Types of graduation paper products

A final year of studies is the time for writing graduation papers. A student has to prepare and defend different types of final qualification papers to get a degree. Apart from other academic papers that s student has to complete throughout the training, graduation paper products are much more complicated works characterized by a high level of independence, scientific novelty, and relevance. Moreover, the requirements in terms of the benefits of the paper for practical or theoretical use get stricter with increasing qualification level.

The depth of the problems under consideration and the analysis of new and already existing data make these papers significant in terms of practical and theoretical value.

The type of graduation papers depends on the educational program:
  • Bachelor’s degree paper type is a thesis
  • Master’s degree paper type is a thesis or master’s dissertation
  • The Ph.D. degree requires writing a dissertation

Master’s degree paper

A master's degree is significantly different from the bachelor's qualification work. From the point of view of the educational standard, the master's thesis is a kind of a final qualifying work and can be of two types: research or project, depending on the type of the master's program.

The aims of the master’s thesis are the following:
  • A thesis confirms the ability of a master student to independently conduct scientific research, using theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • A student should carry out the research with the help of various methods
  • A student has to demonstrate the skill to identify and formulate professional problems
  • A student has to know the methods of organization and conducting a research and has to be able to apply them in practice.

The master's thesis as a scientific qualification paper allows revealing in full the competencies acquired by the master student. It is important to understand that the structure of the thesis has clearly defined forms. The content of the work is theoretical research of the author and practical development of new methods and approaches to solving scientific problems and applied solutions.

A thesis as a scientific paper is intended to develop the opinions about the results obtained during the research. Most types of scientific works require special formatting.

A graduation paper for a master's degree is some kind of a composition or research essay presented by a student. To be exact, most parts of the paper are a personal composition, i.e. represented exclusively by the author's words.

Every writing task is mostly a creative work that requires the author to be accurate, but also be able to formulate his own ideas and opinions on the issue. Therefore, a student should start to write a master's thesis long before the deadline. He has to develop a logical algorithm of the research process.

The work on the master's thesis includes several stages: writing a concept, preparing a plan, writing the work itself, design, and defense.

Designing and formatting are final stages of work on the product. The thesis as a scientific work is a paper that gives an idea of the level of practical skills that have been obtained by the master.

Structural features of the master's qualification work are the following:
  • An abstract
  • An introduction and conclusion
  • Theoretical, analytical and project parts
  • A list of references
Starting to work with the theoretical material, it is necessary to consider those researchers who have considered the problem that became the object of your study. Taking into account the requirements for uniqueness, a student has no chance to simply copy existing scientific data. All information should be carefully processed and systematized. Most of the time, the theoretical part of the dissertation research is logically divided into sub-items, usually, there are three of them:
  • In the first part, you explore the historical aspects of the issue
  • The second part defines the basic concepts and fundamental approaches to the researched problem
  • The third part logically and briefly concludes the theoretical overview.

The list of references includes all sources that were used by the author in the course of the work. There are referencing tips in many online writing guidelines as well as at your university department.

A thesis will not be complete without applications which are an important element of the paper. Moreover, they emphasize the authenticity of the master's paper.

Dissertation as the most important graduate paper

A doctoral dissertation is another step after the master’s thesis to a higher stage of academic qualification. A doctoral dissertation is prepared and defended by applicants for the highest academic degree – doctor of science – and in case of successful protection gives the right to teach at universities. A Ph.D. dissertation performed during the doctoral training is a voluminous and complex scientific research.

A high-quality doctoral thesis is a significant scientific achievement in whatever field of knowledge it belongs. This type of dissertation requires a lot of time and hard work. The scope of a Ph.D. thesis is much broader than in the one of master’s thesis. The authors in search of the information study a huge amount of sources. A doctoral dissertation is a kind of test for maturity in the scientific field that requires the ability to conduct research at a very high level.

New ideas proposed in the paper should be reasoned and critically evaluated in comparison with the well-known, previously described ideas. In the theses of practical value, there must be the information on the practical use of the obtained scientific results while in the theses having theoretical value – the guidelines for applying scientific findings.

As a rule, a dissertation must meet standard requirements. If a dissertation is presented in the form of a manuscript, its main provisions should be published.

In addition, the dissertation should give scientific information in the most complete form revealing the results and the course of research and describing in detail the methodology of research. The completeness of scientific information should be reflected in providing the most detailed factual material, including detailed justifications, hypotheses, broad historical excursions, and parallels.

As to the algorithm of preparing a dissertation, it is important to note that a thesis should have the goal and objectives. The author has to analyze how the given problem has been researched by other scientists.

The content of the thesis is a fundamentally new material, including a description of new facts, phenomena, and laws, as well as a generalization of previously known information from other scientific positions. In this regard, such material may contain discussion questions related to the revision of existing views. The content of the thesis should meet such requirements as originality, uniqueness, and uniqueness of the given provisions.

How a graduation paper is assessed

The quality and content of the qualification papers show the level of professional training of the author as a specialist. Like other types of challenging tasks (term papers, essays or reports) qualification works are to be defended. The defence is so-called testing of the author, in which he reports on his activities to the Commission and at the end of the speech give answers to various questions on the topic of the study.

The final evaluation of the student's research activities depends on the following aspects:
  • The quality of answers to the questions of the Commission during the defense. The author must show a high level of awareness, the independence of judgments and the ability to confirm his position.
  • The quality of the text and graphic part of the qualification work. The text of the paper should represent a completed study; its structure should meet modern requirements as to the design; enclosures and visual materials should help to present the results of the study to the Certification Commission.
  • The relevance of the study and its practical and theoretical significance.
  • Thus, the quality of the final qualifying work is the first step of the graduate on the way to success in the field of his development as a professional.

How to find a competent writer for your graduation papers

It is a challenging but creative task to collect and use the material for your master’s thesis or dissertation. A teacher or supervisor can help. Unfortunately, they do not always have the time, opportunities and desire to help the student. The alternative to long hours in the library and sleepless nights in search of relevant materials can be the assistance of professional writers who offer their service in return for a fee. It is a proven fact that a thesis or dissertation written by the experienced author is easier to defend.

Theses, research essays or dissertations are more costly than the papers from the collections of the finished works available on the net. However, you should know the papers which are free to download or which are sold at a cheap price are often plagiarized pre-written copies. If buying them you risk being blamed for plagiarism and get low scores for the paper. Graduation papers prepared by reputable are expensive but they have an important advantage – they are customized exactly to the requirements of your professor and university.

Please keep in mind that a thesis and a dissertation have a similar structure, but the requirements for their design are different. Therefore, when getting to work, ask the teacher for reference materials on how to write this or that type of a research paper. You should provide the instructions to your writer after completing the order form.

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