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The purpose of the informative essay is to make reader learn some new interesting information. Unlike the persuasive or argumentative essay, in this kind of writing, you don't try to convince the audience in some point of view. Thereby, the topic of such essay should meet several requirements:
  • Be researchable – have enough background and information to show to the reader
  • It should not be too narrow or too broad, otherwise, it will be too hard to write the essay
  • Find the topic that interests you personally, so you will include your attitude
  • Find the topic, that is interesting for the audience. Avoid clichés and templates.
As you can see, the requirements to the topic of the informative essay still give you a lot of space for your search. Here are the ten top informative essay topics:
  • How does insomnia affect the concentration of the student?
  • How to become a professional artist or actor?
  • The food you should eat for healthy bones
  • The influence of plastic surgery
  • How to fight against forest fires
  • The importance of social activity online
  • How to use the smartphone for work?
  • Disadvantages of dating online
  • History of McDonald's
  • Best movies to watch in 2018.

Use the professional writing services

As you can see, these topics don’t handle a specific topic of view. The main goal is to show the useful and interesting information to the reader. There are many topics that can be useful for the informative essays, so it is not a problem to select one for the assignment. However, sometimes it is hard to perform the essay on time. There can be such reasons for that:
  • The lack of time. The reason can be the tough schedule, low level of planning, procrastination, the part-time job
  • The lack of information. If this is a topic given by the teacher, it may be too narrow. In this case, it may be difficult to find enough information on the Internet
  • The lack of motivation. The assignment may be not important for the career, so the student decides to spend time on more important tasks.

Despite the reason, sometimes it makes sense to delegate the task to the professional writers. If you want to delegate your informative essay writing, you should find the reputable writing service. Pay attention to the pricing policy, the number of free revisions, the qualification of the team of writers. The other important thing here is to pay attention to the feedback on the official website. Make sure that the company is reputable before you will place an order.

Examples of successful SMM campaigns in the world

This is the example of the effective informative essay topics. The audience will be happy to learn more about the useful social network activity. If nowadays every person is a brand, the social network is a tool to promote it. Some SMM (Social Media Marketing) tools have been applied so successfully that they have become real samples of effective SMM-promotion. Here are some of the most famous of the SMM tools on the Internet:
  • Made by Ikea
  • By Microsoft
  • By TNK Company
  • By the Evian brand.

Swedish association Ikea conducted a marketing campaign on Facebook, planning to promote a certain resource and cause interest in the furniture brand "Showroom". In the profile of the director of the company, photos of the premises of the store with the available goods were uploaded. Users who lived near the store could put their mark on the product, which they would like to receive as a gift. The results of the action were not published, but it is absolutely certain that those who first took part in the action really got the furniture. When you write your informative essays, it is very important to include interesting stories in it.

The SMM is not only for small companies but for the giant corporations too. The company «Microsoft» used the Facebook as the main promotion tool in order to optimize its search engine, Bing. They "bought" new fans on the virtual money - the currency of the game «Farmvill». For one day the number of friends of the search engine on the Facebook network grew by 360%, amounting to 425 000 users. Evaluating this action, analysts recognized that not every traditional marketing action (conducted through the press, TV or radio) can be so effective.

The other example of a good SMM for the informative essay – the TNK Company. It used an unusual approach to promote its new brand TNK Pulsar (brand of gasoline). Instead of creating a corporate blog on social sites, the company began working with so-called opinion leaders - the most active characters or moderators of car forums. They were asked to refuel for free at TNK-BP stations and carry out car diagnostics, in return, some should have shared feedback on the forums based on test results. Customers recognize that were very happy with the results - the number of users who are ready to refuel with gasoline only the Pulsar TNK, has grown from 26% to 70% loyal to the brand users.

The SMM can be fun and even win the award. The "Evian" brand in the summer of 2009 posted a video of dancing babies on the YouTube network. The campaign has become one of the most powerful marketing promotional events of the year: clip garnered more than 60 million views and even got into the Guinness Book of Records. As you can see, the informative essay should give useful information to the reader.

