Effective STAAR writing paper strategies and tools

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If you’re a Texas student, you are familiar with the frustration and struggles that come with any STAAR writing paper assignments. Get prepared for them with enough confidence to earn higher marks. Your basic goal is to do the following:

  • Write both precisely and concisely;
  • State everything clearly;
  • Avoid including anything superfluous.

STAAR is designed to help Texas students remain competitive with others both nationally and internationally. One of the most important functions is to gauge how well you are prepared academically. It’s specifically created to measure your educational progress.

Basic STAAR writing requirements

After getting acquainted with basic requirements, you will feel more comfortable about the entire writing process, get a better understanding of differences between good and bad writing, and be able to submit a perfect essay. When completing this assignment, you’re given 26 lines and you aren’t allowed to create extra lines that go outside the box. What do you need to do to get the highest score?

  • Use the organization strategies appropriate for the main purpose of your essay (you don’t have to follow any strict formula);
  • Do some drafting, pre-writing, and editing to end up with a perfect final copy (don’t go straight to it);
  • Avoid writing your personal narrative;
  • Use a dictionary or thesaurus during a writing process.

How to address literary prompts

Literary prompts are always presented with a given picture. However, you don’t need to write about it because this picture should be used as your springboard for thoughts. To write a good essay, you need to take the following steps:

  • Write either imagined or real story;
  • Make sure that your story has a narrow focus;
  • Develop a setting, a character, and a plot;
  • Avoid including the events and details that don’t matter to your story;
  • Avoid too many descriptions because they often disrupt a story.

How to answer expository prompts

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Expository STAAR writing paper prompts are presented with a special think box that contains a story, a quote, historical data, and so on. It’s not necessary to write about any specific information in this box, but you can use it as your thought springboard. Make sure that:

  • Your essay has an effective and solid thesis;
  • You support this statement with effective and well-balanced evidence;
  • You avoid being overly philosophical and abstract;
  • You write what you know and base all statements on your prior knowledge and personal experience;
  • You don’t repeat prompts in concluding or introductory paragraphs because a thesis serves this purpose.

When completing this academic assignment, you need to understand that a thesis is the most important part and your writing should be adjusted to meet all parameters or requirements. To increase chance to write a good essay, ask yourself these questions:

  • How can you apply your skills and knowledge?
  • How can you communicate everything effectively and succinctly?

To succeed, you also need to know how to determine the examples of this type of writing in the real world. Learn what this essay is and what makes it effective and use the following skills:

  • Use your figurative language, especially in a concluding paragraph;
  • Write in the 3rd person;
  • Use different sentence types;
  • Use transitional words and phrases;
  • Preplan all essay sections;
  • Write a genre specific paper;
  • Use strong examples to support your claims;
  • Make a clear and specific thesis.

Dealing with persuasive essay prompts

They are presented to students with a special think box that contains a story, quote, historical information, and other details. You don’t need to write about any specific information in this box because it should be used for your thoughts. To write the best STAAR persuasive essay, use these effective and simple tips:

  • Be sure to have your clear position;
  • Avoid using false evidence, such as made-up examples and stats;
  • Use the strongest argument that you have last;
  • You aren’t required to address any other side of the main argument in this assignment.

The role of editing and revising

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You are provided with short passages to read, and each one is followed by specific questions. Answering them requires both editing and revising skills, and you need to read passages to give the right answers. Take enough time to look at your answer choices carefully and proofread them in your STAAR essay. Revising and editing allows you to find and fix all the mistakes that compromise future scores.

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