How to write an informative essay

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Whether you are a student of a college or high school, there is ahigh chance that you will have to write informative essays duringyour studies. You may be either assigned a topic or given achance to choose one of your own. Sometimes when receiving atopic from a teacher, students get completely confused and don’tknow where to begin. Don’t worry, here you will find useful ideason how to write an informative essay and grant yourself a highscore.

Definition of an informative essay

Informative essays are pieced of writing that have an objectiveto teach audience about a certain subject. You need to make surethat your readers learn something interesting and new once theyfinish reading your essay. In the course of writing, you willneed to contrast controversial opinions about a certain subject.

Informative essays are written for various reasons:

  • They explain something many readers do not know about.
  • They may offer new information about the latest research on acertain topic.
  • They may help you define difficult terms when comparingopposing views or analyzing a cause-and-effect relationship.

Topics for informative papers

If you have not been assigned a topic, you will have to selectone of your own. This step may be difficult since you may getstuck due to a variety of different topics. To choose the mostappropriate subject, keep these ideas in mind:

  • The topic should be interesting and attractive to youraudience. Think about your audience in advance and consider themwhile preparing your paper.
  • Do not choose too narrow or too broad subject. There shouldbe a sufficient amount of information about the subject you wantto discuss. However, stay within the limits since you do not wantyour paper to turn into a novel.
  • Select the subject you are interested in. This way it will bemore pleasant for you to write your paper and you will be able toexpress your enthusiasm on the issue you are talking about.

Sometimes you may be asked to provide a speech or presentationalong with your essay. That is why it is useful to choose asubject that will be interesting for a wide audience and can beexplained clearly. Some of the examples of topics include:

  • What are the reasons for addiction?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • What is the origin of language?
  • Why do people dream?
  • How can you maximize financial efficiency?

Pre-writing process

Before getting to the writing of your paper, there are somethings you need to do beforehand. When you have a plan, it willbe easier for you to organize information effectively and speedup the writing process:

  • Brainstorming ideas. Usually you are given freedom inselecting the subject for your paper. You can select a subjectthat you already know well, however, this may make the writingprocess boring and swift. It is best if you choose a subject thatyou have limited knowledge about because this way you willincrease your own knowledge and challenge the students in termsof analyzing new information. No matter what topic you select,brainstorming ideas and crafting a general plan will help youorganize your thoughts and select the most appropriate topic inthe logical way.
  • Selecting the subject. Once you narrow down your options,choose the most appropriate subject. Do not go for anything toonarrow or too broad. Find the best medium that will allow you tofully reveal the question and offer informative data. This wayyou won’t need to worry that you may lack some content or thatthere is not enough space for you to discuss everything youwanted.
  • Conduct informative research. Collect information about yoursubject using different sources.
  • The sources you use should be diverse and reliable. Usingjust one source like Wikipedia is definitely not enough. At leastcheck out the links at the bottom of every wiki page to get moresources. Also, do not use only one source, provide informationfrom different sources. This way your essay will be veryinformative.


Informative essays are written in the standard essay style. Theyusually consist of an entry, three main paragraphs, and adeduction. The entry is used to describe your main argument in avery interesting matter. Three main paragraphs are applied toback up your thesis created in the entry. The deduction will sumup the information and explain its significance.


Use a loud hook proposal to grab the attention of your readers inthe entry. This proposal should be relevant to your subject. Youmay want to use rhetorical questions. After that discuss somebackground context that will help the reader understand yourtopic better. In the end of the entry, include a coherent thesis.This is the proposal your whole essay is based on, so make sureit is constructed properly.

Main paragraphs

In this section, you will need to defend your thesis, so thecontent of these parts should be of a very high quality. A topicsentence should start every main paragraph. Use smoothtransitions from your entry by crafting a topic proposal thatconnects the thesis to your first main point.

There should be a target point and its supporting details inevery main paragraph. Once you introduce the topic sentence,follow the CCE format to create the important part of your paper.You need to make a claim, the main argument of the body. You needto have three strong claims.

Once you indicate the claim, you need to offer the evidence thatproves your claim. Usually it is a quote from some document suchas articles, journals, bibliographies, etc. If you don’t providethis information, your essay will have no value.

Then you need to present an explanation to your claim showing howit proves your thesis. This is an important part that should becoherently explained.

Conclude main paragraphs using a sentence that would give ageneral synthesis of the debate you presented. Here, you need toshow that your opinion is correct.


After offering three main statements, you need to sum up yourpaper. The first thing you need to do is to revise your thesisexplaining it in different words.

To effectively finish your paper, you need to think of a generalconclusion proposal. It will be an explanation for the importanceof your statement. Explain why your writing process has value andwhere you can apply this information.

The length of the essay

The perfect length for informative essays is from 3 to 5 pages.You need to include at least four sources that you have appliedduring your writing process.

Informative papers are considered to be the hardest assignmentsthat need to be done with the absolute concern and care.

Things to do after the writing

How to write an informative essay, knowledge, sentence, college, research, help, subject, paper, information, thesis, different, argument

Once you know how to write an informative essay and finallyfinish the writing process you will need to check some things tomake sure you deliver a high-quality paper. You will need to dothe following:

  • Check vocabulary. Read your paper and make sure you aresatisfied with the language you used. If some words are appliedinappropriately and the writing style is not smooth, then applysome editions.
  • Editing. It is always good to have someone else to readthrough your essay. Ask your friends or relatives to look throughyour paper and offer any tips or amendments. You can also use aprofessional writing service where you can hire professionaleditors who will check your paper and bring it to perfection.
  • Final touches. Once you’re done editing your paper, read itonce again and see if you can catch other small mistakes thatneed to be corrected.

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