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For ambitious students, the creation of an essay is a chance to demonstrate academic ability, originality of thinking and impress with the skills of written speech. Some students like the process of writing itself because there is an opportunity to implement their academic skills and bring worthy arguments. However, many students find this process boring and difficult as it requires particular skills and time to perform a really good paper.

Therefore, they struggle looking for the solution to the problem “How to write a memorable flawless essay that stands out?” In this article, we will reveal this essay write secret to you.

First of all, you have to answer the question why you need an essay? Before writing it, you need to go back to basics - understand who will check and analyze it, after that it will become clear what teachers are looking for in your essay.

The essay checks the knowledge of a student on a particular subject; however there are other aspects that teachers want to discover:
  • Knowledge. Essays are a good method to revise and consolidate the information that is important in the learning process.
  • Awareness of the topic. Teachers use essays to check how students understand and explain complex concepts and situations. Teachers want to see whether a student is able to reveal the message on a given topic to the full.
  • Essays also test the student’s ability to perceive and process a large amount of information in a short period of time and the ability to allocate relevant information.
  • Essays are a good opportunity for a student to demonstrate his or her language proficiency.
  • Like every writing assignment an essay has a certain deadline so that a teacher can see how a student can plan and manage the writing process. Of course, all the tasks must be done at the highest level and within the specified period.

What is an essay?

To know how to organize your essay write process and perform a splendid paper in the end, you need to know what an essay is.

To write an essay correctly, you should understand that an essay is a small author’s prosaic work with a free composition on a given topic. The essay objectives can vary. It can be the author's attitude to some event or discussion of the problem. The author of the essay, as a rule, talks about his personal experiences, impressions in a figurative, emotional, and frank way. Often essays contain conversational expressions, sayings, colloquial expressions, and quotes. The exceptions are the essays for scientific conferences and public speeches at various scientific events.

So, if you have a question “How to write an essay?” you should first decide on the style of your future work that can be the following:
  • Philosophical
  • Fiction
  • Journalistic
  • Literary critical
  • Historical
  • Biographical
  • Science-fiction

There are different classifications of essays.

From the point of view of the content there are:
  • Philosophical essays
  • Literary-critical essays
  • Historical essays
  • Art essays
  • Journalistic essays
  • Religious essays, etc.
As to a literary genre the essays are classified as:
  • Reviews
  • Lyrical miniatures
  • Notes
  • Pages from the diary
  • Letters and others.
There are also the following types of essays:
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Reflexive
  • Critical
  • Analytical
  • Personal
  • For and against essays
  • Contrast and compare essays and others

In this case, the basis is the compositional features of the work performed in the genre of an essay.

And finally essays are divided into two main groups:
  • Personal or subjective essays where the main element is the disclosure of one or another side of the author's personality
  • Objective essays where the personal principle is subordinated to the subject or some idea

The applicant's essay on a certain topic belongs to the second group.

Criteria for an ideal essay

Once you get an idea why you write an essay, you have to understand that it is not enough to know the problem of the essay. Teachers have their own preferences and criteria in choosing the best paper. However, there are universal features that will help you make a smart essay. Consider these characteristics below:
  • Originality of ideas. A major characteristic of a well-designed essay is the original ideas. Of course you do not need to invent something new in the essay, but you are to research the topic carefully and provide an in-depth study of the issue.
  • Deep knowledge. It goes without saying that your essay should demonstrate not only a deep knowledge, but also a clear understanding of the topic of the current problem, and reveal the topic by providing a large number of arguments and abstracts. To confirm the high quality of your work, you need to process a large amount of information and compare other people's ideas on the issue.
  • Specification of information. The purpose of a flawless essay is to inform and convince. A teacher can easily see whether you have used some specific knowledge related to the topic. This brings us back to the question of sorting out the relevant facts and highlighting the necessary and important information from a large amount of sources you have reviewed. Keep in mind that the extra information or too many details in the essay show that you have not understood the essence of the issue well enough.
  • Proficient language. The structure of the presentation should be perceived with ease. Sentences should be logically constructed and understood from the first time. The main thing is to follow a logical connection between the arguments and a smooth transition from one fact to another. And, of course, your spelling and grammar must be perfect.
  • Additional knowledge. Persistent students always read more than in the list of recommended sources. Undoubtedly, reading books overtime will give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge, be the best among peers and make a deep impression with your outstanding essay.
We have invented some essential essay write tips to help expand your knowledge by reading additional literature:
  • Read and compare different works of the author
  • Work with modern literature. Analyze the text of other essays to discover whether you, agree or disagree with contemporary ideas
  • Make a psychological analysis of the author's work, study the work of his predecessors which inspired the author to write
  • Reading critical reviews. Analyze the thoughts of critics and decide whose opinion is closest to you
  • Background. Here you can refer to the context of the paper

At first glance, it may seem that our advice is a lot of extra work. It is good to check other methods, for example, to make notes, write important information from the context, etc.

Organizational tips for effective writing process

Let's try to understand how to facilitate your writing process. These are basic recommendations for every student who is going to invest his time on essay writing:

Before you start writing an essay, set a goal

You must be tired of hearing that kind of advice. But it is very important to start writing having specific ideas on paper. This requires an essay plan. It will not take much time, just order the ideas you want to discuss.

Balanced arguments

A good essay combines the two sides of the argument; on the one hand, it is the presentation of the information and on the other, the review of the different points of view. keep in mind that one-sided arguments will not impress the readers.

Your opinion

Discuss what you think on the issue. This will show that you do not use other people's thoughts, but have your own reasonable independent point of view.

Use quotations

Justify your opinions using quotes from famous works. This demonstrates good knowledge of the subject. However, do not go too far; too many quotes in the essay will not be a plus for you. Frequent use of quotations is the evidence of your uncertainty in explaining the topic. As it has been said above, it is very important to make arguments based on evidence.

Citations and bibliography

Show your competence using citations referring to the sources used. This will not only show your organizational skills and erudition, but also the number of works that were studied during the creation of your essay.

For quotations, footnotes use special online text editors or requirements of your teacher. There are various acceptable forms of citation, but remember, you need to stick to the same format. When making footnotes, make sure to write the title and author, date of publication, and page number.

Error correction

How many times have you printed the word form instead of from? This, by the way, is one of the spelling errors that are missed when checking. Your written language should be perfect - clear and understandable sentence structure, apostrophes, capital letters, no typos and grammar mistakes, etc.

Please do not forget to number the pages and type your name at the top of each page of the essay. Also, make sure to use readable fonts and follow other formatting rules.

Submit your essay on time

There is no need to remind about deadlines for paper submission. However, we will remind you why punctuality matters. Even if you have completed a perfect essay long before the deadline but have not sent it to the teacher at a stipulated time, the chances to get a good score dwindle. Do not postpone your essay until the last minute, ideally, you should start writing an essay well in advance and leave time for proofreading and analyzing the paper. Professional essay writing assistance matters!

To make your essay interesting, catchy, original we recommend diluting serious ideas with humor and irony, if only you feel they are appropriate. Please keep in mind that your essay is a reflection of your personal views, which is why you should not copy other people's thoughts.

Think about what you would like to say in your essay, what experiences and observations you want to share. If when finishing the essay it seems to you that the title does not fully reflect the essence of the topic, change it to a more intriguing and original one.

We hope that our article has given you comprehensive answers to the question "How to write an essay". If you want to compose a smart paper you should start writing right away.

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