Where to find an excellent OT personal statement

OT personal statement

After numerous desperate attempts to browse more or lessinstructive advice on how to write a personal statement, you havefound yourself on this webpage. Take your time and look throughthis site before you decide to leave it. In a minute or so youwill be relieved – finally, you have come across something thatwas sought-for!

This friendly website is created by a qualified team of writerswith a simple aim to make the life of every student, applicant orcolleger easier by providing them with all-round educationalassistance. We offer a variety of writing services and access tomultiple career-oriented resources which come useful for thosewho want to upgrade their academic performance.

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Here you will find exam guidance, admission and scholarship tips,revision materials, essays and other types of academic writing,practical career advice and other articles that deal with commoneducational issues.

Our website is one of a few that provides both educational andjob-application help as years of experience allowed us tounderstand that these two areas are often interconnected. Manyessay writing services sell only student-oriented materials. Thatis Ok but they do not consider the fact that more and morestudents when applying to a higher school or once being acceptedstart thinking of getting a job that is closely connected withtheir future occupation. We have refused giving genericinformation, sample papers and the cliché materials and gotfocused on providing in-depth knowledge and practical advice onhow to be effective both in studies and at work.

If you are among those who want to step into the world of workafter school or require professional experience while studying atuniversity, you should learn what your potential employers arelooking for in their applicants and what papers you have toprepare. A job application is often a complicated process but itwill be easier if you first master the art of writing a personalstatement.

Telling the truth, everything relies on your statement. To writea successful statement, you should consider lots of criteria fromthe topic to the paper format. Moreover, the content of yourstatement should directly relate to the area of your work. Inthis article, we would like to focus your attention on healthcarejobs which are especially popular among women and all the restwho want to provide professional medical help to people.Occupational therapy is one of these jobs.

This healthcare field attracts many applicants; however, noteveryone knows how to write an effective OT personal statement.Without a careful preparation stage, there are a few chances toget this job. Therefore, if you want to meet the success, thesetips are for you.

How to apply successfully

OT personal statement

A brainstorming stage is critically important. You need acomplete picture of what you are going to include in your essay,otherwise, your draft will be far from perfect. Keep in mind thatyour personal statement does not only relate to your experiences,it is much wider and should highlight other key options.

This checklist will help you organize your brainstorming stage,outline your essay properly and finalize your essay. Considerthese questions in order to fill in your personal statement withcareer-related information:

  • Why do I want to become an occupational therapist?
  • What are the main reasons for my career choice? (whenanswering this question be specific as the phrase: “I likehelping those in need” is too general and relates to hundreds ofoccupations).
  • What steps have been taken by me to understand that I fitthis profession?
  • What are the specific experiences that encouraged me tochoose this career path?
  • What kind of shadowing or other job training have I taken?
  • How did I treat and interact with the patients? Was iteffective? What have I learned?
  • What have I learned from reading professional materials?
  • Have I been involved in a certain student community? Was myactivity there meaningful enough for my future career goals?

When inquiring what a personal statement is one should firstunderstand - it is not a paper that lists your skills and speaksabout your passion for the career. This paper establishes yourcredibility with the readers and shows that you are a person who:

  • can write effectively and coherently and follow academicwriting standards;
  • is mature and determined enough to acquire new professionalknowledge and skills and perform well in clinical settings;
  • understands the personal connection to the chosen field;
  • has carefully thought over the reasons why to choose thisoccupation;
  • possesses well-grounded knowledge of the career field he orshe has determined to pursue;
  • is able to interact effectively with the other professionalsand patients;
  • is aware of such aspects as patient privacy, excellentpatient service, patient-centric approach.

If you have decided to apply for several educational programs atthe same time, you should be very careful with the type of yourpaper and with its content. Everything depends on the programrequirements that can be quite different. For example, you may beasked to answer some custom questions instead of writing ageneral essay. Therefore, before writing check the applicationrequirements on central application services and discover whetheryou have to write a personal statement, an autobiography orresponse to questions.

