Tips on how to write a college essay

There are many different types of essays and essay assignments. Thereby, there are no universal rules of how to write an essay. However, there can be several steps that will help you to improve your writing process as the whole system:
  • Think creatively to come with unusual ideas and hooks
  • Plan your time to write everything on time and meet deadlines
  • Set the high grammar level
  • Sort the information with the help of the critical thinking.

Think creatively to come with unusual ideas and hooks

For students, creativity is best seen as a chain of tasks, not as an abstract thing. This process helps to solve specific problems, for example - to come up with an idea for the college essay. However, this can be something totally different, for example - to draw an illustration or to develop an interface for a website. It is impossible to be creative without connection to some specific projects. When the task appears, you need to study it from all sides. Creative people, as a rule, have one important habit - they, again and again, rethink the problem.

This means that, instead of immediate performing of work, you should sit back and study the problem from different sides before start solving it. And it's good if this stage does not last for long weeks and months. The biggest difference between recognized creative geniuses and us is that they worked much more. They simply spent more time with the calculations, or in the creative process on the computer.

Find the idea that touches you and develops it in your college essay

The main goal is to choose a problem that touches you and start working on its solution. If you do not care about absolutely anything, then your problem is not in the absence of creativity, but in the lack of motivation. You take any famous creative character and his main project, through which he found glory. Pay attention to how many steps he had to make in order to get such an outstanding result. Of course, outbreaks of insight happen, but really worthwhile ideas come only when a person works hard.

Try to perform a large amount of work, and the quality itself will spill out of the amount. It is very important to be afraid as little as possible and work as much as possible. For the first couple of years you just do things, and they cannot work out as cool as we would like. You have to understand that this is normal, and the most important thing you can do at this stage is to do as much work as possible. This is the only way by which the quality of your work will be as high as your ambitions. But this will take some time – this is the main tip on how to write a college essay.

How to make a plan to organize your time?

Brainstorming is a good tool to identify the important things for your plan. First, take five minutes and write down the goals. Think about work, family, health, and finances. The longer the list you will get, the better the result will be. After that, you should select the first goal and divide it into steps. Calculate all the steps at once is almost impossible. It will not work - they will clear up already in the course of the fulfillment of the goal. So start with the basic ones only. To start making the plan, you should ask yourself:
  • What to do first?
  • Where and with whom do you learn how to do this?
  • What resources will be needed?
  • Identify the other goals and start writing the plan.

Learning to plan for a month, a week and a day

There are three levels of planning:
  • Plan for the month
  • Plan for a week
  • Plan for the day.

Open the next month in the calendar and add to it the steps that were taken out of the brainstorming session. Subsequently, a month's plan will show how you have progressed. For example, note that a business trip, vacation or visit to the doctor is planned in advance. Also, it is important to pre-schedule busy seasons at work, when all your efforts are required. Every week you should determine what tasks are planned for it and when they need to be completed. So you will understand, perform the task immediately or within a week, and whether you need people's help, which, again, is worth asking beforehand.

Plan daily business in the evening, in the morning or with coming to college. The main thing here is to check e-mail. Otherwise, you will spend your time on what is important to others. What if you plan for the day, but after checking the mail, find urgent business? Or not urgent, but more important than planned? In such cases, the plan will indicate the best solution - without it you compare the messages with nothing. Anyway, first it will be quite difficult to use planning for

Improve the critical thinking to make your essay original

To get the qualitative and nontrivial information for your essay, you will not only need to think creatively, but also to think critically. Every day, we are literally bombarded with problems that require a solution. Many of them can be small and not very important, but sometimes the decision can significantly affect our lives. Critical thinking is a way of approaching a problem that allows you to gently open it, discover pitfalls, such as bias or manipulation, and make the best decision.

If you think that the term "critical" sounds negative - this is because in a sense it is. Instead of choosing what seems to be simple and correct, a person using critical thinking subjects all possible options to careful research and skeptical analysis. He excludes everything, except the most useful and reliable information. Here are five steps that will help you make the right decisions (for your college essay, and not only):
  • Formulate the problem
  • Gather information
  • Use the information
  • Consider the consequences
  • Study other points of view.

How to formulate the problem?

To formulate the problem, in other words, means to know what you are looking for. It's not always as simple as it sounds. If you want to try a new diet, for example, your desire can be dictated by various factors. One of them, for example, can be the hope for a quick result. But if you come to a situation with a clear idea of exactly how and why you want to achieve this diet, it will help you critically comprehend the problem and understand if this diet is right for your needs. The same thing is with the college essay writing. To make it effective, you should set the clear purpose and ask such questions:
  • What is the purpose of the essay?
  • For whom are you writing it?
  • Why are you writing it?

Gather information

Having a complete understanding of the problem, you will better understand what really matters in this issue. If you are trying to choose a diet that will improve the digestive system, for example, you can ask the expert for advice or look for other people's feedback. Gathering information will help you see the different options and thus get closer to making a deliberate decision. If you are writing a motivation letter for college, you should gather such information:
  • The requirements to the essay
  • The keywords of the application, the language that college uses
  • You strong sides and experiences for the vacancy
  • The background of the vacancy.

Use the information

Ask yourself critical questions. Faced with the need to make a decision, ask yourself: how does it work? What are the variants of the development of events? Does my interpretation of information sound logical? For example, let's take an email that promises you a million dollars. It is worth pondering: what forms my approach to this situation? Can I assume that the letter says the truth? Based on the obvious facts, is it logical to think that I can win some money? Use the same approach to eliminate the unnecessary information for the essay and leave only the most important.

Consider the consequences

For example, now it is the time of elections. And you choose a candidate based on his promises to make gasoline cheaper for drivers. At first glance, it sounds great. But what about the long-term impact on the environment? If gasoline becomes readily available, this can cause severe air pollution in your area - these are unplanned consequences that you should think about. The same is when you are writing your college essay. Some of your good sides and experiences can be not so good in the eye of the tutor. Thereby, think a lot before making a decision and selecting the information for your essay.

Study other points of view

Take the same example with elections. Ask yourself why does the candidate's position with opposing views attract so many people? Even if you disagree with everything he says, studying all possible points of view can explain why some strategies that do not seem attractive to you can be approached by others. This will help to analyze all options, evaluate your own choices and, in the end, make a measured decision.

This technique is just one of the tools that, of course, will not free you from having to make complex decisions, but will help you make the right choice more often. Critical thinking helps to filter out the wrong information and find what you are looking for. Perhaps using this method for someone will make the world a more sensible place. To understand how to write a college essay, you should pay more attention to details and provide a more effective strategy for writing.

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