How to present a business plan: general ideas

Every company needs a business plan. But often it is written only throw dust in the eyes of investors and shareholders. Once the desired effect is achieved, it is put in the back drawer. How to present a business plan so that it was not a pile of waste paper, and brought a real benefit, led your team to victory, and business to prosperity? You need good leadership that does not mill the wind and does not repeat dry theoretical language, but a working, tested by real entrepreneurs, the mechanism which has proved its effectiveness.

This is the issue that has been bothering lots of marketers and leading business experts. They try to get to the matter by analyzing numerous details and situations and examine all the important aspects of doing business – from recruitment and selection of office space to social and environmental responsibility of the business. Once you have made that plan, you can use it and do the business smoothly and efficiently.

Experts write comprehensive guidelines where include their life observations and different recommendations. Some advice have become classic and are used by businessmen around the globe. A good business plane is a must-have for every entrepreneur and manager, as well as for those who are just thinking to start a business and are monitoring possible variants of entering the market. National experts try to adjust basic rules for creating a business plan to the market environment of their region. In fact, everyone understands that successful performance of the company directly depends on good well-designed strategic solutions and well-planned activities.

However, no less important is the procedure that is called a business plan presentation - an event related to the positioning of the main ideas presented in the business plan to stakeholders (partners, buyers, investors, etc.). It is a kind of active advertising to promote products, ideas, brand, etc., which is usually directed to the target audience.

Actually a business plan is a scheme of ideas collected together in an informal document which is stored on paper, USB flash drive, or computer hard drive or even in the head of the manager that contains a brief and accurate description of the business idea and the methods that may be used to translate it into reality.

It is optimal if a business plan contained the main strategy. In particular, it is relevant considering the fact of constantly increasing competition between businesses (for example, a florists’ shop, beauty salon, consumer service center, pharmacy, restaurant, clothing store, or car service). we offer you some practical ideas on how to create and present your business plan in an effective way so that it will be a real instrument for drawing the attention of potential investors or other interested people to your company.

Kinds of business plans

Business plans go in different forms and are composed on the basis of certain criteria like a targeted audience, the amount of funding, the forecasting period, etc.

By the amount of attracted financing they can be divided into:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
According to the type of tasks, business plans can be:
  • Organizational
  • Financial
  • Economic

As for the purpose, they distinguish those that to attract external financing and those that are instruments of strategic or operational financial management.

Another classification is by the prospective investors that might be:
  • Banks
  • Financial companies
  • Institutional investors
  • Financial or portfolio investors
  • Direct or strategic investors

Presentation of a business plan

The structure of the presentation usually consists of seven themes. Topics should be presented in the exact order in which they are desirable to convey to the audience:
  • The essence of the enterprise that is the positioning of the company, a particular product or service. For example, the positioning of a beauty salon, clothing store, a customer’s service, pharmacy, hairdresser, florist’s shop, cinema center, or any other enterprise.
  • The results of the analysis of the situation on the market
  • Brief marketing strategy.
  • Expected profit in the first reporting period (within a month, six months, a year period and so on).
  • The total amount of funding required for the project
  • The participants of the project.
  • Repayment deadline of borrowed funds for the implementation of the business plan and the terms of return.

This is the structure as a whole. And now each topic should be considered in more detail to avoid possible errors during the presentation. The structure allows covering a large number of issues, but in most cases, it is not advisable to include every topic, as it may fatigue the investors. When considering sections, the structure should be accompanied by visual images – for each question at least one slide.

Strategic ideas of a good presentation

If you need to analyze and present the results of the analysis of the market situation, you should first consider the competitive environment competition - a very important aspect in the presentation of the business plan of a flower shop, café, petrol station, wedding salon, hairdresser’s, car wash, clothing store (if you are talking about a large city).

Then you need to talk about customer interest in the product or service. For example, it is hardly advisable to open a flower shop, café, petrol station, wedding salon, hairdressers, car wash, and a clothing store in a village with a small number of residents.

For this area, it is more appropriate to open some manufacturing unit. The opening of a flower shop is preferable if there are no similar companies nearby. It is good to open a clothing store close to the competitors’ stores, as the target audience prefers to visit several shops located nearby, in order to choose the best products.

If you need to provide information on how to promote a product or service, you should approach the situation like that:
  • To propose an advertising campaign for a beauty salon or a shopping center on the Internet
  • To distribute stickers in the street to advertise the car wash or a café and so on.

It is preferable to run a promotional campaign with a minimum cost but with a high degree of payoff.

Experts recommend using free or low-cost ways of promotion ideas. Especially it concerns a small business – a clothing store, a pharmacy, a café, a barber shop, a wedding salon, etc. A comparatively cheap way of promoting a business is to use social networks and create there a blog, community, and various ads on virtual bulletin boards.

How to start arranging a plan

To present a business plan vividly and properly, it is necessary to understand how the presentation algorithm works. Here is a universal scheme of effective organization of presentation content:
  • To identify target audience: media, public, potential consumers, investors or employees
  • Different audiences have different languages, habits, and interests. Keep in mind they do not need you and they are not looking for you while you are trying to attract their interest to your business.
  • Therefore, along with a good computer presentation, you should think about your clothes - respect the habits of the audience by adjusting to their needs and way of thinking.
  • To tell about a project outcome
  • Here, your task is to convince the investor that you will be able to implement the proposed project. Also at this stage, you should pay attention to the team that will implement the business plan.
  • To determine how long the presentation will be
  • That depends both on your project and the time allocated by the event organizer if you make a presentation outside your company, for example, during a forum, conference or some other event.
  • To avoid common mistakes
  • For instance, you should not attempt to squeeze more information in the presentation by using a smaller font, speed up the pace of speech, etc. It is better to create a presentation that is three times shorter than the one you would like to make. In that way you will win additional minutes in real time.
  • To create a decent content
  • You need to follow the structure of the business plan presentation. Make an appropriate slide. If you have a lot of time, insert this slide several times into the presentation – give the audience an opportunity to see the general outline of the narrative more than once.
  • To avoid repeating the information
  • To design the Powerpoint presentation according to standard rules
  • That means not to overload a slide with big texts and avoid using large tables with long numbers. Numbers should not contain more than 3 characters (for example, $ 1 500 650 – 1, 5 mil).
  • To speak a language that the audience understands
  • Each listener has his own language and understanding so try not to use special vocabulary, idioms, proverbs and fixed phrases.
  • To send a copy of the business plan to investors in advance
  • To use a minimum of animation effects in your Powerpoint presentation
  • To take samples of your products with you if there are any

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