How to present your experiences

OT personal statement

Let your admission officers assess your professional experiencesby incorporating small stories about patient care, volunteer workand some clinical observations into your OT essay. You have to doit in a thoughtful manner so that your readers could understandwhy you have chosen this career path and how you fit thisoccupation. To do this effectively, you should first make a listof your experiences, then assess them and give a detaileddescription of them.

Here are some tremendously helpful tips to write a perfect draft:

  • Support your experiences with a list of skills, knowledge andprofessional characteristics you have noticed while shadowing theprofessionals. Highlight what new things you have learned aboutthe occupation. Show how your experiences confirm your desire toobtain this profession. Describe how your observations refineyour attitude to the occupation you have chosen. Add these ideasto your draft.
  • Use the mentioned-above method when recounting the mostsignificant events during your own patient care activity orvolunteering. Outline the knowledge, professional attributes andskills that you have improved or started to develop whileworking.
  • Look through the checklist with common questions that make abasis for a typical admission paper. Check if every idea of yoursis supported by a detailed description of your experience.
  • Reflect on each experience in a narrative form. Do not worryabout the length – you can edit it later if necessary. Use thisalgorithm to be specific to your story: place of your OTshadowing, the description of a patient, observation or treatmentprocess, interaction with the patient, the outcome.
  • Admission officers do not enjoy reading between the linesespecially when it concerns healthcare. This occupation requiresbeing as clear and specific as possible. So present theexperience assessment part with such words as “This practicehelped me decide...”, “From this experience, I realized /learned/developed....”

It is not compulsory to give a detailed description of yourexperiences but is widely used by many applicants who think thatin this way they show their interest in their future professionand demonstrate their high-level academic writing skills requiredby the university. It is up to you how to highlight the mostsignificant events during your healthcare practice, but remembernot to make your personal statement too generalized and vague.

In the manner shown above, you may include in the statement thesituations and events from your own life that prompted you tochoose this occupation. Describe the experiences that haveimpacted your career choice. Tell what increased your interest inthis profession. This can be anything from a doctor that you haveadmired to the therapy received by you personally or your familymember.

Mistakes to avoid

Once you have completed a more or less coherent draft, you shouldlook deeper at the content of your paper. In this section, youwill remind you about the common mistakes you should avoid inyour essay. Learn how to craft the most powerful and impressivepersonal statement possible with these tips:

  • Avoid over-generalization as it does not allow the readersknow what you have exactly learned from your experiences.Specificity matters.
  • Avoid clichés like, I love taking care of people, I havealways dreamt of being an OT, I can work with people effectively.These are just filler phrases which do not allow the admissionofficers see who you are. They do not show the reasons forpursuing this occupation and do not help you clearly assess yourexperiences. Instead show how your studies, volunteering,shadowing and medical practice enhanced your interest in theprofession and influenced your decision.
  • Try not to repeat ideas and use parallel constructions. Yourstatements should be diverse, comprehensive and complex.
  • Do not oversimplify the occupation. Show that you aresufficiently aware of the profession you are pursuing. Of course,your essay should not look like an encyclopedia but it shoulddemonstrate that you know it pretty well.
  • Do not capitalize the title or the name of the profession.For example, professors (not Professors) performed the operationsfor the internship students.
  • Abbreviations are Ok. It is good to alternate a full term andits abbreviation in the essay as it allows avoiding repetitions.For example, I walked the hospital under the supervision of an OTin Twinsee Hospital.
  • Comply with confidentiality requirements. You may talk aboutpatient care experience and mention the symptoms, diagnosis,treatment, relations with the patient but do not share thepatient’s personal information like name or address, etc. usepronouns to tell about your patient or write a fictive namecreated by you. Learn more about the patient privacy in specialacts.
  • When talking about your experiences avoid sounding toopersonal. They need objective judgments rather than your feelingsand viewpoints.
  • Avoid grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes includingtypos. Remember you risk failing your admission once thecommittee finds at least three mistakes in your essay. Accuracyshows professionalism.

Our mission

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