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Many students use the service of the professional writing companies. There are many reasons for their choice. First, it is a very high pressure in modern colleges. The schedule is really tough, while there are many campuses and sports activities. This leads to stressful situations, where students have no idea of how to cope with everything. In this situation, the professional writing help gives an opportunity to delegate the responsibility. The reputable writing company has such effective qualities:

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What information you should include in the introduction and conclusion

Not like in other academic writings, there is no heading and description in motivation letter. At the same time, great concentration must be paid to the first phrase. The first phrase is the first impression of a person. This trigger tells a lot about the style and characterof communication of the applicant. The most standard mistake in writing letter is a boring introduction. The introduction must be interesting and make the reader read the whole text.

The conclusion should be built on the same principle. At the very end of the letter, there should be some understatement and intrigue, thanks to which the entrant will be remembered better than others. The goal of such essay is to get the invitation to the interview. After all, not all entrants reach the stage of interviews in many universities. This is because of not effective introduction and conclusion.

The main text of the paper

The main text should describe the long-term goals of the entrant. It is about accomplishments in the desired area. It is clear that the goals of the entrant should be in the connection with the college program. This is called the use of the target keywords. People with ambitions are more attractive to college. However, aims should be specific and proved by at least some kind of plan. Basically, there are such main elements in the main text:
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies
  • Personal stories
  • Motivation and connection.

If you managed to pass an internship or a working internship and you have practical experience in the specialty - you should not keep silent about it! Briefly describe the details of your employment and responsibilities, the results achieved, the skills acquired and the impression of your boss. The main text should describe the current state of accomplishments of the applicant. Particularly, in this section, it is worth to outline the personal accomplishments and experience of the entrant.

Management experience in the organization of any projects is mostly well received. Or at least show how you took part in profitable projects. It is clear that it is worth mentioning the accomplishments in studies in the previous educational institution. The college should see that you are an effective team player.

A big plus is the presence of your hobby (extra-curricular activity), directly or indirectly related to your specialty. For example, you enter the engineering department - and in your spare time you are fond of airplane modeling, go to the karting club, self-service your cards, and from childhood helped your father in the garage. Similar notes are necessary for the university to be convinced of the seriousness of your intentions, the correctness of the choice of the educational direction and career, the clarification of the strength of your motivation.

Your talents and abilities, sports cups, and competitions of any level, scholarships or grants, participation in educational exchanges – all this makes your essay bright. And it is not necessary that these accomplishments are Olympic level - any victory characterizes you as a single-minded and moderately ambitious person, ready to win. If there are many examples, describe those that cause a special effect on the selected education way. This will make the letter more personal and will help you to stand out from the crowd of hundreds of template essays.

The long-term goals in the essay

It's very significant to identify exactly how a specific university program can help an candidate to realize his long-term goals. And for this, it is better to explore in advance the website of the college, topics on a specific program and teachers. This is called keyword investigation. The mention in the letter of teachers of their college works is a very efficient keyword when writing a motivation letter.

Write, from whom and what you would like to learn, what attracts you to the peculiarities of the program for a certain teacher. This will additionally show your interest and awareness. The commission representatives are familiar with the entire teaching staff, so name only real names here. Try not to "cheat" either, pointing to the most famous professor with world fame - he is sure to be mentioned by other students. This will put you in the crowd of other applicants.

It will be very effective if the entrant specifies which topic he would study in the training process. It is clear that this subject should be correlated with both the program that the entrant applies and his long-term personal and career goals. Frequently a successful topic is highly important when choosing a certain entrant.

Thus, the motivation letter is one of the most important documents that are submitted by applicants upon admission to colleges and universities. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare such a letter in advance and it is very desirable to involve experienced specialists. The professional writing help will identify the weak places in the paper and will help to improve the general picture. In addition, the writing of a motivation letter enables the entrant to once again comprehend his decision on admission to a specific program of a particular college.

