How the essay topics influence the type of the essay?

As you know, there are many different types and subtypes of the essays. Here are the main types of the essays:
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Expository
  • Argumentative
  • Persuasive.
Depending on the topic, different essay type can be more relevant:
  • The problem of choice – persuasive
  • When I first liked the nature in my childhood – narrative or descriptive
  • Education of children in the modern world – argumentative
  • Secrets of a happy family – expository, argumentative, or persuasive
  • Who is he - a strong man? – reasoning essay.

The problem of choice in the modern world

Sooner or later, each of us faces a choice. And it, in turn, means taking a decision in favor of one of the options. The problem of choice arises before us daily, it is an integral part of life itself. Many students are afraid to make some choice; they are afraid to change the usual course of things. This, in fact, is meaningless. After all, if we do not make our own choice, life will make it for us, and it's not at all a fact that we will like it.

I believe that everyone must manage their own lives. And one of the ways to do this is to make informed decisions and not be afraid to face a choice. Do not forget that the choice assumes responsibility for the decision. A person who has made any choice should be responsible for the consequences that it entails.

In my life, there is a problem of choice pretty often. Sometimes I hesitate between several options, not daring to do it. After all, each of them has its pros and cons. At such moments, I take myself in hand and ask myself: what consequences will entail this or that option? The decision on the choice becomes much easier. However, sometimes all this just leads to procrastination.

I remember a difficult decision when I was a child. I had to decide whether I would go to the sea with friends or in the village to my grandmother. Obviously, I wanted more to see the sea with my friends – it is fun and carefree. But I realized that my grandmother is old, and she needs my help. In addition, we rarely see each other. For a while, I hesitated and then decided to share my time equally. I went for a week to the village, helped my grandmother with the garden, wood, and cattle, and then joined friends at sea. I arrived there later than the others but did not offend my grandmother.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a compromise. Sometimes you have to make choices against your wishes, and do things that you do not want at all. For example, when I want to go out with the guys to play football, but I have not done my homework yet. Here it is space for compromises. You have to sit down and do it, and if you have time, then maybe you can play football.

When I first liked the nature in my childhood

I'll tell you about what happened to me one summer when I was a child. We often spend time with my parents in the village. There we have a large wooden house and a plot of land. Not far from the village there flows a narrow but fast and deep river. My friends and I spend whole days on its shore. Sometimes we catch fish on self-made fishing rods, and sometimes we come up with fun games on the beach and in the water.

It happened on a quiet June evening. The weather was clear; the sun was approaching. My friend and I sat on the river bank, threw stones into the water and talked about something. I groped a rather large stone behind me, threw it into the water with a swing, I heard a loud splash. However, suddenly, where the stone fell, large bubbles of air came from under the water!

We calmed down and looked more closely. In the place where bubbles rose recently, a black object appeared and began to move against the current. We jumped up and ran after it along the shore. Soon the object approached. We stopped and the creature too. Most recently, the clouds obscured the setting sun and at dusk, we could not see what it was. We were afraid to move, and I did not know why. Either because we were afraid to frighten off this beast, or whether we were feared of him.

Then the cloud stepped aside and in the light of the last rays of the sun, I saw someone's hairy face. It was a beaver. Before that, I saw beavers only in pictures and did not think that I will ever meet them, so I was very happy. After a few seconds, the animal slapped its tail on the water and disappeared from view. We stayed for a while in the hope of seeing him again.

After this incident, we still came to that place more than once. We brought various food from home and thrown to the middle of the river. But the beaver never appeared. Watching wild animals in nature is very interesting, and I hope that I will meet some funny animal with my kids. As you can see, some of the essay topics should use all five senses of the reader – the descriptive way of writing.

Education of children in the modern world

Parenting implies the transfer of certain skills and abilities from parents to the child. In nature, animals teach their cubs everything necessary for survival:
  • Hunting
  • Camouflage
  • Dealing with their own kind, and etcetera.

