Learn how our brain works and how to focus on homework

Our brain cannot work on two things at the same time with the highest effectivity. Thereby, the main problem when you cannot concentrate on something is other thoughts that wander in your head. Because of these distracting thoughts, it is so difficult to get down to business. Scientist says that the brain consists of neurons, which form various connections among themselves. Neurons constantly change their connections as we think.

As studies say, having started a new task, you form new connections of neurons in your head. The more unfamiliar a business, the more difficult the process of creating new connections. Making new connections is much more difficult and more expensive than using existing ones. Thereby, we are so lazy when we need to do something for the first time. At the same time, it is always easier to do something that we already know for a long time.

Thereby, if at the very beginning of the work the brain has to create new connections of neurons, we love to procrastinate. However, they can be created within a few minutes if we really concentrate on something. Try to identify, when your productive time to concentrate is. It may be just at the beginning of the work, after 10-20 minutes, or some at some other time. Every student has his individual time of concentration.

The effective homework process structure

Any assignment consists of 3 stages:
  • Starting off the work (0-15 minutes). In this period productivity increases. This is the most difficult and time-consuming stage since the brain needs to create new connections of neurons
  • Productive mode (from 20 minutes to several hours). Neural connections are mostly built, so this stage is the simplest, you can try to do the whole homework here
  • Fatigue, productivity decreases. Our brains get tired, so when you feel that you are starting to think slowly, it is ineffective to work. Use this time to relax or do something different that would involve other neural connections.

Focus on work or study again. This is the next circle of productivity; you can use it until you will again need to rest.

How to focus on homework – use inspiring music

39% of office workers in the US love rock. Blues, jazz, and rock'n'roll are favorites in 19% of the polled. Other people prefer rap and pop. The data of the survey, conducted among 4082 respondents, says that the majority of people gets more energy for their homework with the help of music. 77% of respondents listen to music at work. It helps the majority to concentrate, without being distracted by talk and noise. In addition, it is a pleasant background to the work process and, importantly, does not cause negative reactions from the authorities.

Most of those who are not used to working with music, are sure that it interferes with focusing on the work process. 19% of respondents cannot afford to listen to their favorite songs for technical reasons, and 13% of respondents are prohibited. Those who listen to music at work consider that it has a positive impact on productivity. But those who refused the musical accompaniment, adhere to the opposite opinion (only 32% of respondents).

Half of the respondents listen to songs on the headphones, another half - through the speakers. 45% of US noted that it would be good if the office sounded laid-back music as a background. At the same time, 29% of respondents oppose such proposals. In your case, you should find whether or not music makes you effective. If yes, then use this tool to become more effective.

How to focus on homework with the help of 5 food products

Many scientists say that the balanced nutrition is the key not only to a slim figure and excellent health but also to a psychological balance. Different sets of trace elements, arrived in our body at the right time and in the right proportions, can turn even the laziest person into a workaholic hero.

That majority of students start the day with coffee. According to the established opinion, it is able to easy the wakening. Unfortunately, recent studies report that coffee in the morning immediately after awakening is useless. It turns out that within an hour after we woke up, the body produces the hormone "stress" - cortisol, which helps us feel cheerful and ready for new achievements.

Morning coffee, and to be more exact, caffeine in it, blocks the production of cortisol, which causes the body more time to return to the usual rhythm after sleep. As a consequence, we stay sluggish longer, our mood is at zero, and the only thing you want is to go back to a warm bed. In this mood, it is very difficult to focus on the homework.

However, if in the morning you can solve the problem of the desire to work with the help of a cup of coffee, postponed until coming to the office, then at the height of the day, it's much more difficult to motivate yourself. Fortunately, our brains are very predictable in many ways. To make it work with enthusiasm and desire, it is enough to encourage it with the necessary set of trace elements. You should learn, what you can eat to increase your working productivity. Here are the main products that can help to learn how to focus on homework:
  • Blueberries
  • Oatmeal
  • Very bitter chocolate
  • Salmon
  • Clean water.

