How to write a good persuasive essay: learn in a couple ofminutes

How to write a good persuasive essay, knowledge, ideas, write, reading, paper, writing

Writing a persuasive essay has much common with being an attorneyarguing a challenging case before a jury. Well, the author alsotakes a stand on a particular issue and creates the strongestpossible argument for the purpose of winning over the audience.

In a persuasive paper, it’s the author’s job to persuade theaudience to accept a particular point opinion or take a certainaction. Evidently, persuasive essays need substantial research,complete awareness of the reader’s biases as well as a deepunderstanding of both sides of the issue. If your persuasiveessay is good enough, it will demonstrate not only why your viewis right, but also why the opposing view is absolutely wrong.

Persuasive writing happens to be a fixture of today’s life. It’swidely employed newspaper editorials, advertising, politicalspeeches and blogs.

Persuasive writing: a detailed guide

If you’re still struggling to learn how to write a goodpersuasive essay, you’re lucky to have come across the rightguide. Simply follow the tips below and you’ll end up composing aworthy convincing paper.

  • Pick up a position: As a learner, you require thinking aboutthe issue. Choose the side you’d like to advocate.
  • Try to understand your readers: To write a good persuasiveessay, you should understand your audience’s perspective. Findout whether they’re still undecided or they’re already backingone side.
  • Conduct thorough research: This type of essay fully dependson substantial, persuasive evidence. Relying on a single sourceis what you shouldn’t do. Instead, you’d better use informationfrom multiple sources. It also makes sense to consult tutors andcommunity experts. Keep taking notes while reading.
  • Identify the most persuasive evidence and the major pointsfor the opposing side.

Working on your essay structure

How to write a good persuasive essay, knowledge, ideas, write, reading, paper, writing

Creating an outline is a must-have state in essay writing, nomatter what type of essay you’ve been assigned. You requireorganizing the evidence just to make your argument firm enough.If the advisor has specified a definite structure, simplyincorporate this stuff into your outline. As usual, a persuasivepaper comes with 5-6 paragraphs:

  • Introduction: Here you’re expected to grab your readers’attention and hold it tight. Additionally, in this first sectionyou should provide an overview of your argument. The givensection needs to be closed with a thesis statement, unveiling theposition to be argued.
  • Body paragraphs: Each of your body paragraphs should focus onone piece of your evidence. Each of these paragraphs shouldprovide enough supporting details.
  • Opposing view paragraph: Illustrate and then debunk the majorpoints of the opposing opinion.
  • Conclusion: Here you require restating and reinforcing yourthesis as well as evidence.

Drafting your persuasive essay

When writing the initial draft of this paper, keep in mind thatyour introductory paragraph needs to feature a firm hook,grabbing your readers’ attention. For instance, you can startwith a weird fact. An emphatic question or quotation wouldsuffice too.

Your thesis statement needs to leave no doubts as for yourposition. Additionally, each of your body paragraphs should dealwith a separate point, while the sentences of these paragraphsare required to provide firm evidence in the form of statistics,facts, quotes from reputable experts, to say nothing of real-lifeexamples.

Extra tips for your persuasive writing

  • You require considering the whole variety of ways to form theargument, including drawing comparisons, utilizing an analogy ordepicting a hypothetical situation.
  • You shouldn’t assume the audience has deep knowledge of thesubject. Therefore, you’re expected to define key terms andprovide background information.
  • Your conclusion is required to summarize the most crucialevidence and also encourage your audience to adopt a particularposition or even take action. Your closing sentence might be asort of dramatic plea. Alternatively, you can also use aforecast, implying urgent action. Other variants include a tip,providing the audience with specific ideas on what could be doneby them and a question, provoking them to ponder seriously overthe issue.


Any academic paper needs revision and your essay isn’t anexception. You need to have your paper reviews just to modify itif required. It’s up to you to reorganize your paper todrastically improve it.

You should ensure that your paper rolls out a firm position onthe subject, backed by relevant statistics, facts, examples andquotes.

Besides this make sure your paper starts with a catchy hook,intriguing your readers and keeping them reading.

If you’re forgotten to present and debunk the opposing view inyour essay, this paper is more than just mediocre, to put itmildly. Fix it immediately.

When revising look whether your sentence structure is variedenough. Using the same patterns would drastically worsenfollowing your thoughts. It’s difficult to read the test lackingtransitions between its paragraphs. Hurry up to fix it if youhave such a nasty glitch.

If your conclusion fails to convey the whole value of yourposition, and it doesn’t urge the audience to act and think, thesection needs to be seriously modified.

If your paper’s still missing the mark, you require takinganother look at your thesis. Perhaps, your argument isn’t firmenough and you respectively need to have it strengthened. Itmakes sense to test your argument by simply making a thesisstatement for the opposing opinion. Thus, you’ll see whether it’sstrong enough or not.


During this stage you should proofread and then correct mistakesin spelling, grammar. Don’t neglect improving the overall clarityand style. Let your friend look at your paper with a freshperspective. Thus, many hidden glitches will be uncovered.

Unveiling your persuasive essay

Sharing your ready-made persuasive paper with the rest of theclass, family members or friends can be both thrilling andintimidating. You can learn from this unique experience andutilize the feedback to significantly improve your next paper.

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