How to start an essay and overcome the creative crisis?

The creative crisis is something that can be not only with professional writers, artists or musicians. This is the thing that often happens to students when they write their essays. The essay is the paper that has the free-form, thereby, sometimes it is difficult to decide what to write there. Due to the statistics, students feel the creative crisis and procrastination more often, when they provide such assignments, as the essay. Before you will try to overcome the creative crisis, think about this. The creative crisis is a very individual thing, so you need to look for the decisions that suit you. Here are the ideas that can push you to write your essay:
  • Do brainstorming
  • Get new impressions
  • Relax and take a shower, listen to music
  • Look at the task from the position of the other person
  • Enjoy your creative crisis
  • Modify or combine the existing ideas.

To do brainstorming is the best tactic if you want to overcome the crisis and procrastination. Everything that touches the topic, everything that does not concern the topic, everything that you think and do not think about it – write your ideas on stickers and put them in front of your working place. Don't criticize yourself and put all of your ideas on paper. Do this for about fifteen minutes, then relax for an hour and do something else. After that, you can examine your ideas and collect the only use of them.

New impressions are very important when you cannot start writing something. Hardly you can travel around the world, but you can just walk, look at people or watch an interesting movie. New images will stop the panic and will help to start writing the assignment. Try to do something interesting every time before you start writing. Do different things – this way you will get rid of the loop and will be able to destroy the templates of your work.

Relax and play games to start writing

It is very important to relax before the work. You can go to the shower, and even in a cold shower. It will certainly wash away everything that has become a ballast and will prevent your procrastination. Listen to music – try to do it without words in your head, try to don't think at all at this moment. what to think about. You can write something else while the inspirational track is playing.

Try to look at your situation from the outside - do not be yourself. Try to imagine that you are not you, but someone else. For example, you are not a student, but a restaurant chef, a plumber or even... a dog. This will help to look at the problem differently. So, if to overcome the creative crisis you need to stand upside down and feel like a dog - do it. Another option is to imagine creating a text, not for people, but, for example, for aliens from Saturn. If you can change the approach, then you will come out of the creative crisis.

If you cannot overcome it – enjoy it

Modify, combine or remake existing ideas, when you are thinking about how to start an essay. You can also take someone else's idea and bring it to mind. Understand that it's impossible to invent something all the time, and nobody can do it that way. This, by the way, can be connected not only to the essay writing.

Sometimes you just need to enjoy your crisis. It's difficult, especially when the deadline is burning. However, you can start work on anything else. If you have already started something else, the inspiration will come to you not for the other assignment, but for the proper one. You can write something interesting only for you. Not for college, but for yourself only.

Try to change the method of work. For example, use new programs or start writing with your left hand only. Resign yourself to your crisis. This time needs to be used to fill yourself with something new and what you can use later. In the meantime, realize that such stagnation has even occurred among the great writers and they have been able to overcome it. So do not give up and soon you will get the qualitative essay.

Improve your essay writing

Essay writing is a kind of writing that needs the continuous improvement. To do it effectively, you need to go through such steps:
  • Read new essays regularly and get new ideas
  • Make your own vocabulary wider – learn more
  • Plan your writing process
  • Use an effective structure of the essay
  • Fight procrastination to start writing.

Read new essays regularly and get new ideas – this is the most important tip to improve the writing. Attentive reading will not only help you to stock up ideas on unfamiliar topics but also enrich your vocabulary and style. For example, if you read the BBC articles, the Economist and Forbes about a distant education, you will learn a lot of conflicting facts about this phenomenon. Thereby, when the connected topic will be in your assignment, you will be already prepared. In addition, you can pay attention to interesting grammatical constructions, word-combinations, and bundles between ideas.

Make your own vocabulary wider – learn more

Reading will do you more effectively if you make notes. The best way is to quickly build up the vocabulary by copying the phrases together with their translation into a separate file and study them. One way to check how common this or that word is to view it on Google. Your vocabulary should be wide; this will give you more chances to get a good grade. Think about how to start an essay in advance. If you feel that your knowledge is not enough to provide a qualitative assignment, you need to work harder. Sometimes it is too late to do something before the deadline, in this case, it is better to use the professional writing help.

