How to write a cover letter properly?

Here are the main components of a successful essay:
  • Select the right way of writing the paper. Use the right intonation and also use keywords
  • Find a way show your good attitude to the company. Make a compliment
  • Tell about your main achievements, but do it briefly
  • Stick to the right size of the paper
  • Show people who can give recommendations about you (if you have such people)
  • Make the document of the right grammar level.

When you do a cover paper, it is highly important to choose the right intonation, focusing on the description of the vacancy. This means that you should use keywords in your essay. If the vacancy post is using colloquial expressions, then it will be much more appropriate to do the same. This for sure will be more effective than to make the paper in a strict business style. Conversely, if the company is engaged in large business, and the position is not directly related to the creative activity, there should not be any kind of familiarity. If it seems difficult for you to write a perfect cover letter, you can ask for a professional writing help. In future, this will help you to learn more about how to write a cover letter.

Why do you need to hire a professional writing company?

Do you know how the text that provides the result differs from just a good text? The difference is in the systematical approach. And it is the ability to build a system of writing that differs from other people who just know how to write. It seems too abstract, but it in details it makes the powerful job for those people who are looking for a new job.

Imagine that you have a resume or a commercial proposal. For example, you are ready to send it to a recruiter or a potential client. But you do not leave the thought that something is missing. We still need to write a cover letter, at least in a couple of lines of text. This is an important element that assures that the receiver will be interested to read the attached document. It would seem like a very simple and concise text. However, it causes a procrastination for many people. Students make unfortunate mistakes, because of which the attached document suffers a fiasco. Thereby, it makes a lot of sense to use the professional writing help. Here are the main advantages of it:
  • It helps to avoid the dirty work – working on the grammatical mistakes and typos, checking the right structure, and etcetera
  • This can help you to write the cover letter in a more original way
  • This helps to fight procrastination and eliminate distractions.

To find a good writing team, you should pay attention to such details as the reputation of the company and its qualification. Find the information on the official website or get the useful information on the Internet. Pay also some attention to prices, privacy, free revisions and the average time needed to provide the ready assignment.

The connection between the cover letter and the resume

If at least one of the elements (cover letter or resume) fails, then the entire system suffers. This must be understood. If you are not interested in the cover letter, then the document either does not look good for a person-addressee. If you are not interested in the document itself - there will be no next stage after reading the cover letter. Many students make a mistake. They make a great resume, but do not understand the importance of the cover letter. As a result, the letter goes to a trash folder.

In 95% of cases, a cover letter is sent by e-mail. Therefore, the main emphasis you should make on this media channel. If you use regular mail or fax, many of these recommendations are also relevant, but require some adjustment. The first thing you need to communicate with an important person is the reason of why he should open your letter and read the document attached to it. In other words, you have to answer the main question: "Why?", if you want to learn how to write a cover letter.

Make the right subject of the letter

Everything starts with a theme if you want to interest the person-addressee of your email. And here more than half of people make serious mistakes. Paradoxically, most of all mistakes are made by experienced copywriters. They try to apply original headers in the subject line, which are completely unnecessary here. The topic should be as specific as possible and communicate the essence so that the recipient at the stage of viewing the mail immediately knew whether it was worth it to waste time or not.

Remember that your letter is not the only one, especially if it accompanies the resume. HR managers have to read hundreds of papers per day, so they become very angry if the topic is blurred. Ideally, the subject of the letter should consist of 1-5 words. At the same time, it should be as specific as possible and convey the essence of your message. The secret of making this possible in the small amount of the topic is to not show the essence in it.

The text of the letter

The cover letter should not be large. As a rule, the volume of the email is 500-700 characters. This is more than enough to convey the essence and translate the reader into the main document. Long cover letters no one will read. Moreover, the more text is blurred by generalizations, the less the desire to read it and the more irritation, because you do not respect the time of an HR person. Remember: the more you respect a person's life, the easier it is to inform himwith your letter (with useful information, of course).

To make a good cover letter for a resume, keep in mind the main task: to explain to a person as simply as possible why you are the best candidacy for a job position and, most importantly, why an HR manager should look into your resume. If you will understand, how this works, you will soon be very effective in this. After all, this will help you to understand how to write a cover letter and provide many effective cover letters and resumes.

