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When you make a final decision to choose Macaulay Honors College because it suits all of your education needs, it’s time to explore the main reasons why you are its best candidate. Why does the admissions committee need to choose you instead of many other applicants? Writing an excellent Macaulay Honors College essay plays a big role in making all officers believe that you’re a perfect candidate they’re looking for.

How to get started

At this stage of your application process, admissions officers always know about your extracurricular activities and grades. They want you to demonstrate that you’re a real personal behind all of these documents, so essay writing requires you to describe your personality. There are some basic tips that can help you succeed:

  • Be prepared to tell readers a great story that characterizes you in a specific way;
  • Conduct your research to determine the moral values and principles appreciated by this college;
  • Make a detailed outline of your future application essay;
  • Proofread everything carefully;
  • Think carefully about the chosen topic.

It will be easier for you to decide what you want to write about in your paper if you determine your best traits. If you face any difficulties during the entire writing process, you can count on the assistance of professional writers.

Basic essay questions

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All applicants are required to write two essays as a part of their application process. They both have a 500-word limit, and there are exact essay questions to be answered in each one. For example, when writing your personal reflection, you can do the following:

  • Discuss your remarkable memory about reading and writing that you can recall vividly;
  • Describe any amazing experience that can demonstrate your personality or proves how it was shaped.

When writing your Macaulay Honors College essay about social issues, you’re expected to:

  • Choose a certain story of local or national importance and use your sense of humor, justice, or outrage to explain why it’s worth attention;
  • Pick something about your city that excites or intrigues you and describe it.

Planning your future essay

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First, you need to understand the psychology of admission officers because understanding what they’re searching for is the main key to convincing them that you’re a perfect candidate. The committee wants applicants who will:

  • Contribute to educational experiences of others;
  • Succeed once being admitted;
  • Bring more prestige and honor after graduating.

In your college application essay, portray yourself as someone who can meet all of these requirements. Before getting started, take a short break and give answers to the following questions:

  • How can you show that you’re ambitious and determined?
  • How will you reassure the committee that you will succeed in their college?
  • How can you bring more prestige and honor to it?
  • How will you contribute positively to other educational experiences?
  • What are your long-term educational goals?

The answers that you give to these questions will frame the content of your future essay.

Determining essay goals

Next, you need to contemplate how you wish admissions officers to perceive you. After reading your Macaulay Honors College essay, they should think about your activities and personality in a certain way. Most applicants prefer the committee to view them as dependable, responsible, and ambitious. These traits are excellent, but you should consider this paper in relation to your classwork too. If it proves that you’re determined and studious, it’s advisable to highlight other features of your personality.

In addition to creating the image of your character, this essay allows you to feature other life aspects, which aren’t reflected in your coursework. Think about the following important aspects:

  • Membership in any organization or club;
  • Relevant or interesting job;
  • Compassion and community responsibility;
  • Teamwork or leadership.

Distinguishing yourself from others

Reference your strengths without elaborating at length because a few sentences are enough to make sure that admissions officers will pay attention to you. Take into account your interesting backgrounds and don’t forget that you’re a complete person with many life experiences. Take some time to consider your differences and determine what can distinguish you from other applicants. Add all of these unique traits to your college application essay.

Contributing to the college

As you already know, admissions officers want to find applicants who can improve the educational experiences of other students. Determine how you can contribute to their learning and broaden their experiences and help them realize the limits of their intellect and grow beyond them. Think about how you can contribute to the learning and social environment of the college:

  • Being excellent at study groups and other types of collaborative work;
  • Writing for student blogs or newsletters;
  • Joining athletic teams or student organizations.

Add anything that you feel important to your list of essay goals.

Understanding and answering essay prompts

At this stage of your writing process, you have more ideas that can fit into your 500-word application essay. You should focus it on a few interesting ideas that can make you the best candidate for the admissions committee. Be sure to include your answers to essay prompts, no matter what they ask. The main goal for you to achieve is to present a few valuable ideas very well.

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