How to find interesting hooks for essays

It all depends on the type of essay. For example, if you need to write a perfect motivational essay, you need to find some triggers to interest tutors in your candidacy. This can be some story about how you made a mistake, but then overcame it and learn something new. You can also show how this or that event made you stronger. The thing here is to show some trigger at the beginning of the essay, and then to save it until the end. People do not like to see spoilers at the beginning of the paper. To make an effective hook for your essay, you should answer yourself with some questions:
  • What is the type of the essay?
  • What kind of outline will it have?
  • Who is your potential audience?
  • Why are you writing this essay?
Answering on such questions will help you to do the right positioning of the work and understand whether or not to use some of the hooks for the essay. There are many ways to make a hook in the essay, here are just some of them:
  • State a hooking thesis that will interest the reader to get into your paper
  • Place an interesting quote – literacy quote or the statement of some famous person
  • Start your essay with some great story
  • Use some joke that will set the reader in the right mood
  • Use powerful statistics that can surprise the reader
  • Use some powerful contradictions or ask a question in the very beginning.

There many options how to use hooks for essays. However, not all of them will suit your essay. It depends on many things and you should take them into account when you selecting the hook for your essay.

Find the right tone when writing the essay

If you are writing a college essay, for example, a motivational paper, you should use the right tone for the hook. Different universities in the United States and Europe allow different degrees of informality in the essays. Somewhere the rules are stricter, and somewhere, on the contrary, students are required to show their unusual style. Learn what kind of tone is required at the college you want to go to, but in any case, try not to write essays in an excessively negative or informal style. You should remember, that if you are applying for a program of the serious scientific level, the tutor, in any case, expects that you will sound like a budding academician. Maybe it will be a good idea to keep anecdotes and jokes with you and try to stay away from the citations of last year's celebrities.

Plan your text to include powerful hooks

If this is an essay for an application, you should read the guide to the style and the structure of the essay. In general, your essay should be dedicated to the specific course where you want to study, and the university itself. Plan your text so that it tells tutors about your achievements, scientific knowledge and skills, and further research plans. Carefully proofread the text several times to don’t miss any logical mistakes and make sure that hooks are at the proper place. Your essay should be ideal not only in terms of content but also in terms of grammar, structure, spelling, and style. Re-read the text several times, ask friends to help, or ask for a professional writing help. If after many readings you can’t feel the difference, postpone the process for several days and then reread your paper again.

Four main rules for writing a paper

Before you will start preparing for the correct writing of the essay, it is important to recall these four golden rules:
  • Be brief. Make sure that what you write makes sense, grammatically correct, and you stick to the topic without deviating
  • Prove your desire. Instead of a detailed description of your experiences, concentrate your attention on the list of your achievements and merits in order to prove your knowledge and interest in the chosen subject
  • Avoid abstraction and uncertainty. Share your knowledge, tell readers about it in detail. The more interest and awareness in the subject you will show the more effective essay it will be.

The most important rule is remembering who is the addressee of your essay. If this is a motivational letter, then it will be read by representatives of the admissions committee and members of the faculty. It is important for them to see a bright personality in you, full of enthusiasm and diligence. You should show that you are ready to harmoniously join the university environment. The commission will not choose a person who has little interest in the subject, they need someone who in the future will be able to build a career in the chosen environment or engage in research activities. Thereby, the hooks should work for this purpose.

Learn how to think critically to find more interesting hooks

Sometimes you need to think critically to find the right hooks for essays. The reason is simple. If you can do the critical thinking, you can find something special. Therefore, if you can find something special, then you can always interest the reader with your thoughts and hooks for different kinds of essays. To start doing the critical thinking, you can start from many things:
  • Use deductive thinking
  • Doubt and make it a habit
  • Always check the facts
  • Do not go with the crowd
  • Always check the facts
  • Do not trust the figures from one source.

The hypothesis with which reasoning begins must not be contradictory. The starting point is to make a clear, unambiguous conclusion, otherwise, all further logic will fail. In addition, the hypothesis must remain unchanged throughout the entire thinking process

The hypothesis should be connected with the conclusion. The obviousness of this rule still leaves it effective. One of the dangerous traps of reasoning is the substitution of concepts, when, for example, they begin to compare disparate things

Reasoning must take into account opposing opinions and counterarguments. It is not necessary to agree with them, but it is better to be aware of them.

Use deductive thinking to make hooks

The ability to come from a general hypothesis to a particular conclusion through logical reasoning underlies critical thinking. If this method helped Sherlock unleash the most intricate detective stories, then it will help you to get out of the depths of false. It is very important when you want to interest readers and make a good hook for the essay. To set the critical thinking, it should be based on the arguments, not emotions, and consider the following points:

Make a habit – to doubt and to check the facts

Dr. House has taught us for eight seasons that everyone is lying. You should be as that crazy, but the basis of critical thinking uses a similar statement - everyone is mistaken. The fact is that people are prone to simplification, so they tend to take many statements for faith. No matter how authoritative in your opinion the source was, you should always identify, if you are mistaken. Do not use ready-made statements until you understand how this conclusion was obtained. The most necessary skill to make good hooks for essays is to know how to check the facts. Everyone can make a mistake, which means that any information must be sifted through your own sieve of skepticism. Compliance with several rules will help you in this:

Avoid selective arguments. Even if you really want to come to a certain conclusion, be honest and consider all the arguments, not only those that confirm your hypothesis

Do not go along with the crowd

Not only any person can be wrong, but also a big number of people. Massiveness should never become an argument in favor of the reliability of information. Do not forget that most of the crowd - just a flock that is too lazy to work out their opinion or find the right answer. The crowd always prefers to join the consensus. If you will go along with the crowd, you will never find an interesting hook for your paper, because it will be not interesting.

Develop creativity when making the hook

The brain is workable, but the very lazy system. It tries in any way to ease the work and standardize your life. The development of creative thinking will break the curves, and make you look at things in a new way and take into account the most unexpected options. This is exactly what you need to find a good trigger for the essay.

Do not trust the specific figures but use it for the hook

No matter how many times we repeat that the media is lying, 76% of people continue to believe the reports in the press. Thanks to a specific figure, this phrase sounds much more convincing than "many people continue to believe", but it does not become more reliable. Sometimes figures are just tricks that help the author get the reader's confidence. If we are talking about research, it is important for the text to not only announce the results but also show the mechanism for its conduct. However, if you are making a hook for your essay, you can easily play with such kinds of figures.

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