What is fantasy writing?

Fantasy writing is one of the most sought trends in the literature at the moment. People are always attracted to the unknowable and surreal world that they fall into, thanks to the author’s design. It is quite possible to write a fantastic work. And, perhaps, it will be even easier to master the fantasy genre than creating a realistic story or novel. Why is that so? Probably, it’s all about fantasy and freedom. Freedom of thought and speech.

History of occurrence of fantasy genre

Probably, as you have already guessed, the fantasy genre was born at the dawn of humanity. Remember the ancient Greek myths and Slavic traditions? Zeus and Anubis, Leta and fairies, dryads and nymphs, Thor and Odin – all these heroes were invented at different times by different peoples. At first it was an attempt to explain the surrounding world, taste the unknown pieces of the world. Now it is a real need to invent and create. Those who write in the fantasy genre, perhaps, feel like gods over their heroes, in which they breathe life.

Despite the fact that fantasy worlds existed for a long time, the concept of fantasy began to emerge only at the end of the 19th century. It was then that a dilemma arose about how to single out this direction into an independent one, what traits are inherent in it. In this case, every fantastic product of that time was based solely on scientific vision. It was even decided to make science fiction a separate kind of literature, since it did not fit into anything that was already known.

Nowadays the situation has changed a little. Fantastic work became more literary and acquired its own exclusive genres. Today even the schoolboy will be able to tell you what differs fantasy from horror or mysticism. In addition to these three species there is also science fiction, utopia, and a fantastic journey.

Sci-fi seems like a genre of fairy tales. But this is not so. By the way, fantasy literally means the art of imagining. Indeed, in spite of the ease of fantasy, it is still worth learning, build up what was said and written into the rank of an artwork. That’s what a literary genre is. Below, we will talk about fantasy writing and how to create a worthy fantastic work.

How to write in a fantasy genre

Fantasy is popular among everyone today. A lot of people write in this genre. How to declare yourself, how to distinguish yourself from the crowd? How to write a book, which would be noticed by the publisher and would be the first step towards creating an author’s name?

How can you write a book in the fantasy genre, which will be appreciated by many readers?

The power of imagination

Most likely the creation of a fantastic work won’t cause problems in those who constantly invent something and imagine. In order to become a science fictionist, one must be able to do the following:
  • Transform the real world
  • Change the world
  • Invent a new world and subordinate its rules

It will not be enough for you to simply take and write off everything from your life. It will be necessary to show all of your wild fantasy, remember childhood fears and youthful dreams and ancient myths, as well as understand the structure of children’s fairy tales.

You must work on our imagination and learn to see what others have not yet noticed in order to fully master the genre of fiction. Do you remember the remarkable work – The Chronicles of Narnia? A country that is accessible only to those who believe in it. It is necessary to believe the most that you write. It is necessary to completely immerse yourself in the imaginary world and give yourself full freedom of action.

Your blank piece of paper is like a clean planet. In your hands is a great treasure – an opportunity to create. Of course, it is worth reading as much as possible of already proven authors to see what is behind their literature, what is the essence of the fantasy genre in their understanding. Having accumulated the necessary experience and being supported by your own thoughts, set off on your journey, and immerse yourself in fantasy writing.

Create a unique world

It is best to create something entirely new, special, and exclusive in the genre of fantasy. But no one forbids you to rely on the experience of past generations. If you notice, now there is an absolute revival of ancient myths and biblical legends. And this, as it turned out, is a win-win option.

Those who write fantasy should be perfectly aware that it is natural for a person to reach out to the unknown and this should be used. Of course, you can create your own abracadabra, and you can revitalize those who are known long ago only from an unexpected point of view. Some people like to play with the image of Lucifer. Perhaps, this is one of the most popular images. Bernard Werber generally comes alive with all the ancient Greek characters, while he draws them individually, not forgetting to add a dose of portions of philosophy and scientific views.

Mythology, religion, and imagination are interestingly intertwined in The Chronicles of Narnia. There was even a whole book-study devoted to this text. The world of literary work should be as attractive as possible. It must be fascinating and attract readers with its secrets and riddles. And it should also allow a person to forget himself for a while and realize through reading everything that is inaccessible to him in real life. The fantasy genre should give the opportunity to fill this gap.

The author of fantasy should be a good psychologist and understand those images that will be close to his readers. Think about what it would be interesting for you to know, whatever device of the world could satisfy your most immodest desires, what laws would seem most preferable. Everything should be thought through to the smallest detail.

