Tips on how to make a business proposal

What is the seller’s professionalism? In the ability to sell the maximum quantity of goods.

That is why shop sellers, who work for a percentage of sales, begin to fascinate the customer as soon as they enter their shop, describing all the goods that interested them in all bright colors.

Large transactions are made on a slightly different pattern: here the main role is played by a business proposal, which helps to distinguish your product or services from a variety of similar ones

That is why any seller should know how to make a business proposal (offer) so that it interested the potential client from the first lines and led to the completion of the transaction.

What is a commercial offer and how to make it?

Every supplier dreams about a major deal with the company, thanks to which you can significantly increase the size of sales, and accordingly your income.

It would seem that the deal is in your pocket – your goods/services are of high quality, the prices are moderate, and the conditions of cooperation you offer are good. But the bad luck: after you sent a letter with your business proposal, you are not even invited to negotiate, and the contract goes to another company.

Why does this happen? Because you did not know how to make a business proposal that would be competent, which would attract the consumer from the first lines.

A commercial offer is the seller’s main document. This is a kind of marker for the professionalism of the whole company. And, if this paper is composed illiterately, boring, long, untidy, funny, then your company will receive the same reputation.

Would you like to have an illiterate and untidy partner? Probably, not.

Many companies do not bother to carefully compose a commercial offer:
  • Considering that they can just send your price.
  • Being lazy to rewrite the old commercial offer, although the company has long changed, and the range of its services has expanded.
  • Using unsuccessful document samples that do more harm than good.
  • Not understanding the difference between different types of business proposals.
  • Not spending money for a good marketer and copywriter.

If you get acquainted with the basic rules of writing a business proposal, you’ll be able to make a worthy sample, then increase sales, revenues, and give a new impetus to the development of the company.

4 main types of a business offer

You cannot be so careless as to think that you can make one commercial offer and send it to different clients for years.

This is the main mistake of many entrepreneurs – they do not know the difference between different types of this important document and do not want to waste time learning their potential client.

But both are very important for the success and profitability of the business.

Cold offer

You receive cold commercial offers daily by mail – sometimes they are qualified as spam and are sent to the appropriate folder. Precisely because the proposal is not personalized, does not take into account the personality of the consumer, and is sent to everyone, it rarely works.

But there are exceptions to this rule too.

For example, you thought about the fact that it’s time to tighten up your spoken French, but because of the lack of time, you could not find a school or a tutor. And then you receive a letter on the mail box with the following subject: “Have you been wanting to learn French? We know how to do it quickly and inexpensively.”

Naturally, you will open such a letter, and won’t immediately delete it, and if this business proposal (such a letter could be sent, for example, by a language school), will interest you, moreover – you will become the client of the school, it will mean that a cold proposal worked.

It is for such customers that this type of document is directed.

Hot offer

This is a completely different type of a business proposal because it is sent to an already prepared client who is waiting for it. Such a letter is unlikely to be left unread and deleted.

A hot commercial offer should be prepared and sent when:
  • You have learned through your channels that a certain large company wants to change the supplier (it is in this scheme that advertising agencies work in the US – they try to get the customer first until others have identified it).
  • The potential buyer directly told you that he was waiting for your offer (he could see the advertisement and call you or you contacted him to ask for cooperation).

It is necessary to make a hot business proposal very seriously, so as not to miss your chance to conclude a contract and increase profits.

You will not have another chance to make a positive first impression of your company.

Typical commercial offer

Your task is to compose a competent document and send it to all your potential customers. For example, you are a guide.

To conclude a contract for fruitful cooperation, you need:
  • To know how to make a business proposal competently
  • To find out the electronic or postal addresses of all travel agencies in your city
  • Send them letters
  • Wait for someone to be interested in your offer and call back

Naturally, you make a sample paper with one text for all your potential employers.

Individual proposal

Such a document should be compiled when you want to conclude a cooperation agreement with a particular buyer, and the rest of buyers not really interest you.

In order to comprehensively compile an individual business offer, you need:
  • Study your potential partner
  • Understand what exactly he can be interested in
  • In the most favorable light, introduce your company
  • Describe all the benefits of working with you
  • Address the person personally – instead of “Dear colleagues!” write “Dear James Brown”

Rules for compiling a business proposal

To correctly compile a so important for each company document, you need to find a good sample of the commercial proposal and take it as a basis. Also, learn by heart the basic rules of compiling this paper.

Naturally, the main thing in a business proposal is its text.

The words you describe the benefits of working with you affect how the buyer will respond to your request for cooperation.

To make the most competent commercial offer, you should:
  • Speak in the client’s language. Each sphere of activity operates with lexical units and terms that are familiar only to professionals. Your task is to emphasize that you are a professional.
  • Speak clearly and on business. No need to make an entry half a page. Once you have addressed the client, start getting to the point.
  • In pursuit of the beauty of the text, do not forget about its usefulness. Of course, you want to impress a potential customer, so take care that the text sounded smooth and beautiful. This is important, but it is much more important that this text be useful to the buyer and answer all his questions.
  • Use facts and figures. Tell about the achievements and victories of your company, calculate how much the customer will be able to save/earn, if he starts cooperating with you, etc.
  • Do not be too clever. Yes, it’s wonderful that you, as a professional, know so many terms and know the business style perfectly, but do not overload the text with all this. Observe the sense of proportion: the client should easily understand what is at issue, and not wade through the terminology, feeling like an idiot.

Rules of registration of the commercial offer

Do not think that if you have carefully worked on the text of the proposal, then you can ignore give its design.

Even before the recipient of the letter begins to read it, he will evaluate it visually and, if he sees the crooked arrangement of the text, a solid text without indentations and paragraphs, dirty paper and other shortcomings, he may well not read this pattern of inaccuracy.

Here are the basic rules of registration of a commercial offer:
  • Choose a simple laconic font and size of not more than 16 pins.
  • Stick to one style of writing: you cannot start with a conversational, provocative style, and then move on to a dry business language.
  • To make the text easier to understand, do not forget about indentations, paragraphs, frames, lists, highlighting bold or italic key moments, etc.
  • Do not try to make too much of a commercial offer – no one will read this abstract of 30 pages – 1–2 pages will be enough.
  • On the first page, position the logo of your company.
  • Do not overload the cap, indicating everything in it immediately, it is better to arrange the details and contacts at the end of the text.
  • Align the text of the document, best of all by width.
  • Place an appeal to the potential buyer in the center of the page.
  • Be sure to sign the proposal by deciphering your signature and specifying the position.
  • If you send the document by regular mail, and not by e-mail, use a beautiful paper and envelope, and also make sure that the printer has ink – fuzzy letters will not make a good impression.

Sample of the offer

If you want to know how to make a business proposal easy, you have to have a sample that would help you get new customers and increase the company’s profit.

Here are the stages to adhere to in order to make an excellent commercial offer:
  • Study your potential client. You do not have to focus on one client, you can work with several. For example, you need to find the market for baking, which makes your bakery. You study the five largest stores that do not have their own bakery to send them an individual commercial offer. You do not have to write 5 different samples, just using the existing skeleton, build up the information about the client to interest him.
  • Write the body text. You should start with who you are and what you are offering. Then go on to list the benefits that the consumer will receive if they start cooperating with you. Closer to completion, it is necessary to use the stimulating form of the verb to provoke the client to action. In the end, do not forget to provide your details, contact info, and signature.
  • Work on making your offer. How to beautifully draw up your document you already know. You can use different colors, font sizes, and so on for easier perception of the text, just do not overdo it so that the sentence does not look comical and frivolous.

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