The world is the base in the fiction writing prompts

The world or the background on which the action unfolds is an integral part of any story, whether it be a genre of fiction, fantasy, mysticism, or realistic prose. It doesn’t matter - whether it is the form of a novel or story. If you will remove the details of the world from the narrative - the characters will be lost and the plot will lose its appeal and imagery. Most people are visuals, thereby they need not only emotions or thoughts of the author, but also pictures, images. They "watch" the book as a film. It is slightly like the tools of the descriptive essay, sometimes you need to use all the five senses of the reader in fiction prompts.

It is very important to develop an effective world, the place of action of your fiction. If the world is not represented or poorly prescribed, history loses the most important thing - atmosphere, the beauty of the scenery, visibility of events, understanding of the scene. Therefore, work in the world should be given special attention. Worlds, regardless of genre and form, are constructed identically, but genre accents on details are different. And the world of fiction will differ from the real world not only by the presence of unknown creatures but also by representation, scenery scenes, connection with the idea and intrigue. Here are the things that should the fiction world include:
  • A general view of the world – its geography, history, religion, mythology, state system, nationalities, climate, and etcetera
  • Representation of connections between locations and inhabitants of the world - politics, economy, commodity-money relations, labor relations, social system.

The fantastic world is the shell of your fiction history. You can take it as the clothes that the story will be wearing. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that clothes be bright, attractive and cause the desire of the reader to try them. Your fantasy world should be understandable to the reader. Do not make mistakes that novice writers do. Do not think that the reader must know your world from the very beginning. All that is important for the development of history, what creates entourage and worries the reader, should be succinctly described. Use small details in the actions of the hero's thoughts in order to display the fantastic world more fully.

Use the fantastic assumption

The basis of the fiction writing prompts is a fantastic assumption. When we say to ourselves: “What if”, the good idea arises. When the fantastic assumption is created, you can start making the fiction world. Here are the banal ideas that can show the process, ask such questions:
  • What if the earth stops?
  • What if people stop loving each other?
  • What if the dead people will be alive?

Continuing on, you create fantastic assumptions for your history. A good fantastic assumption allows you to make the story original. Work on it longer, because it's the heart of the story. Read scientific literature or books on the topic of the story. Try to find interesting ideas. Change in the most unexpected combinations of ideas. Only in this way fantastic assumptions are born. When the world is ready and you have interesting characters, you still spend a fair amount of time creating a stunning fantastic assumption. Finally, the popularity of the story depends on what impression it leaves to the reader.

Show the world slowly through the eyes of the hero

The world of the fiction paper consists of what the characters see every day. Accordingly, to disclose the world you need the tools to use the senses of the reader. This should be done calmly, to give the reader time to learn a new place. The biggest mistake of the authors is an attempt to throw all the realities of the world in the first chapter (and even on the first pages). Such a beginning will not be of interest to any reader. Even if you write fiction, you only need to show the world through the eyes of the hero.

To see the world through the eyes of a hero, imagine yourself in his place. So, you came to an unfamiliar city or country - for sure at least once in your life you were in a completely unfamiliar place. Learn the features of the terrain, map, language, way of life, cultural layer, local customs and so on. And also gradually the. The understanding of the parts of the world should open to readers step by step. The idea of the world, as a rule, is the same in all genres and forms - gradual, unobtrusive and intriguing. But the details that emphasize its atmosphere are different.

How to get the fiction writing prompts?

The world of fiction is technically the most difficult and time-consuming. Many authors go along the path of least resistance and borrow the realities of our world - the Roman past with its pagan holidays and the pantheon of the gods or the European Middle Ages with the titles, lords, and duels. Sometimes they take as a basis the universe of the famous fiction world - Star Wars, Metro or Middle-earth Tolkien. Some authors decide to use the realities of computer games.

