What are forms of creative writing?

There are lots of people that due to their study of their work have to write lots of things. Sometimes, those are simple reports, analysis, evaluation, etc. Such type of writing does not require creativity because the main goal is to provide accurate information on something. Usually, people just follow the standard instructions to create such pieces of writing.

There is also creative writing that is much more complicated because it really requires certain skills or even talent. It is possible to improve your creative writing skills if you practice a lot. It is also very useful because this is how you develop creativity, attention to details, and more.

Students are often given different types of tasks where they have to demonstrate their skills in creative writing. Your first paper may be a disaster, however, the more papers you write, the better you will become. There are different forms of creative writing, and it is important to understand what they are and how they differ one from another.

What is creative writing?

Creative writing goes beyond just presenting facts. It expresses thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions, and more. It is often defined as writing fiction, where the author creates scenes, events, characters, and more.

Differences between informative and creative writing are sometimes uncertain because some well-known pieces of writing may be very creative, while some creative works may be highly informative. That is why sometimes it is hard to understand where creative writing is and there is another type of writing.

Creative writing is more than just professional, academic, technical, or journalistic forms of literature. It usually includes an emphasis on character development, narrative craft, etc. Because the definition of creative writing is loosened, feature stories may be considered creative writing, despite them being categorized as journalism, because the content is focused on a character or narrative development.

Both non-fictional and fictional works may be considered creative writing, including biographies, short stories, novels, and poems.

The following are techniques used in creating writing:
  • Plot development;
  • Character development;
  • Vivid setting;
  • Point of view;
  • Underlying theme;
  • Dialogue;
  • Metaphors and similes;
  • Anecdotes;
  • Figures of speech;
  • Emotional appeal;
  • Imaginative language;
  • Heavy description.

What forms of creative writing exist?

The following are the main forms:
  • Plays;
  • Poetry;
  • Scripts (screenplays);
  • Personal essays;
  • Fiction writing (novellas, short stories, and novels);
  • Speechwriting;
  • Songwriting;
  • Memoirs.

A play is a type of literature that usually includes dialogue between characters. Usually, it is written for theatrical performance and not just for reading. Plays can be performed at different places, including schools and universities.

Poetry is literary work that uses rhythm and distinctive style for expressing feelings and ideas.

A script (screenplay) is written by screenwriters for a video game, film, or television program. These pieces of writing can be written from scratch or be adaptations from previously written works.

A personal essay often incorporates different styles of writing. Most assignments ask students to write about an important event, person, or a certain period of time in their life. The main goal of this form of writing is to narrate this situation or event so that the reader can experience and understand it.

Fiction writing means composing non-factual prose texts. It is often produced as a story for entertaining or conveying a point of view of an author. It may be a short story, screenplay, novella, novel, or drama.

Speechwriting is a used to outline your ideas and thoughts for a speech. It allows organizing thoughts into full phrases and sentences. There are speechwriters who write speeches for other people.

Songwriting is the process or activity of writing lyrics.

Memoirs are a collection of memories that a person writes about events or moments, private or public, that took place in their life.

How to find interesting creative ideas?

It is a really hard work to produce creative and interesting pieces of writing. There are talented people who can do this easily, but they also time to time suffer from the lack of inspiration. Some people find that writing creatively is torture for them. However, sometimes people have to demonstrate their creative writing skills, for instance, students when they are given such an assignment by their tutors. So, what can you do in order to ensure that your creating writing will be top-notch?

  • First of all, you should learn how you can produce and catch creative ideas. You should always carry something with you that can be used for writing your ideas down. This can be a notebook, phone, etc. Keep accumulating your ideas every day;
  • You can mix several ideas. You should understand that there are no fully original ideas, and all of them are based on some works of others, real-life events, etc. You should watch documentaries and read non-fiction books in order to obtain real-world inspiration because creative writing does not have to be fiction. This is how you can get an idea of the issues or problem that people worry about;
  • You can simply sit in front of your PC and start writing something that comes into your mind. Do this for at least 5 minutes. It does not have to become something worthy, but it is similar to practicing for athletes;
  • On the Internet, you can find writing prompts that may help you out. There are plenty of interesting ideas that you can use in your favor. You can also use the help of your friends for barnstorming. This tactic is not suitable for all writers, but if you are able to gather together a group of creatively thinking friendly, you can benefit from that.

How to write creatively?

Now that you have collected enough ideas, you should use them in your creating writing. First of all, you should create a template for your work. If you are working under poetry, you can start with sketching images, ideas, and lines that appear in your head. If you are writing a novel, you can write the main lines of your works, adding details later.

You should understand that there is no the only way to start your writing. Different people may do it differently, and you should choose the method suitable for you.

It is important to keep in mind that great characters are extremely important to your story. Usually, people become interested in reading further when the character does something that a rational person would not do. What good characters should be like?

The following recommendations will help you in creating your characters:
  • Good characters have different traits, for instance, both strengths and weaknesses. They should have complexity and nuance;
  • What are they driven by? There should be something that makes your character to “move,” like fear, desire;
  • Characters have to make decisions. You can ask yourself what you would do in such a situation. Sometimes, one decision becomes the starting point for the whole story. Often, characters make their decision regularly.

When writing, you should think of a scene instead of the entire project. This is how you will be able to write more concise and manageable. This is especially true for large projects. Regardless of what you are working under at the moment, you should focus your attention on the current scene.

You should think of each chapter, scene, or segment as of a short story. Remember that your scenes should have rising action — they should start with a problem, then things become more difficult, and, finally, they are resolved in the end. Although it seems to be a pretty simple tactic, this allows you to obtain high-quality plots.

Remember that you have to write regularly, even if you have no ideas. It may go slowly, but the beginning of work is the hardest part. Just sit in front of your computer and try to write something. All writers have to revise their own writing over and over again, and if you have blocks of writing, you will have something to work with. You will obtain no results if you just sit doing nothing, and that is why you must make yourself write something.

It does not mean that you do not have to relax, and there are lots of techniques and methods that can help you to get fresh ideas, such as reading, walking, meditating, or just enjoying a cup of coffee. You can do whatever you want as long as you have dedicated to writing a certain period of time.

How often should you write?

It may take you plenty of time to wait for inspiration or the right time each time before writing, but even creative writing requires discipline. That is why you should set your goals and timers.

The following are some of the best ways of accomplishing your tasks on time:
  • Set writing timers. For instance, you can spend 1 hour writing, then 10-15 minutes relaxing, and then again 1 hour writing, etc.;
  • You should make your writing a habit, so you need to decide how long and where you are going to do it;
  • Get a writing buddy. For instance, you can trade 15 pages each week that have to be delivered at the same time.

What do you do if you have problems with creating writing?

If you are a student and you have to produce a creative piece of writing, you can use our recommendation as well as look up for other sources of information that can help you out. However, sometimes, you just cannot complete your work, and the following are the main reasons for that:
  • You are exhausted, and you need to have some time to relax;
  • There are other things requiring your attention, such as work, private life, friends, hobbies, etc.;
  • You have certain health problems or other emergencies that does not allow you to complete your assignments;
  • Other reasons.

If you do not prepare your assignment or if it is of poor quality, you will get a low grade. So, what do you do in such a situation?

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