Clarify how to start a research paper

The research paper is one of the most important academic papers. It finishes a certain level of education and shows the students confidence in this or that field. This paper has the appropriate structure. It is worth noting that the research paper on the humanities and technical sciences is radically different. If the humanitarian theme is only the collection of the necessary information, which can be found on the Internet, rephrased and correctly designed, then the technical work is a painstaking work that involves complex calculations. Here the collection of statistical data, the analysis of indicators and other complex operations will be needed. It is impossible to skip the practical part of such work.

The research paper is a fairly complex task, so it is often difficult to find information for it. To understand how to start a research paper, you need to make a clear plan. First, you need to select the topic that is really interesting for you. Learn the background of the topic. If you will find that there is enough space for you to research the topic, you can stick to it. After that, you should make a plan of a paper. It should be specified and agreed with the tutor. The plan greatly simplifies the search for information and writing work. The plan is like the schedule of your work, the sequence of actions, the structure of thoughts.

The structure of the research paper

Any student's academic writing must contain the required elements. The research paper consists of 3 chapters, each of which has its own peculiarities. So, the thesis should contain such sections:
  • The thesis of the research
  • Collecting data from other scientific papers. You must really understand the methods that were used in the works. It is desirable to make a table, which includes information from all the scientific papers you have chosen so that all methods are in front of you
  • The research itself. Specify with what initial data you work, what methods of solving the problem are used, what are the usefulness of these methods, why are they better than others. Describe the course of your research, all the difficulties that you had to face.

The best option for your third chapter will be to offer a new, more effective method of solving some specific problem. If you did not manage to develop it, indicate the problem, which no one else has touched, but you still are able to solve. This will put you in the space without competitors. In addition to the obligatory sections, the research paper must contain the following sections:

  • The title page, which is drawn due to the requirements. If you did not get it, ask the tutor to show you the information
  • The content. The content cannot be created independently. Check it with your tutor or look at the requirements to learn how your content should look
  • In the introduction, consider the relevance of the chosen topic, identify the problems, goals, and objectives of the research
  • Conclusion - a section in which you need to indicate the degree of achievement of the goal. Be sure to indicate the relevance of the research for different industries: economy, politics, society, and etcetera
  • Bibliography. This section is also drawn up accordingly to the requirements. It must contain a minimum of 20 sources. This can be books, magazines, scientific works, documents, online sources. If you use the Internet, then choose only official sites, which certainly contain true up-to-date information.

Remember that the research paper is unlikely to be without the text tables, graphs, and drawings. It is best to make each chart or table on one page. It is not recommended to dilute the text of the research paper with such data. Make these contents in special applications after the research work. Students usually put them after the list of literature.

Use the right formatting

After collecting the necessary information and describing the research, the text should be formalized accordingly to generally accepted standards. Here are the main tips on formatting the research paper

  • If you use tables, then draw them in the same font, you can reduce it to 12. Align the tables in the center. On the right above the table should be its name. Each table should be numbered
  • All figures are also centered, each of them must have a name and numbering, which are centered
  • All names of tables and figures should be printed in the same font as the whole text of the paper, and with a one and a half interval
  • To save time and not make diagrams and graphs, make them in the form of drawings and sign as drawings. This will greatly simplify the work
  • Between the text and the title, be sure to skip 1.5 cm
  • If you have any difficulties with the requirements to the work, just refer to the manual. The other option is to use the professional manuscript editing firm. Don’t forget to communicate with your tutor, when you know how to start a research paper.

Step-by-step instruction on writing a research paper

It is much easier to write any student academic paper when you know in what order to act. To write a qualitative research work, use these steps:
  • Study your topic, gather information from different sources
  • Formulate the problem of the thesis work based on the information collected
  • Develop your own approaches to solving this problem. In the thesis, you must specify the extent to which the information is disclosed
  • Emphasize which method of solving the problem was developed by you. It should be not used anywhere
  • Describe the course of your work: with what you had to work, what methods of solving the problem you used, on the basis of what you analyzed the information
  • Having received the necessary results, competently design them, indicating the relevance of the solution developed by you
  • Do not forget to use the advice of your tutor in the study. If you take into account his recommendations, the research paper is more likely to get the high grade.

How to write the review to the research paper?

The review of the paper is a brief description of the content of the work, an assessment of the relevance and methods of solving the problem. To protect the work, the review must necessarily be positive, but it should be made by a tutor or teacher who is directly related to the topic of your work. In colleges this practice is rare, most often the student independently reviews his own work, and the teacher simply puts his signature on it. Make a true review, so that then there are no problems with the teacher. To make the research work ideal, it is not enough just to write it accordingly to all the rules. Here are the additional tips:
  • The volume of the paper is should cover the research
  • Be sure to link to the source list
  • The uniqueness of the thesis must be appropriate (no plagiarism here)
  • To write a quality work, consult with a tutor before the beginning of the research. Let him give the necessary materials or links to sources that will be useful to you
  • When learning the material, immediately enter the references to the sources in the list of references
  • After writing each section, show the work to the tutor so he will approve the work calmly. If you bring already finished work, you risk rewriting a lot.

Give up everything that does not work

Research is something that can lead you to different results. The researcher does not know where his research will lead him. Successful people know how to quickly understand what is not working and in time to abandon an unsuccessful undertaking. Teachers certainly warned you how important it is to be able to give up an unpromising business - provided that you do not give up your dream. Change wrong tactics, abandon the false path, but do not give up the dream. Every day we make mistakes, so we understand what is effective and what is not. Mistakes help humanity to develop.

Working on the research paper, be prepared for the fact that some steps in the project will be mistaken. If you quickly learn, correct tactics and start moving forward more successfully, mistakes will turn to you in a positive side. Once you fail, it does not mean that you completely fail. But the inability to take into account negative experiences and change behavior, of course, leads to failure.

Learn from your mistakes during research

It is also important to pay attention to what problems you usually encounter. From time to time you use incorrect tactics, but have not yet realized this and, accordingly, have not drawn conclusions. If it seems to you that the same problem arises again and again, or you see a certain pattern in a series of troubles, then you have not noticed and have not realized the repeated mistakes. In such a case, try to apply the recommended methods of solving problems and reflect on how you approach the matter at all.

Talk to other people and, as soon as you understand what exactly you are doing wrong, stop doing it. Do not be afraid to change the approach to work and see what will come from it. More often than not, no radical changes are required: small improvements lead to excellent results and increase the chances of success.

How to understand that you are doing everything right

To understand that everything goes as it should, that you are persistent enough and successfully cope with the problems, you can look for several signs. This is very important during research paper writing. The wrong path can lead you to an ineffective result. Here are the tips that can help you:
  • Calmly talk about the problems that you face. When you are calm, then you are working on a problem with a rational, rather than an emotional point of view, and are more likely to find the optimal solution
  • You do not lose your sense of humor. If you are still capable of laughing at your own mistakes, it means that you have accepted them, drawn conclusions and go further
  • As problems arise, you feel more confident and do not doubt that you will cope with them
  • The same problem does not arise again and again. Even if difficulties appear, they can be considered new.

Do brainstorming when writing a research

The good old way of solving problems is the brainstorm. The more "brains" will be involved, the better. You need a company of people ready to help you, a place where you can get together, and time to sort through all the options. To solve deeply personal problems, this method is not very suitable. But if this is a research paper in which you feel at a dead end, collective brainstorming is an ideal method. None of your friends will offer you the right solution at once. However, it will be born by itself, in the process. The other way is to use the professional writing team.

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