What topics can you choose for arguing and persuading?

The following are some of the topics that you can choose something out from:
  • Dieting makes people fat;
  • The growing abuse of human rights occurred due to the war on terror;
  • Censorship is sometimes justified;
  • Graduates from high schools should take a break before entering college;
  • All citizens must vote;
  • People have become dependent on technology;
  • Romantic love is a bad basis for marriage;
  • The sale of cigarettes should be illegal;
  • All welfare funded by government should be abolished;
  • Both parents should have equal responsibility in raising their children;
  • Americans should have longer vacations and more holidays;
  • Being a member of team sports helps develop good character;
  • Privacy is not the most important right.

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