How to write a 5 page essay hints

How to write a 5 page essay

To write papers like a professional is possible! Just adopt asimple method of making your writing organized and planned.

Every good author has a unique writing system for producingpapers especially if he or she writes a research essay. Whetheryour paper is short or long it must be a quality paper. Thisrequires several habits you need to have or develop:

  • A skill of doing the research. Academic writing meansconducting an extensive search of topic-related materials,digesting the information and interpreting it according to yourgoals.
  • While doing this, you should focus on the materials that canhelp you support the argument. Here comes an ability to sort outthe facts that best fit your argument. As you deal with loads ofsources, you should make notes to record all necessary data.Another useful tip is to compose a bibliography list while youare researching.
  • A skill of organizing the obtained information. The notes youhave made should be thoroughly arranged in the order of priority.Do not rely on your memory and write down a quote, summarize andcite the text when you understand it will be useful for yourpaper. That will considerably save your time and nerves as onceyou need this or that book you will have to go back to thelibrary so that to look through the source again. The waste ofprecious time, isn’t it?
  • A skill of composing the essay. Talking about five-pagepapers, you should structure your ideas following this order –introduce a topic, develop a thesis statement, compose bodyparagraphs and refute your thesis in the concluding part. Ofcourse, the choice of how many body paragraphs to write dependson the essay type. Commonly, academic writing requires two bodyparagraphs; however, there can be more.

Types of essay that fit the length

If your purpose is a five-page paper, it is better to chooseamong four essay types:

  • A persuasive essay
  • An expository essay
  • An argumentative essay
  • An analytical essay

Writing a short paper is harder than composing a long oneconsisting of ten or more pages. Long essays give more room foryour ideas. In the case of a five-page essay, you should writebriefly supporting your argument with solid facts. Many studentsfind it difficult to reduce the gathered material to the requiredessay size.

To keep your writing within these limits, expert writersrecommend choosing a narrow topic. The narrower, the better. Forinstance, if your aim is to tell about the history of the Frenchrevolution, you should select a small part of this historicalperiod – it can be the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, the era ofRobespierre and the Commune, the ideas of Jacobins. Perhaps thetopic can be even narrower like the Destruction of Feudalism asthe Main Reason for the Revolution in France, Women of the Frenchrevolution or the Bastille Day.

Sharpen your skills on essay parts

How to write a 5 page essay

Introductory part begins with the topic presentation. Then goes athesis statement which outlines the entire paper – tells what areyou going to argue about in the essay body. The last sentence inthe introduction is the hook – a sentence that draws the readers’interest and transmits them to the first body paragraph.

It is up to you how to introduce your topic and argument. Ahelpful hint here is to start the paper with a quote or ananecdote. A strategy here is to know who your readers are.

  • The secret of the effective body writing is that everyparagraph should have a strict order of sentences and contain astrong argument. Follow this formula:
  • A topic sentence. It is necessary for the writer to relatethis kind of sentence to the thesis.
  • An argument
  • An illustration. It is commonly a supportive fact whichshould be bright, sharp and credible.
  • A final statement which signals that the debates arefinished. For example, a final statement for a persuasive essayis a call to action.
  • A transitional hook. All the paragraphs must be tied upcohesively otherwise your arguments won’t work.

The last body paragraph usually has the weakest argument, exampleand so on. The function of this paragraph is also to introduce afinal key point of the paper. Like all the previous ones, thisparagraph is finished with a hook which is a bridge to theconcluding part.

A conclusion is a part of the essay which requires strong writingskills and understanding that this part refutes your thesis. Youare to emphasize the significance of the obtained results. Forthose who are going to complete a paper as quickly as possible,it is important to spend minimum half an hour on summarizing theresearched facts and restating the thesis.

5 pages in the shortest time

Here are some soothing words from the students who have alreadyexperienced writing academic papers within strict timelimitations. Get inspired by their cheerful comments on how towrite a 5 page essay:

  • Assuming you have collected the needed information and have agood point of what you are going say, it is surely doable towrite a big essay in due time.
  • Getting a perfect score for a five-page paper is easy peasyunless you have no problems with expressing your ideas andEnglish. The challenge might be reading books that are more than500 pages long. The faster, the better.
  • When missing the deadline, students tend to ignore errorcorrection which is unacceptable. Haste makes waste. A roughdraft makes low scores.
  • It is not a big deal to write a five-page paper. The hardpart is carrying out the research and writing a thesis. If theyare OK, the essay will write itself. Do not forget to create thebibliography and take notes while researching the topic.
  • There is no reason you can’t have your essay completed withinseveral hours if the first draft is done. Just see if its partsare interrelated and edit the paper carefully.
  • If you are a newbie in academic essay area, you will needlots of hours to produce a decent paper in contrast to maturestudents. They can do it overnight. Experience matters!
  • Writing a long essay in a day or so? It’s possible, no doubt.You’ll get exhausted though, so a tip from me is to have shortbreaks and a litre-bottle of coffee.

Parting ideas

How to write a 5 page essay

To see if your paper works well, it is good to leave it aside fora certain time. While you are having a rest from writing, letyour fellows or parents read it. You may ask them what theyconsider important in the paper if they agree or disagree withthe point you have developed, what else can make the essay soundimpressive and convincing.

Keep in mind that the paper needs to be revised for severalthings: grammar, spelling and punctuation, scholarly voice,stronger evidence, cohesiveness and effective structure.

In package, the things that can make every academic paperA-scored are:

  • Perfect scheduling
  • Reliable sources
  • A skill to structure the essay
  • Fine English
  • Accuracy
  • Inspiration

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