Unusual heroes

As a rule, there is one main character in the work and his constant companion. There also may be a group of protagonists, but if you are a beginning writer, then do not bother about the number of characters. It is better to write down in details one or two heroes, which will resemble real ones, but which will have something special. For example, it could be some great gift or ability. Let your hero know how to manage dreams or kindles a fire from a distance. The main thing is that all its zest is not knocked out of the general test and did not look somehow stupid and naive.

Use what most suits you and the world that you are going to create. You can use the following:
  • Generic curse
  • Reincarnation
  • A double
  • A shadow that talks

Remember that the hero lives not here and now, but in the place above which you work so hard. They must be closely related to each other.

Although, sometimes the rejection of the hero from the world is permissible. In the event that you are ready to create another place and put it on the map of your story (or novel).

But again, as long as you only try yourself in this direction, it is better to dwell on one hero and one world. This way, you definitely will not get confused and will be able to pay attention to quality.

It is worthwhile to think over the names of the heroes. Let them be unique and bright. Maybe it will be a nickname, a pseudonym. And the name will open only at the end. In any case, it’s very strange when you populate the imaginary terrain with fauns and gods, and the main character will be called Jack. In this case, readers will immediately be disappointed.

The Importance of antagonism

Your good heroes should always have rivals. And if in a realistic work these rivals will act by all methods familiar to you, then in the fantasy world, there is no limit. You can think of universal weapons or stunning abilities that leave no chance of survival (excluding the main character, of course).

  • Let your characters throw lightning from their eyes
  • Let them kill with a word
  • Let them turn everything into plants with the help of spells

Realize all known phraseological units and revive metaphors. As hungry as a wolf? And now the hero is covered with wool. Cracking at the seams? In general, it’s scary to imagine what might happen.

Sometimes you do not have to invent anything, you just need to skillfully realize what lies in your memory. Experiment with images and words, shock and surprise. Fortunately, this fiction is very helpful.

A negative character can look like anything. If you want to depict it in the form of a one-eyed hunchback, no one will prevent you from it. If the negative hero is just a shadow of your pet, that’s fine too. Danger in the form of a talking planet? Why not?

It is important that the hero was interesting, so that he was alive, thinking. Draw it as if you were an artist and do not deprive him of his sense of humor. Bad creatures are sometimes very humorous. And this not only relieves the situation, but also makes the reader laugh. By the way, the same goes for the main character with a plus sign. Humor is an excellent technique that will provide you with some of the desired sympathy from the reading public.

The Tree of the future

Play different situations that only come to your mind. A fantastic narrative is often born out of absurdity and boldness. What happens if only one person remains on the ground? And if suddenly the moon falls to the Earth? What happens if the sun turns pink? What if suddenly aliens arrive? Write down for yourself a couple of dozen similar questions and choose the one that most intrigues you. This method is very well described by Bernard Werber. He himself wrote that all his stories serve as sketches for large novels. And stories are born from his questions: What if...? As you can see, nothing complicated.

Title of the work

Finally, one of the important stages is to choose the name for your masterpiece.

  • The name must be intriguing
  • The name should surprise
  • The name should beckon
  • It must also reflect the meaning of the work

It would be nice if you could come up with an ambiguous title. As, for example, “Dead Souls” by Gogol. You will not understand whether it is the souls bought by Chichikov, or whether they are the souls of the landowners, empty and useless.

Let the name bears in itself a great semantic load, let the reader break his head a bit, why you called your work this way. A prerequisite is that the answer still must exist.

Of course, this is a very short list of what a novice fiction writer should know. But I this will be a reliable help for future activities. Look at the world, remember your dreams, come up with a second reality. It’s not only exciting and interesting, but it will give you a chance to realize yourself as a writer and find your first admirers.

How to make a fantasy story interesting

The main secret of most exciting books is that until the end it is unclear whether the main character wins or not. It is unclear because the author always puts obstacles on his way. He confronts him with other characters all the time, whose goals are absolutely opposite to the aspirations of your hero. And as a result, there are endless conflicts, clashes and skirmishes that have to be overcome and in which you need to win. Every now and again.

So, the next thing you need to do is to think carefully about what and when your protagonist will face.

  • Put a set of obstacles in the way of the hero. Just try to justify their appearance a little, otherwise they will turn into nothing and won’t make readers sympathize for the protagonist. The readers will be irritated due to the apparent absurdity of what is happening on the pages.
  • At this stage, you can sketch scenes and make sketches. In general, see how the text will go – easy or not? Maybe there is not enough information, or some points are not thought out, so that words and sentences can easily be added to the chapters of the book.

If necessary, consistently go through all the steps from scratch – from thinking the world to working through the plot. Add details, explanations, justifications, where required. Once again, work on the protagonist’s motives and his main goals.

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