The informative essay topics – the beginning of the history of McDonald's

One of the most important figures in the history of McDonald is Ray Crock. He did not invent a fast food, he just traded them. Actually, that's the only thing he could do, the only thing with which he was gifted. For 17 years he traded paper cups of the company "Lily Cap Company" and was recognized as the best dealer of the company. Then he created his own firm to sell a "multi-mixer" (an ice cream plant) of a new model. However, at the beginning of the 50s, all employees of the company had to be dismissed: competitors produced an improved installation and that drove off Crock's favorite car. This person went through many ups and downs. Once again, on the verge of ruin, he began, as in old time, to travel around the United States. During this period, he noticed that a small roadside restaurant in San Bernardino ordered just ten of its multi-mixers. Crock became very curious about that and drove to California.

It is a good topic for the informative essay because here you can show the unknown facts. Nowadays, many people don't know the true story of the McDonalds success, while San Bernardino plays a huge role in it. It was a small working town, and a roadside restaurant was owned by the McDonald Brothers. These people invented the high-speed service system, which still operates in all McDonald's restaurants (and also in many other fast-food restaurants). There were metal counters, to which the customers approached themselves and made the order. There was a huge automated conveyor, where centers of potatoes were fried and hundreds of milkshakes were knocked together. There was a really small menu - nine items in all - and paper utensils that did not have to be washed. You can show in your informative essay, that those things were a huge invention for those times. The first McDonald had very low prices: McDonald's sold hamburgers for fifteen cents, while everywhere else the price was thirty cents.

What food helps healthy bones

The informative essay topics can talk about almost everything. The only requirement is that they should be interesting for the reader and disclose some really useful information. One of such topics can be the healthy food for the bones essay. The healthy nutrition is on the agenda nowadays, so the topic will be for sure interesting for the audience. In order to maintain the health of the osseous system, vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, vitamin D3, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus are needed. Here are the healthiest products for the bones:
  • Milk and dairy products are the best sources of calcium. They strengthen the bones and teeth. In this case, if it is necessary to drink at least a liter of milk to get the right amount, then 150 grams of hard cheese will be enough
  • Leafy vegetables and greens. Those who are not eligible for dairy products may be approached by other sources of organic calcium. This is celery, spinach, and cabbage. They contain, in addition to calcium, such essential trace elements as potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium. In addition, they are rich in vitamins B, E and PP
  • Sardines, salmon, tuna. In order for calcium to be properly absorbed, the presence of vitamin D, which is so rich in fish, is necessary. In order to avoid osteoporosis, a day they are enough to eat in the amount of 50 g. In this case, canned food should not be used! It is better to cook by yourself
  • Liver. It is rich in copper, vitamin A, and vitamin D3, which improves the absorption of phosphorus and calcium
  • Flounder, capelin, squid. This is the source of organic phosphorus, due to which occurs the assimilation of calcium.
The nutrition for healthy bones is a useful information for the informative essay. You can also show here such useful products, as:
  • Pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, peanuts. A reliable source of zinc, which, together with phosphorus, is responsible for the assimilation of calcium and vitamin D
  • Nuts, millet, sea kale, bran, prunes. The source of magnesium, which is responsible for the functioning of osteocytes
  • Apricot. Rich in potassium, which is responsible for the normal performance of the muscles that control the bone system
  • Beets, spinach, ceps. In all these products there is such an indispensable antioxidant, like manganese. It is thanks to him that the normal growth and development of bone-cartilaginous tissue is carried out.

Compliance with the regime of work and rest, proper nutrition and activity will preserve the health of the brain for many years. The main enemy for the health of the osseous system is osteoporosis, which has recently significantly grown in statistics. In order for the musculoskeletal system to function normally, water-salt metabolism in the body should be normalized. This is facilitated by providing the body with adequate nutrition and a sufficient amount of liquid with moderate consumption of table salt.

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