This process is necessary for the survival and prosperity of any species. In the human world, the upbringing of children is not limited to basic skills, such as obtaining food or protecting from enemies. This is a much deeper process aimed at the formation of personality, the ability to interact with the society, the development of thinking and the instilling of moral and ethical norms.

From early childhood, the child begins to explore the world. Important components of this process are parental upbringing, learning, copying the behavior of others, communicating with peers of both sexes. All this forms the necessary knowledge, personal qualities, creative abilities in him and as a result, a full-fledged person turns out. The lack of education can lower the opportunities of the person.

If a growing person is not inculcated with elementary rules of etiquette and behavior in society, then it will be very difficult for him to fit into this society and adapt to life in it. This provokes in him the desire to separate himself from the society, to be shielded from it. Obviously, the demands of modern life must be taken into account in upbringing, but people shouldn’t forget about spirituality either.

People, educated only in the spirit of materialism, get developed one-sidedly and loses much. Good upbringing opens many doors to a person. He becomes a welcome guest in any company, he has many friends. If parents want their child to fit into the society so that he has a decent future, it is necessary to start with proper education.As you can see, some of the essay topics require argumentation and the persuasive way of writing.

Secrets of happy family

A person can only be happy when he is happy at home. That is why it is very important to approach the choice of a partner to create a family seriously. I think it makes sense to listen not only to the call of the heart but also to the voice of reason. What traits, in my opinion, should have an ideal family:
  • Relationships should be built on sincere love; it is the basis of everything (it is important that the feeling is mutual)
  • Respect between partners, which is indicated by no desire to change or re-educate each other
  • The soulfulness of the home atmosphere, because the house where people are happy, must be a comfort.

Each member of the family has a personal space. But it is important to not overdo it because if the parents and children or the husband and wife live in separate lives, the family cannot be called ideal. Common views on the world, interests, and tastes, as well as the right to defend one's point of view, are still important components of a strong and healthy union. If a wife, for example, does not value her husband's opinion, then how can they find a common language and be happy?

Among the signs of an ideal family, there is one more - trust. Without it, it is impossible to open a person to his soul, and without this, accordingly, love cannot be built. Some people start a real paranoia, they always suspect a partner of infidelity, watch him, arrange checks. This exhausts them both, and eventually, this union breaks up. I think you cannot ignore such a simple, at first glance, thing, like patience.

All of us are not perfect and each of us has a certain set of shortcomings, flaws or simply peculiarities. And if the partner can reconcile with them, get used to it, then the family will approach ideality. I am sure that the family plays a very important role in the life of any of us. On how comfortable we feel in it, often our entire future life depends.

Who is he - a strong man?

When we hear the phrase "strong man", our imagination draws us an athlete at first. In fact, this phrase has another meaning - willpower, the strength of mind.Firstly, a strong person is one who can, despite all the hardships of life, continue the way forward towards the intended goal. Agree that it is quite difficult.

Many people despair when something goes wrong and throw the business started halfway. A strong person will not do this. Secondly, such a person has not only responsible for himself but also the responsibility to other people. He will not leave anyone in need, he will always come to the rescue. Some understand such actions as sentiment, although this is not true.

And thirdly, he has spiritual power. Such a man is opposed to the temptations of the world. He does not smoke, does not drink alcohol, does not seek "easy money". A strong person totally achieves himself. For me, my grandfather is an example of a strong person. In his youth, he was seriously injured and became disabled.

Grandfather could not walk. Doctors claimed that he would spend his entire life in a wheelchair. But it turned out differently. My grandfather did not give up and began to slowly train his legs. It took him ten years to restore his health. Now my grandfather is perfectly well. He works and goes in for sports. At the same time, he still helps us - the grandchildren. He tells us examples from his life and gives reason to think about what it means to be a good and strong person. As you can see, some of the essay topics can be better written in a narrative way.

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