Blueberries are one of the favorite products of fighters for proper nutrition. It is not only tasty and beautiful but also positively affects our body, charging it with vivacity, contributing to increased concentration and increased brain activity. It can improve their initial performance in general memory rates and learning abilities.

The breakfast is the most important meal. Correctly chosen morning meal becomes the thing that can help to focus on homework during all day. Nutritionists advise starting the day with slow carbohydrates, which will help to retain a sense of satiety for a long time. Oatmeal is the most effective product here. It is nutritious and for a long time relieves the feeling of hunger.

The main thing is not to fill it with sugar, jam, and milk. To give it a taste, you can add a little spice to it (cinnamon, for example), nuts or fresh berries. It is believed that oat flakes charge the brain with energy and contribute to productive work since they contain many vitamins of the different groups.

Very bitter chocolate – is the best help in focusing on the homework

Unfortunately, only very dark chocolate with the maximum content of cocoa and minimal sugar - will help to start the day productively. It raises the level of serotonin and endorphin, which are directly related to the level of concentration of attention. In addition, bitter chocolate is a source of useful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, copper, and magnesium, which help to control blood pressure. Such chocolate is also low in sugar, which is better for the overall health. However, it has very specific taste, which the majority don’t like.

It is also interesting that studies showed that those who drink two cups of cocoa a day show better results in tests that study memorization mechanisms. Unfortunately, the study does not say anything about the effect of such a diet on the physical condition of the subjects. So this is another argument in favor of a couple of pieces of dark chocolate - it increases the concentration of attention and does not contribute to a set of extra pounds.

Salmon and clean water to increase the effectiveness

Many students know that fish helps concentration, so eat it a lot. The advantage of salmon in front of another fish is an incredibly high level of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to restore brain cells, slow down the decline in cognitive functions, and also strengthen memory. Baked salmon can be a perfect lunch, but it is better to not overbake it. You can increase its effectiveness if you will add a salad of fresh leaves and vegetables and a slice of whole grain bread.

Sometimes we really need just a glass of clean water. Especially if the day was preceded by a sleepless night. Restore justice and water balance will help of clean water. Take for the rule, when starting important homework, to drink a glass of clean water. This will help you to protect yourself from fatigue in the middle of the working day.

How to focus on homework in a specific place

Many students prefer to do the homework in the café, not at the campus. The scientists set out to find out how the various noises affect the concentration of attention. To do this, they asked the volunteers to perform a simple but demanding task: count how many times in 10 minutes on the computer screen a red square flashes. While the participants of the experiment sat behind the monitors, they included different sounds: music, constructive working discussions, the chatter of strangers and other extraneous noises. The favorite places for work among students are:
  • Small cafes with a low flow of people
  • Parks with a positive energy and sun baths
  • Public libraries and other public places to work.

Scientists also monitored the brain activity of volunteers, which allowed to conclude whether the test sounds process or ignore them. After that, the participants were asked what kind of noise distracted them and irritated them most. The researchers found that more meaningful sounds, such as music and talk about work, irritated volunteers more than senseless ones, and also significantly worsened the results of the task.

That is why, scientists note, planning a workspace in an office organized by the type of open space, it is important to take into account the noise level. If it cannot be reduced, you should try to disguise some other. Employees will become more effective in fulfilling their duties if they "dilute" the conversations of colleagues with extraneous sounds. If this is not possible, it is worth shifting the discussion to a separate room.

The barman's exclamations, the clatter of dishes, the laughter, and chatter of others, the noise coming from the street - all this, merging into a meaningless rumble, distracts much less than the work-related dialogues of students. This conclusion was made by specialists in the field of acoustics. This is why many students prefer to work in the café, or in the park (if the weather is good). If the reason of low productivity is not in place, but in stress, it is better to use the help of the professional writing service.

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