Originality when getting the essay on internet

Professional writers know how to provide the original product. Originality will definitely be your plus - but here you also need to feel the boundaries. Surely, if your letter is correctly written, but consist of templating, faceless phrases - you will not be remembered by the selection committee and will not be in priority for enrollment. However, the originality should be in the effective and business style, without informality. The professional writing team knows how to keep the effective balance between the originality and the business style.

If in your academic history there were complex, controversial and ambiguous moments - it is better to explain them: sooner or later they will still come out. For example, if in one of the trimesters you only received triplets, try honestly, impartially, confidentially (but without lying and unnecessary tearfulness) to explain the reason for such low achievement. Perhaps you have had problems in the family or health problems, emotional decline, life or financial difficulties. If you are honest and objective - first of all, to yourself - you will be able to create the image of a strong-willed, strong and independent person who knows how to overcome difficulties and come out victorious from any difficult situation.

The most ordinary mistakes in writing a motivation letter

When using templates, students do template mistakes. The professional writing help identifies such weak places and helps to improve the whole level of the paper. Here are the most ordinary mistakes:
  • Duplicating information from an academic resume
  • A dull and listless beginning
  • The same essay for all universities
  • Impersonality and no triggers
  • Ridiculous and inappropriate jokes
  • Inability to stop, the excessive amount of text
  • Lack of verification and proofreading
  • Assigning others' own successes.

Duplicating information from an academic resume is a mistake, that many students do, because they don’t have enough information. The essay is your chance to inform the new, give the commission the maximum information about you as a talented and promising student. Do not miss it, do not copy your resume, because this will not give you any additional effect.

The introduction should always inspire the reader. A dull and listless beginning can spoil the impression, so the tutor will stop reading at all. Do not introduce yourself for a whole paragraph - start fast. For example, from the second sentence, you can describe the case, the "hook" that influenced your decision to study at this university. You should never use the same essay for all universities.

The same essay for many colleges is the root of the wrong approach, capable of ruining all your entry. Each university has its own merits, features, and advantages, and not to note these unique facts in a motivational letter means to deprive the University of its pride and identity, which can hurt the admission committee. You should always identify the specific keywords of the college, to operate them in your application. You should also bring your personality to the essay.

Impersonality is a serious mistake that many students do when writing the essay. Depersonalization of letters, pattern phrases, banality, and universality of judgments will not help you - the commission will decide that you are no different from others, and therefore it is better to look for a brighter and more original candidate for a place. If you will decide to hire the manuscript editing professional to improve your essay on the internet, he will ask you for some personal stories to include in the paper, for sure.

Stick to the appropriate style

Ridiculous and inappropriate jokes are not the best way to bring attention to your candidacy. The result can be opposite. The originality and sense of humor are good if they are good in the specific situation. If you are not sure of the harmlessness, the accuracy of your joke - do not put it in the letter. You can decide this during proofreading to your friends, familiar professors, and teachers –they will be good for dropping it out. Be sure to consider the mentality of the host country, the national characteristics, temperament, and etcetera.

When writing the motivational essay, it's very significant to stick to the effective amount of text. Inability to stop, the excessive amount of text can tell about the fact that you cannot focus on important things. It is logical that you are trying to talk about yourself as much as possible - but try to devote each paragraph to a single topic that will disclose in detail new information about you. Do not try to fit into the letter all the information that you have, include only that information that makes the letter work.

Lack of verification and proofreading

Don’t hesitate to use the professional manuscript editing help. If you passed the letter without checking it and it is full of mistakes, inaccuracies, misprints, syntactic and punctuation mistakes - the admission committee will most likely put it aside, no matter how talented you are. Usually, this happens when writing an essay a few days before the deadline. That the letter should be written in advance, leaving enough time for its verification and editing.

Assigning others' own successes is also a bad idea. Do not include in your letter other people's achievements and deeds, which in fact are not yours. As already mentioned, the most important thing in the motivational essay is to show your personality - to be yourself. If the deception reveals itself in the course of a personal interview - you will feel awkward, and the admissions committee will have a very unpleasant impression of your candidacy. Always try to ask for a professional help, especially when it is about such important for the career document.

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