How to begin a personal statement?

Each university or college may require you to answer certain questions in your essay. Depending on such questions, the personal statement is formed. This kind of document is very important for the career of the students. Thereby, you should put all your serious efforts on its implementation. Anyway, there are the most common questions that are most often encountered in the requirements of the top universities and colleges, for example:
  • Do you have a hobby, and what do you do in your free time?
  • Do you have any additional talents?
  • Which of the relatives or friends influenced your life?
  • How do you spend your holidays?
  • Describe your best day in the life
  • How has your life changed over the past 3-5 years?
  • What are the achievements that make you proud of yourself?
  • What differs from others?
  • What is your most important character trait?
  • What is your philosophy of life?
  • What was the most difficult task in your life?
  • Are you a leader, and how is this manifested?
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • What course do you want to study and why?
  • Is there any additional information you want to tell about yourself?

As you can see, the above questions are aimed to open a person as a strong element of the future team. In this case, it is important to give the tutor exactly what he or she needs, to play their game. Always try to identify the keywords of the vacancy and use them in the text of the statement. The very important question is “How to begin a personal statement?”. This needs special attention, and maybe a professional writing help.

Why essays need special attention

The essay can fully characterize the applicant. The personal statement is the most striking document from the entire package provided by an applicant. Through your essay, the members of the admissions committee will try to see you real, determine which person you are and what is important to you in life. As it is known, the top universities get tons of documents with excellent grades. Thousands of applicants have a higher academic and linguistic ball. But out of these thousands of people, the commission tries to single out only dozens, which are clearly somehow different and stand out from the crowd. This goal must be pursued in the first place when writing the essay.

In addition, the essay shows the admissions committee members how you can present yourself, how you evaluate yourself, analyze and present information. All this information can tell more about what you think about different issues. After reading the essay, the reception committee has a personal opinion about you that strongly influences the chances of admission.

What is the most difficult in writing a personal statement?

The introductory essay is a unique component of the admission process to the American college. An introductory essay, or as it is also called - a personal statement, is a combination of two completely different levels - intellectual and personal. In addition to the fact that you need to demonstrate your academic ability and potential to study at a university, you also need to talk about your victories and defeats, and the lessons that you learned from them.

A personal statement is a completely unique text, in the proper genre, style, for which writing requires special preparation. A particular difficulty faced by entrants is that in an essay it is necessary to expose themselves in a favorable light to interest the university. It is rather difficult for many students to do this - they are not used to use themselves as a brand. Here an important role is played by an admission adviser who will teach how to highlight the effective sides in the paper.

Delegate the responsibility and ask help

In general, in order to write an introductory essay that will attract the attention of the members of the introductory commission, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. The essay about yourself, perhaps one of the most important and certainly the most time-consuming aspect for applicants. This is a small work with which you should briefly but reasonably explain to the academic department why you chose this or that specialty. You should also convince them that it is you who need to be selected from among many other candidates.

Make sure that in your essay there are no grammatical and punctuation mistakes because teachers will notice them. You can ask the experienced friend to read your essay and check for mistakes and inaccuracies. The good idea also is to ask for a professional writing help. There are many professional writing companies and manuscript editing agencies, that can help in this situation.

On what you should pay attention

Before you start writing the paper, you should check the introductory requirements for the rates in which you are interested. Universities reflect the qualifications and requirements they seek from students. This forms the keywords of the paper. Think about the reasons for choosing courses - universities want to see convincing evidence of your strong interest in the subject and that you are familiar with the requirements of the course. Here are the things you should know:
  • Use the keywords of the college
  • Check the introductory requirements
  • Plagiarism is not allowed
  • Show your useful features for the application
  • Use examples to show your abilities.

Remember that you can write only one essay about yourself, regardless of whether you submit documents to one or five universities. If you are going to different subjects or courses, try to identify common topics and your abilities, such as the ability to write well and the ability to solve problems.

The personal statement is a personal work and plagiarism is not allowed here. Each essay is tested in an extensive database for similarities. So, do not try to copy part or the whole essay. Use examples to show your abilities and experience, instead of vague statements such as "I've always dreamed of becoming”.

What should go with the personal statement

The personal statement is not the only thing that students need for the successful entrance to the college. The second most important factor influencing successful entry is the ability to self-organize for a fairly long time. Depending on the level of your preparedness, the process of admission to an American university can take from 1 to 3 years, during which the future student will have to make a lot of efforts and most importantly - have time to do everything on time and not be out of the process.

For example, in order to write an excellent introductory essay, the student should already have a sufficiently high level of English. Thereby, even before he will begin his work on writing, he needs to tighten up his English. At the same time, he needs to study well at school, participate in extra-curricular activities (play a huge role in admission), prepare for international exams and collect documents in parallel. To not miss anything, the entrant needs a clear timetable and a clear strategy – it is important to work with time management. Without a clear plan of action, you risk feeling the lack of time to do everything necessary. Here the things that will help the entry:
  • The right schedule and enough of time
  • Recommendation from teachers
  • Professional writing and consulting help.

Recommendation letter for members of the admissions committee it is an opportunity to look at the applicant through the eyes of another person who knows firsthand about his academic abilities and personal qualities. On how well the letter of recommendation will be written, the impression that the university will have about the entrant depends a lot.

The very important thing for learners is the preservation of motivation and positive attitude throughout the whole process of admission. This process can take from 1 to 3 years, and sometimes it is extremely difficult to maintain the initial zeal and motivation throughout this time. It's very easy to be disappointed when you get the blacked out draft of an essay from your admission consultant the 10th time, which, in your opinion, was almost ready. However, you should keep trying and use the professional help.

Use the professional writing help

The role of the consultant on admission is difficult to overestimate. This is your guide in the vast sea, which is the American system of higher education. This person with extensive experience and knowledge of this system is able to correctly assess the candidacy of the applicant and on this basis to choose an institution that will suit you.

In America, there are about 2,000 colleges offering bachelor's programs - how do you find out which one is right for you? Admission consultants know everything you need to know about these colleges:
  • What training programs and additional courses they offer
  • What they specialize in,
  • The culture and characteristics of the universities themselves and their campuses.

After you get a list with the universities that are ideal for your application, an intake consultant will help you to prepare an impressive portfolio consisting of a large number of equally important components. It is very important to fill the paper with the right keywords. You should in a correct and understandable form for the members of the admissions committee, present all the profitable aspects of the entrant.

Moreover, you should retain motivation and efficiency throughout this long process. It is extremely important - the consultant on admission will teach you to write an introductory essay, about the importance of which there are no doubts. The process of admission can be quite complicated and confusing. You need to know what can be sacrificed, and where it is necessary to make extra efforts. An intake consultant knows the system of American education along and across and will help you navigate in it, correctly calculate your strengths and take all the best.

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