Why sometimes we scare the addressee?

People often immediately declare an intention to pass the interview, but not to get a job. This can be good and can be bad in the eye of the employer. On the one hand, it is easier to agree to an interview than to agree to give a position, so it is good to ask for an interview in the cover letter. The person at the end sees that you have a professional approach, and not only he chooses you, but you choose from several companies. At the interview, you can explain why you are suitable for this post and reinforce your words with facts. However, on the other hand, this can lead to the wrong purpose of the paper.

Sometimes there are times when a simple approach does not work. Simply because there is an audience that is not used to perceiving information in this way. As a rule, these are people older than fifty years. Such people have seen a lot and are accustomed to two things:
  • To feel the information in your hands. In other words, they need to submit information on paper. Even better - in the form of an incoming letter to the organization (this is especially relevant for state-owned companies)
  • Perceive in your own language. Those people need to set out everything on a clerical, ornate, and official business language.
In the cover letter, you should try to answer such questions:
  • Why will you manage this job?
  • What obstacles to cooperation can you find as an employer, and why they will not prevent you from doing this work?
  • Show yourself as a professional and as a person?
  • And all this should not be more than 500 words. It is better to keep the letter within 300 words.

When writing a cover letter, don’t forget to gather the information about the company and the vacancy. The more information you will get, - the more chances the letter will lead to the high result. If you feel that your cover letter is not powerful enough to catch the reader’s attention, you should use the professional writing help. This will help you to structure your paper, make it effective and pay attention to your resume.

How to fight procrastination when writing the cover letter?

Procrastination is the permanent postponement of assignments. A person struggling with procrastination is like sailing with the wind. Procrastination is natural, like the wind, so sometimes you don’t have to fight it, you need to use it. The procrastination is the best way to find inspiration and motivation to do something great. If after a week of procrastination, inspiration and motivation were not found - procrastinate further. Wait, until inspiration comes.

Sometimes you can even stop yourself at such moments if suddenly there is a desire to do something useful. You can continue to procrastinate, while the desire to do something good will not grow so strong that it will be impossible to break it. If your procrastination bothers you too much, then increase it so much that you cannot stand it and continue to perform the assignment.

To solve the problem, you must understand that the cover letter and the attached document are parts of one system. And each part should clearly perform its functions. No more, no less. The functions of the cover letter and the attached document are very different. A cover letter is, in fact, a selling text that sells a document attached to it. In turn, the document itself encourages a person to move to the next stage of interaction: interview, negotiations, and etcetera. As a result, you will be really into the writing process with the full understanding of it.

How to deal with the fatigue

In the intellectual work, the role of fatigue is greatly overrated. You can get tired of physical work, and stop being able to do something. But the limits of fatigue in intellectual work, are greatly overrated. We lose interest, motivation, inspiration much faster than we really get tired. But we accept these signs for fatigue. And we often by analogy with physical labor, while it is not necessary to rest when you tired intellectually.

But the problem of rest and often fostering idleness is that it is hard to return to the working rhythm after them. Although people seem to have rested well after the holidays, and did not do anything, there is always the feeling that they are tired even more than before the holidays. And the more you rest, the more you are tired intellectually sometimes. When you feel that you are tired, you should not look for rest and idleness.

Try to stick to new ideas and inspiration. Sometimes you need to really relax to find inspiration, but you just need to rest intellectually to find inspiration, and not rest for idleness. That's why if you fell into procrastination - enjoy it, and do not increase the level of stress (and fatigue) from the fact that you cannot force yourself to do anything useful.

How to deal with the limited time

When people complain about the lack of time, more often it comes because of the lack of motivation and desire. If you allocate needed time for some task that you do not have the desire and inspiration to perform, then you will never do it. No matter how much time you spend on it, this will not be effective. Conversely, if there are a desire and inspiration, then there will be time, and it doesn’t matter how much time you actually need.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to greatly improve your ability to not waste time. There is a classical principle that if you want to control something, you must first start measuring it. Want to manage your time – then you should learn how to measure it. In no case, you should read the books on time management and go to questionable training. Everything is much easier and you can learn how to manage your time just in 5 minutes. If you feel the serious lack of time before the deadline, it is better to use the professional writing help.

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