Why do you need to write grad school statement of purpose?

Imagine that the admission committee are reviewing several resumes. They would not want to make a mistake in choosing the right candidate. To reduce the risk, you can read the resume, but this does not always help. Removing all those who are clearly not suitable, you need to make a final choice between the applicants, which are approximately on the same level.

Even if the resumes of candidates are similar, more information can be obtained from their grad school statement of purpose. Which of the candidates seems better prepared – that’s what the admission committee wants to know. You must prove that you are ready to conduct research and explain why you should be given a chance to study at college.

What if your statement of purpose is unsatisfactory?

Perhaps you are talented enough and persevering to learn perfectly. But you will not have the opportunity to prove yourself if you do not write a good statement of purpose. You must have met very clever but shy people who are horrified if you talk to them and probably you did not have a very good impression of their skills. The same can be said about the admission committee – they won’t be enthusiastic about the student, even if he is very gifted, if he does not know how to write a letter in such a way as to interest the reader and show himself his best sides.

What should you write about in your statement of purpose?

You should explain, briefly and to the point, why you should be enrolled in doctoral studies. To attract the attention of the reader, show what profitably differs you from all other applicants. In addition, do not forget to mention that you already have experience in the required field, and you are burning with the desire to continue working.

Your task is to make the reader want to learn more about you. Let him want to invite you to an interview. You can’t include the copied information in your statement. Therefore, you need to work on it yourself.

Everyone likes to get attention to themselves. Isn’t it nice when people are interested in listening to you? When they spend their time on you? But you know what? They also want attention to themselves. So, what can you do to make the interviewers happy? You need to write your grad school statement purpose correctly. It must be interesting for the potential reader. Therefore, the copied information is no good. It will only spoil everything.

Most of the applications are not accepted for the following reasons:
  • The recipient’s name is incorrectly written
  • The applicant did not even bother to find out more about the research that the recipient is conducting
  • The applicant did not say what the necessary skills for cooperation he has

The template letter will be visible right away. In this case, no one will call you for an interview. Therefore, you need to allocate time to get acquainted with the research of your addressees. Find out their range of interests, think about how to adapt your own skills and knowledge to it. All this should be described in three paragraphs.

Main parts of the statement

You should begin your statement, of course, with the traditional phrase “Dear Professor, Doctor, and so on.” Do not forget about the regalia of the addressee, they are very important for him because it is the fruit of many years of work. In the end, of course, you need to write “Sincerely yours, Such and such.”

The statement itself must in no case be longer than four paragraphs. It is better that it fit on one A4 page.

  • The first paragraph should be made short
  • The second paragraph should be long
  • The third and fourth paragraphs should be also shorter

The first paragraph

In it you should briefly talk about your goals. In three or four sentences, you need to include:
  • Information about the program you are going to enroll in
  • Your skills, education and experience, allowing you to consider yourself a suitable candidate

The second paragraph

In this paragraph, it is necessary to tell in more detail about the following:
  • Your education
  • Experience
  • Achievements

From the second paragraph, it should be clear that you are a suitable candidate, and you know what you are talking about. Remember that your interviewees should want to take you to studies.

All this information needs to be supported by facts. For example, if you write “I’m hardworking,” you cannot stop here, you need to add more, for example, “as my work confirms during the internship...”. If the second paragraph is too long, you can divide it into two to make it easier to read.

The third paragraph

In three or four sentences it is necessary to include the arguments confirming the previous paragraph, thus proving that your candidate is suitable for this place. Also, the answers to the questions “why do you want to enter this program? Why are you interested in this scientific problem?”

The fourth paragraph

Here you need to write conclusions. In two or three sentences it is necessary to write:
  • That your experience makes you a suitable candidate for the program
  • That you are interested in this
  • That you want to do research with this scientific adviser
  • That you are looking forward to receiving his response

You should finish the statement with the most common “All the best” or “Sincerely yours,” and also you must sign it.

How to write a convincing statement

Statement of purpose is probably one of the most difficult essays that you have ever written, and certainly one of the most important. However, do not be nervous because there is an easy way to create an effective and impressive statement.

If you want to stand out from the general mass of entrants, set yourself a long-term goal and clearly express your message.

Here are some simple tricks that allow you to write a bright statement of purpose:
  • Be original. Members of the admissions committee and professors who will check your statement of purpose will have to read hundreds of other applications, and most of them will deal with the same thing. The key to writing a good essay is uniqueness, so make sure your words remain in the memory of the examiners.
  • Explain yourself clearly and succinctly. After mentioning the uniqueness, it is important to recall that a good statement of purpose must be clear and concise. There is a limit on the number of words used. Although you can start with a case from life, an anecdote, a quote or something else that allows you to stand out, make every effort to deliver your message as briefly as possible.
  • Carefully choose the words. Carefully select the vocabulary because it determines the tone of your statement of purpose. Do not abuse long words, but do not simplify it to the limit, otherwise there will be an impression that the text was written by a fifth grader. It is not necessary to look into the dictionary for the sake of each word, but make sure that you use suitable expressions that show your level of development where appropriate.
  • Correction. Last, but not the least important: take care of checking your essay. There is nothing worse than spelling or grammatical mistakes in the application for admission to the magistracy. Thoroughly correct and format the text. Another good idea is to ask a friend to edit an essay and give you some recommendations on how to improve it.

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