Always plan your writing process

A good plan is the guarantee of a successful essay writing. At first, you can spend 10 or even 20 minutes on planning the ideas. Later, you will gradually reduce this time to three minutes, which is recommended by the professional writers. It is best to first outline the ideas of each of the paragraphs of the "body" of the essay, and then two or three phrases under each of them to build arguments and examples. The plan should also include all parts of the assignment. If you just need to express your opinion, then you still need the introduction and the conclusion. If you need to discuss two points of view and show your opinion, then there must be more parts of the essay.

Use an effective structure of the essay

The essay should have such parts in its structure:
  • a strong introduction (better concrete than general)
  • a balanced "body" (the main paragraphs)
  • a summing conclusion.

The "body" itself can consist of either two or three paragraphs, so the total in the brief small essay there will be 4-5 paragraphs. Each paragraph of the "body" must begin with a thematic proposal. This is a simple and clear sentence, showing the main idea of the paragraph. All other proposals should develop this idea. The professional writers call this approach - "one paragraph - one idea". The structure of the different types of essays can differ. For example, the argumentative, the narrative, and the descriptive essay will have a different structure. However, all types of essays need an introduction and a conclusion.

Fight procrastination to start writing

Procrastination is the phenomenon that causes problems to more than sixty percent of people. To cope with the problem, it is necessary to realize that it really exists. When you will do that, it will be easier, the main thing here is your desire. It is necessary to change your attitude to urgent matters. Let them be complex, even impracticable at first glance, the main thing is a belief in one's own strength.

If the process is long and time-consuming, you should split it into smaller parts. After doing each of the parts you should make a small rest. One of the main medicines against procrastination is the preparation of a list of cases or a schedule of tasks. The schedule should be prepared in advance; it is better to prepare it in the evening. After that, the next morning you will know what to do and how to rationally use the time.

When the list of cases is obvious, then even postponing something for later, you still perform useful work. The list can be compiled by ranking the cases according to priorities. But it is not necessary to perform the tasks in order of their importance. You can do what is easier first. This will help you to perform more tasks in a smaller time. When you have the freedom to choose the assignment, you can get more tasks done. A psychological problem can be turned into an aid for success in work. Since most procrastinators, shirking important business, are still engaged in something, you just need to direct your activities to a more important direction than, for example, browsing the Internet. For example, if you don’t know how to start an essay, you can think about how to do your term paper and succeed in that.

The causes of postponement of writing

Nobody likes procrastination, because this is the reason of why we postpone some important actions, replacing them with others. And we sincerely believe that we must carry out exactly those actions from which we evade, and not those that we actually carry out. The realization of this fact makes us unhappy. Although, in terms of logic, everything should be the other way round. If you avoid something unpleasant and complicated, you should enjoy it. But it's not so simple.

Students estimate procrastination negatively, equating it to laziness. It seems to us that procrastination is exactly what lies between us and a meeting the deadline. However, despite its bad reputation, sometimes procrastination is not so bad and even helps us cope with the assignments. Procrastination is the result of an eternal and inevitable conflict inside our head. This is literally a battle between the two parts of our brains for influencing our behavior. Here are the steps of the procrastination mechanism:
  • The limbic system tries to change the focus from the boring assignment to something more interesting. It is a powerful and complex brain structure that participate in the regulation of emotions, motivations and the management of its general adaptation to the conditions of the external environment. That is the place where the pleasure center is located
  • The prefrontal cortex of the brain, also known as the center for making conscious decisions, tries to stay focused on the important task (the essay, for example)
  • The limbic system fights for getting short-term pleasure right here and now, and the prefrontal cortex is disciplined from a long-term perspective, blocking the desires of the limbic system to drop everything
  • The prefrontal cortex is what actually distinguishes us from animals whose behavior is regulated solely by impulses. Unfortunately, unlike the ancient limbic system, the prefrontal cortex is the newest and very vulnerable invention of evolution, and it does not work in automatic mode
  • We really should each time consciously force ourselves to concentrate on useful and necessary tasks in order to bring them to the end
  • At the same time, as soon as we relax and turn off consciousness, the limbic system takes precedence - and we are dealing with procrastination. You should remember this when you are thinking about how to start an essay.

Use the professional writing help

There is nothing wrong with delegating the tasks if its help to succeed. To use the professional writing help, you need to pay attention to the price offers the qualification of the writing firm, the privacy policy, and the reputation of the company. Don't hurry to select the writing firm. If you are not sure in the quality of the company, it will be a good idea to visit some of the student forums to check it. Make sure that the company is able to provide a qualitative paper, and delegate your tasks to cope with everything.

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