Borrowing, however, is useful only for beginners - it helps to fight procrastination and to start the paper. However, real science-fiction writers reveal themselves only when they design they own worlds. At the heart of any fictional world is the pattern of our own. And the task of a science fiction writer is to create as much as possible individual details. In a fiction world, you need to have time to show every aspect of the world. There are no aspects that are not important. Everything, geography, history, religion, socio-cultural layer, characteristics of peoples – should play its role for your fiction prompt. It is worth following these recommendations:
  • Pay attention only to those details that were and are in the life of the hero. Do not explain to the reader the entire history or geography of the world
  • Develop the direction in which you are strong
  • Follow the speech. Be more careful with the selection of concepts
  • Pay attention to the names of the characters

Fill the world with the knowledge that you already have. Otherwise, the description may be poor. If you want to feel it with the politics, this means that you need to include undercover intrigues and administration, culture and religion should be included in the prompt. The customs and characteristics of the inhabitants of the world play a huge role in the fiction world. If you want to include the science, this means that you should include laboratory research and experiments in a field familiar to you, don’t forget to include these aspects in the science fiction essay. In a new and unfamiliar world, the author primarily needs to rely on his own knowledge.

The name of the story

In the fiction writing prompts, the name should be knocked out of the logic of the story. It must catch the mind to make readers think. To tickle the mind of the reader is the sure way to the success of the story. If you write about the attack of aliens, it is logical to name the story "Invasion" or "The Threat from Heaven". This is good and understandable, but if you call this story "They came on Saturday", it will be more interesting and will put the trigger on. The reader immediately begins to wonder: who are they, why did they come, why on Saturday? If the reader is interested, he follows your story.

The name should have a second flew. As a rule, the secret meaning is connected with the value and complete the story. For example, with the same story about the invasion of the aliens, "They came on Saturday", this can hide the value of "the family is more precious than life". In this case, the hero will fight the invasion to save his girlfriend or family. He will do everything possible and not possible, to save his family. At this moment, for a greater interest, the third bottom of the name appears. The family of the main hero can be the humanity in general. The hero makes a choice that his family or the world is dearer to him. He struggles with events, solving this dilemma. And the fact that they came on Saturday, the time when the family gathers together, gives a special sharpness to the story.

Do not neglect the descriptions of the elements of the world

Always pay attention to the names of the characters. Alex, Jim, and Erica, Angela, Mary and Hannah are relevant in the worlds of the future - in utopia or dystopia. They are good in the "alternative", post-apocalypse or cosmo-world. However, in the fantasy world, English names look strange, as if the author's world is a colony of one of the countries of our world. Do not be lazy to invent your names and check them in search engines.

The same applies to diminutives and caressing names when the author uses. The same goes for the names of countries, the city or the villages, magical spells and etcetera. Don’t use the things that too obviously link to our reality, which violates the individual atmosphere of the author's world. Use the descriptions of cities and houses, nature and etcetera. Use the tips here:
  • Descriptions should be part of the plot
  • A fantastic element, such as a green sun or a blue sunset, gives more power
  • Step by step leads the reader through his world, not confusing him with a heap of concepts, explaining everything gradually and emphasizing especially interesting moments.

Pay attention to characters. Characters in a fantastic story are the part of it. They should be harmonious and not be beaten out of it. The actions of the characters should correspond to the logic of the world. It can be a digression when a character from modern times gets into the past or the future and behaves contrary to the world, but this should also be logical. The conduct of a guest in a foreign world must match his reality. In such stories, there is a clash of two worlds. They open the reader's eyes.

Fight procrastination to get more interesting fiction prompts

Social networks, surfing the Internet, third-party correspondence - all these things feed procrastination - it becomes stronger, and overcoming it will be more painful. Thereby, to write a good story on time, you need to remove from yourself all the distractions that prevent you from starting your writing. Get out of social networks, turn off notifications in your smartphone, if necessary - close the door of your room from the inside. This will help focus and start working on time.

Accustom yourself to do physical training every hour of your work. A short pause, which you will fill with simple physical exercises, will push your brain and nervous system and improve blood circulation and the general tone of the body. After such a warm-up, the task, which seemed insoluble to you and caused the attack of procrastination, will almost certainly find less costly solutions.

If you have to write a huge writing by a certain date, accustom yourself to do it little by little every day. To do this, you need to do planning. Make a to-do list and do not leave everything on the last day. This advice can sound good on paper, but it can be difficult to implement in practice. Try to develop a habit of daily work on large projects by the method of encouragement. Do yourself something pleasant every time when the part of work is done.

The tougher your work schedule looks, the more deadlines and deeds in it - the less time will remain for reflection. Procrastination is directly related to the availability of free time - the less it is, the easier it will be to overcome the attack of procrastination. Thereby, you can treat the procrastination with occupational therapy. Try to do not shirk things, but, on the contrary, take them more. Fill in the intervals with procrastination and aimless surfing the Internet.

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