How to write an expository essay?

This kind of writing is an informative paper that shows the useful information to the reader without any author’s opinion. This is the simplest form of the essay – you don’t need to develop your opinion here. Here are the main steps you should do to get a perfect paper:
  • Understand the main purpose of the expository paper. It is just in informing the reader about something, to disclose some of the topics
  • Select the effective topic, that will be easy to describe
  • Find the relevant sources for your paper
  • Make some conclusions on the material and do some notes
  • Write the essay
  • Do a proper proofreading.

When you do the expository essay, it is very important to use triggers in the introduction. They help to interest the reader and take him inside the story until the end of the paper. The text should be relevant to the topic and disclose it logically and without complicated constructions.

The useful topics for the expository essay

When you are writing the expository essay, it is highly important to select the proper topic. To get the interesting topic, you can interview students and get some interesting quotes as the basis of the essay. The other option is to write about the specific place. In this case, you will need to observe it to get more interesting details. Anyway, here are some interesting topics for the expository essay:
  • The “Niagara Falls” by Aivazovsky
  • How to be a great roommate?
  • Your most effective working place
  • What is the most interesting place in college?
  • How to get the grant in college?
  • How to help the suicidal friend
  • The “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

The “Niagara Falls” by Aivazovsky

The way of how to write an expository essay is very close to the descriptive essay. However, the expository essay is much wider and allow more topics. You can describe a place, a character, a situation and etcetera. Surely, one of the useful tools – is to describe the painting. Aivasovsky created his famous painting already in Feodosia, after his American tour. In the early 90's of the nineteenth century, he makes a trip to America, where he exhibits his works. After America, already in Feodosia, he decides to create something in the memory of the country that impressed him so much - "Niagara Falls".

This is one of the favorite and beautiful places that the artist visited in America. The artist brought an album in which he made sketches of Niagara. Based on them, Aivazovsky later creates different versions of Niagara Falls. The artist did his work on nature, despite the fact that he brought from America numerous photos of the waterfall.

The work is imbued with fresh color and a sense of freshness. There are clouds in the sky, but the landscape is shrouded in light, which comes from the sunbeams. They noticeably embellished the water and the shore. The picture is decorated with a rainbow, which the artist, based on his American sketches, saw over the waterfall. The ease of painting allows you to see the structure of the canvas – the artist follows his pictorial principles. Proceeding from own records in the album, made during the observation of the waterfall, the artist displayed the exact tone and color of the water.

A whole avalanche is thrown from the rock. The artist does not aim to sharpen the viewer's attention on certain details. He writes a picture and builds a composition so that the viewer can perceive the whole landscape at once and not be distracted by the details. In the painting "Niagara Falls", people and a boat can be seen, which makes the feeling of the grandeur of the image grow stronger.

How to help your suicidal friend?

There are many ways of how to write an expository essay. One of the ways is to describe the situation and the actions that are used in it. For example, you can describe how to help the suicidal person. The risk of committing suicide increases with the prolongation of depression. The depressed person, in the end, can decide to commit suicide. Remember that you can do only what you can do to help your friend. You can try to help, but you are not responsible for the behavior of your suicidal friend.

None of us can control the other people. If you have witnessed the suicidal behavior, try to talk with this person and give him the necessary help. If you feel that a person has decided to commit suicide, call for emergency help so the professionals will help to prevent it. There are things that you should never do to your suicidal friend:
  • Do not judge him
  • Do not be mad at him
  • Do not make him feel guilty
  • DO NOT ignore his feelings.

Try to recognize and accept his feelings, even if they seem distorted to you. You can ask such questions as "Did you really lose hope completely?". Be an active listener - repeat some of his statements to make it clear. This will help you to get the clear picture. For example: "I hear, you say that you hate yourself..." or "So, having received that letter, you felt abandoned...". Try to instill hope in him and remind him that his feelings are a temporary phenomenon, without provoking in him a sense of guilt.

Stay close to your friend. If you have some free time, go to him, or force him to come to you. However, it’s better if you go to him. Show your attention and care. Support your friend, hug him, touch him. Let him show his feelings: cry, throw out anger, and so on. Let him know that you hear him and that you are there for his sake. Let him know that his feelings have a right to exist, even if they are destructive. Let him know that you accept him in any condition, no matter what he is. If you love him, tell him about it.

Indulge your friend if this helps. Turn on his favorite music, if it helps him feel better. Help your friend to get the help that he needs. If you need to call for a consultation, call the hotlines. It is better if he dials himself, but it's okay if you call instead of him, feeling that his condition is too heavy to call. If he has his own psychotherapist, psychiatrist, consultant, and etcetera, it is best to contact him if the person is still on the verge of risk.

If it's already late evening or night, and the person is not under immediate threat, make the necessary calls in the morning, inform specialists about the formation of your friend's suicidal idea. Mental health specialists can prescribe medications to him, hospitalize him and provide other necessary help. If you are at his home, protect him from everything he can use against himself. Hide his medicines or weapons. Remove this all out of reach until it is safe.

How to join the fraternity or sorority?

The fraternities consisted of half of US presidents, five out of ten businessmen of the current top-10 magazine Fortune; one-third of all Supreme Judges and three-quarters of congressmen of the last convocation. The figures seem even more significant when you consider that the members of the fraternity make up only four percent of the economically active population of the United States. The first female senator was also a member of the sorority. A member of the fraternity almost triples his chances of a successful graduation.

The poll of thirty thousand brotherhood graduates in 2014 showed that members of fraternity and sorority in their later life feel more satisfied with their work, their place in society and even their health than those who did not belong to such communities. In general, the Brotherhood is a family that supports its member throughout life.

However, before you will decide to join the fraternity or sorority, you should understand the risks. The alcohol, which unites the members, is used by members of fraternities in such quantities that the insurance communities formally made membership in the brotherhood the sixth in the list of insurance risks. The shared past - the very thing that inspires in the alumni meetings - involves trials that are very difficult compared to the biography of the average American.

After several months, filled with the execution of tasks from the senior members of the brotherhood, the final "hellish week" follows. Only then, if the candidate has withstood it, he can enter the brotherhood. It seems that it is the cruelty of these tests and the pride of the memories of the experience that holds the members of the brotherhood together.

The “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci

Describe the painting is a great tool to make the expository essay. This will be easy, especially if the painting is more than just an object of art. Some of the paintings are well known to every person in the world. It is believed that the picture depicts Lisa Gioconda (the wife of a silk merchant from Florence). Although, there are other versions. For example, some people say that this is a self-portrait of the author himself, but in the female person. The second opinion is that this is Katerina Sforza, the illegitimate daughter of the Milanese duke. Many people also think that this is just a fictional character.

The picture shows a woman in the dark clothes. She is little turned towards the viewer. The chair in which the woman sits is standing either on the balcony or on some loggia. However, the “Mona Lisa” is very dark, and many cracks appeared on it. This happened because the author very often liked to experiment with paints. Unfortunately, the picture was also repeatedly vandalized. It was painted again, poured with a different acid, and this, of course, brought some losses.

The most significant part of this picture is the smile of the woman depicted on it. This smile can be seen in other works of the same author, but here it is simply impeccable. This smile is very mysterious, many critics, artists and even psychologists were interested in it and analyzed it. Another very interesting fact of the picture is that if an increasing glass is brought to the eye of a woman in a picture, then you can see small numbers and letters. They are called the Da Vinci Code. This inspired many artists, for example, Dan Brown. This picture has interested people for several hundred years and of course now also does not remain without attention. It is admired by so many people all over the world because there is something so mysterious and beautiful in it.

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