How to write an opinion essay

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Opinion essay writing offers a great opportunity to express yourpersonal feelings on a given topic or issue that you feelinterested in. Your arguments will sound stronger if yousubstantiate your opinion with credible evidence and logicalfacts. Nowadays, teachers often ask their students to writeopinion essays based on personal views on a number ofcontroversial subjects. How to write an opinion essay? Based onyour main objective, this paper can have any assigned length, butit must contain some key elements and steps. This type ofacademic writing is designed to tell the audience what you thinkand feel about a particular topic. People have different opinionsabout everything. To earn good marks, you need to pick the topicthat you have strong feeling about and support your personalopinion about it with strong reasoning.

Helpful opinion essay writing guidelines

First, you should conduct your research to support a personalstance. Ensure that all supporting statements and facts matchthis type of writing. For instance, the evidence that you use mayvary from observations to reliable stats. Feel free to includeany examples and proofs that demonstrate your real understandingof the given subject. To truly understand what you argue, it’snecessary to be familiar with opposing arguments.

You also need to acknowledge previous arguments and opinions.It’s quite likely that you should write an essay about any highlydebated and controversial topic. Check the arguments made in thepast to understand how they fit your opinion and ask a few basicquestions.

  • Is your opinion different or similar to previous debaters?
  • Has something changed about it?
  • What does the lack of changes mean?

Use a special transition statement to show how your personal viewadds to the main argument or suggests that previous arguments andstatements are faulty or incomplete. Make another statement thatexpresses your point of view. You should be careful and avoidbeing too sarcastic. Next, provide supporting evidence to back upthe chosen stance.

Keep the tone of your opinion essay professional and avoid anyemotional language or style that expresses accusations. Use onlythe factual statements supported by strong evidence. Whendeveloping any argument, start with researching your oppositionto successfully anticipate possible weak sides and holes in yourpersonal opinion.

The basics of successful opinion essay writing

The basic structure that contains five paragraphs works well foryour opinion essay. By evaluating different reasons and opinions,be ready to determine the weak and strong ones to back up yourstance. To submit an excellent opinion essay, be sure to follow afew basic stages, including prewriting, writing, andproofreading.

Useful pre-writing techniques

Before you get started, it’s necessary to gather importantinformation to support your view. Ensure that the evidence thatyou use matches your stated opinion. When brainstorming andsearching for strong facts, answer the following questionsbecause they will help you get more ideas:

  • What do targeted readers want to know?
  • What questions should be answered in this academicassignment?
  • Can you improve any arguments?
  • What are the main points to be conveyed in your opinionessay?
  • Are there any contradictory or inconsistent points in it?

Check your ideas and organize them the way you want to use themin your paper. Determine the best ones to mention in the mainbody, introduction, and at the end.

Helpful writing strategies and tools

Any opinion essay contains the main body, conclusion, andintroduction. Each essay section should be written accordingly.In its introductory paragraph, you should present the mainsubject and your opinion about it clearly. Ensure it contains astrong thesis or a brief sentence that sums up the main point ofthe entire essay. There are some helpful techniques that shouldbe used, such as:

  • Is your opinion different or similar to previous debaters?
  • Has something changed about it?
  • What does the lack of changes mean?

Writing the main body

In the main body of your opinion essay, you should support athesis statement, so write a few paragraphs that present aseparate point of view backed up by logic reasoning. Each oneshould be started with a separate topic sentence or the main ideathat will be supported by strong arguments. Avoid starting a newparagraph only because the previous one is too long because itshould be started only when you’re ready to discuss a newthought. While writing the main body, focus on the followingimportant elements:

  • Tense because you need to use the present tense in opinionessays;
  • Formal vocabulary because all colloquial expressions, idioms,and phrasal verbs should be avoided;
  • Linking words as you should use different expressions forgiving reasons, sharing opinions, and adding ideas;
  • Source citations when needed;
  • Formal punctuation because contractions, parentheses, andexclamation marks aren’t allowed to use.

How to end your opinion essay

How to write an opinion essay, academic, essay, write, sentence, reading, sources, research, personal

To brilliantly conclude this paper, you need to write a paragraphthat restates your opinion using different words. Avoidintroducing any new ideas and apologizing for personal views. Tomake your opinion essay more engaging, end it with a warning,suggest consequences, or ask a provocative question.

The importance of essay proofreading

When you finish your opinion essay, it’s the right time toevaluate different aspects to ensure that this piece is excellentfor submitting.

  • Vocabulary, so check if you avoid slang and use linkingwords;
  • Grammar, so ensure that you use the same tense throughout theentire paper;
  • Capitalization and spelling, so check whether all words arecorrect.

Make sure that you don’t present any major ideas using a list. Ifyou follow all the above-mentioned guidelines, you will end upwith an outstanding piece of writing. When revising a final draftof your opinion essay, ask a few important questions:

  • Is your personal opinion stated clearly?
  • Do you include strong reasons for your point of view?
  • Do you support them all with enough details?
  • Does your essay opening catch readers’ attention instantly?
  • Is a concluding paragraph strong and logical?

Take into account the words used in your paper and use synonymsto replace the ones used too often. Synonyms are words with thesame meaning. Pay attention to the sentence fluency and start allsentences in different ways to keep your writing more interestingfor the audience. Your opinion essay should support the chosenstance with strong examples, facts, and reasons. Your responseshould contain enough sections, but ensure all divisions betweenthem are clear. Occasionally, you may decide to add extraparagraphs to the main body. Finally, keep in mind that thispiece of writing will be assessed by teachers or instructors forits organization, topic development, strong reasoning, and use ofconventions.

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