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There is a big variety of writing companies on the Internet, that provide qualitative essays. Some of them do huge discounts from time to time and give essays almost for free. To get free essays online, you need to pay attention to the characteristic of the writing firm. There are such important details as the pricing and privacy policy, the number of free revisions, the reputation (feedback) and some additional details (qualification, for example). Place an order and get professional writing help to get more time. Use this time properly by the effective time management.

  • Time planning will help you to improve the process of writing
  • Here are two useful things that can be a good addition to your time planning:
  • Take the time to do important but not urgent assignments
  • Avoid "black holes of time"
  • When planning your day, consider biorhythms.

Always try to take the time to do important but not urgent tasks. These are the same tasks that bring you closer to long-term goals and give you 80% of the result. In the Eisenhower matrix, they belong to the left lower square. Do not be tempted to do small, minor things from the lower right square of the matrix. Yes, you can quickly understand them, but on the final result of your work, these cases are most likely will not influence at all. But, while you are engaged in them, difficult, but very necessary tasks will not be solved.

Avoid "black holes of time". These are events and useless things that do not bring results and do not lead to the implementation of your goals. Attendance at meetings only because it is so prescribed by the college protocol or waiting for the appointment are the examples of such black holes. Answers to calls and letters during the working day and communication with colleagues, correspondence in social networks - all these little things are stealing your time and do not allow you to solve strategic tasks. Without them, you can faster write the essay, or delegate the responsibility and buy it. There are effective and almost free essays online.

Feel comfortable with planning your time

There are many ways to avoid such a waste of time. For example, you can negotiate and come only on the part of the meeting, which concerns you. While waiting for the tutor, you can take your laptop with you and work. For a pleasant leisure is best to allocate a certain time during the day. When planning your day, always consider biorhythms.

If you are an early get upper, transfer all important and complex cases for the morning. If you are a "night owl" - put in the first half of the day the decisions with less important tasks, and in the afternoon, proceed to the cases that require attention, time and effort. Do not try to catch as much as possible, take into account your own needs. Always remember that time management means more than the race for success and ability to operate effectively. It maintains the strength and joy of life.

Divide your tasks in college into groups and prioritize

Time planning is based on certain principles. One of the most famous formulated – is the principle of Pareto. It is designed for the rational use of time and says: "If all the working functions are considered from the point of view of the criterion of their effectiveness, it turns out that 80 percent of the final results are achieved only by 20 percent of the time spent. The remaining 20 percent of the total results absorb 80 percent of the working time".

With respect to everyday work, this means that you should not first take the easiest and most interesting or time-consuming tasks. When planning, it is necessary to solve first of all vital problems, and only then - numerous secondary ones. The complexity analysis technique helps in this. The consistent application of the Pareto principle helps to use the technique of analyzing the complexity of problems in practice. It is based on the division of the entire volume of tasks into three groups:
  • The most important tasks that are about 15 percent of the total number of tasks and cases that students are engaged in. The intrinsic importance of these tasks (achievement of the goal) is about 65 percent
  • Important tasks account for an average of 20 percent of the total number of cases, and the significance of this category of tasks is also correspondingly 20 percent
  • Less important and non-essential tasks, on the other hand, constitute 65 percent of the total number of tasks, but they have an insignificant share (about 15 percent of the total "cost"). For such tasks, it is always better to get almost free essays online and get more time on other tasks.

Don’t fight procrastination – use it

There is a huge number of popular articles, which tell how to deal with procrastination. A significantly smaller number of specialists wonder about how to use it. Scientists have found out that procrastination occurs as a result of counteraction of two parts of the brain: the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex. The first one is fighting for our "here and now" pleasure, and the second is fighting for things that will benefit in the long run. The trigger mechanism for procrastination is also the fear of not coping with the task.

However, there are always much more assignments than a person is able to accomplish, and leaving something unfinished is normal. Not "how to deal with procrastination," but "how to make it productive", should be a question for all students. To get effective solutions you need to ask the right questions. If procrastination does not go away, you need to think: how to make it work for you? There are several types of procrastinator:
  • Do nothing
  • Postpone important for less important assignments
  • Leave unimportant, but necessary, for the sake of big and important task.

The first way is a passive tactic to separate the main from the secondary. Postponing tasks for an indefinite time sometimes leads to the fact that nothing needs to be done. It is worth examining what tasks for you are just "working garbage", and do not do them without a twinge of conscience. As for the second type of procrastinator, they are driven by a strong unpleasant feeling: when a person faces serious difficulties, he experiences almost physical pain. For our brain it is very difficult to see the connection between the long hard work and the reward that we get in the end - it seems unreal.

How can this problem be solved? Psychologists are advised to start small. It is useful to split the big task into smaller parts. Remember that any complex goal can be divided into smaller goals and delegated in whole or in parts. If you don’t have the right energy to do the task, you can always hire the professional writer.

What is the danger of procrastination?

In some life situations, postponing things for later may even be useful. First, there is time to think about the essence of the problem and the ways to solve it. Secondly, doing everything on the last day, you most likely drop all unnecessary ideas and do not think too much. Thirdly, sometimes procrastination is a signal that it's time for you to rest from the routine and do something new.

However, these pluses relate to the deliberate postponement of affairs, when you know for sure that you can do everything on the last day, but you want to leave time for other worries. In the case of work for freelancers, procrastination is often the main enemy for the following reasons:
  • Even if there was a task accomplished on time, a tight execution time is likely to affect the quality of the result. The student will not notice a few mistakes in the text, the designer will not have time to work through the idea and so on
  • Having made the task at the last moment you cannot look at the result after a while and note the possible shortcomings, which are usually invisible in the course of execution. This also affects the quality
  • Procrastination is always a health hazard due to unstable schedule, distribution of forces and a high level of stress
  • Postponing the work for later, the procrastinator does not forget about it and experiences a constant sense of anxiety.

Almost all students and freelancers are exposed to the danger of procrastination. This means, that sometimes it is important to fight it if you cannot use it.

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