Interesting essay topics

Why is it difficult to write an effective essay? The reasons are numerous one of the most frequent one is that a person cannot find the topic he needs. Also, not everyone can immediately understand the topic - and not everyone knows how to understand it.

This guideline is for those who want to create interesting essay topics for their writing assignments. The idea that you need to understand is that every word of your topic is not new but this method does not always work. Therefore, you should realize the fact that often the topics include related to your subject scientific terms or professional terms. For example, if you study philosophy, your essay topic should have some philosophical slant. if you are writing an essay on history, you should include the name of a particular historical event or use the name of some outstanding historic personality.

It is very important which topic you choose for the essay! If you develop the idea of working in this direction you will be able to find interesting essay topics and distinguish between their types. If you can cope with the topic search, you are sure to finalize your essay in a proper way.

To recap: try to understand the meaning of all the keywords when creating a topic. Often when looking for interesting essay topics you need to look through a great number of different sources and read quite a lot of specialized literature. Many students dislike spending long hours in the library thinking that they have a pretty good title. However, you should not do like that.

To find a topic for your paper you have to learn as much as possible about the essence of an essay, its types and other peculiarities.

What is an essay?

An essay is a prosaic work written on 2 or 7 pages that has a free composition, expresses the impressions of an individual and considerations on a particular occasion or issue. It is used to teach a writer to speak about his or her own point of view and produce a subjective personal assessment of the subject of reasoning. an essay may be composed on the basis of the creative and original materials.

The purpose of the essay is to develop skills such as:
  • Independent creative thinking
  • Writing out one's own thoughts
  • Using the knowledge on the subject, etc.

Essay writing allows an author to learn to clearly and correctly formulate ideas, organize information, use the integral concepts to highlight the occurring relationships, to describe the experience with appropriate examples and to support the findings with relevant and reliable facts.

Classification of the essays

There are different approaches to writing an essay. It depends on what goals an author pursues and how he is going to achieve them. For this reason, the varieties of essays since this type of a writing task first appeared at schools and colleges are diverse. Why do you need to know the different types of essays? The fact is that knowing the types of essays, you will write in a right direction, not just randomly record your thoughts. For example, if you choose an argumentative essay, then your work will be to convince readers of something with strong arguments or to encourage them to do something.

The essays according to the manner of presentation

Essays vary by the manner of presentation. The list of such essays is as follows:
  • Descriptive essays. This option is usually used to acquaint readers with some new products like in household appliances, cars, fashionable clothes, IT technologies, etc. With the help of the description it is easy to tell readers how to solve this or that life task in practice.
  • Cause-and-effect essays. For such an essay, you choose one cause of a phenomenon, and consider the consequences to which it led. For example, you have to examine the old equipment of a plant located in the neighborhood area and consider it to be the cause of environmental pollution. In this case, you should list all the possible negative impacts of the equipment: its effect on the health of people working at the plant and living nearby, on the flora and fauna, on the products, etc.
  • Comparative essays. This version of the essay involves comparisons of several objects or different sides of one object. You make conclusions depending on the purpose of the comparison. For example, if you compare several types of lawn mowers, then at the end you can give recommendations on their use for mowing lawns of different types.
  • Conceptual or definition essays. This kind of a paper is good for the consideration of different concepts. You can consider several options for the definition of the same term, disclosed in different sources, compare them, and present your own definition. It is also possible to make up classification of the existing concepts.
  • Argumentative essays. The main goal of such an essay is to convince the readers of something with the help of the arguments put forward. The urge to act may be added to the conviction. For example, you want to convince readers to join a particular organization. In this case, you should logically build all the available facts about the activities of this organization: to give examples and accurate figures, to point out the achievements and benefits that it has brought to other people and its members. The result of such an essay can be the entry of students into this organization.
  • Analysis essays. A distinguishing feature of such an essay is the analysis of a problem. For example, you want to explore how the works of a particular artist influenced the painting manner of his contemporaries. In this case, you will need to analyze to the works of different artists and identify something that they have in common.

The essays according to the subject

As to the area of application, essays are classified like that:
  • Scientific and journalistic essays. you should present to the audience a number of scientific facts, present the information using scientific terms, but do it in an accessible and fun way. Essays of this kind are reminiscent of materials in newspapers, news programs designed for the wide audience.
  • Art essays. Such essays often cover stories, novels, short stories and other literary works, as well as humanitarian issues. An art essay should be written in the form of reasoning, in which the independence and originality of the presented judgments come to the fore.
  • Philosophical Essays. In an essay of this type, a writer should express one's attitude to some philosophical issues or consider the activity of a particular author from the perspective of his attitude to the eternal things. For example, in the specific works of the selected author, you can consider the question of good and evil or life and death.
  • Literary and critical essays. They carry out a critical analysis of a work or its individual parts. The purpose of this essay is to give a subjective assessment of the work using various techniques. A literary and critical essay should be emotional and associative.

Eight steps to effective essays

Do you want a high score for an essay? Or perhaps you want to spend less time on the search of essay topics? Then you have to practice writing essays every other day. Choose a topic and compose an essay or two essays per day. In a very short time you will become a real professional! However, there is something more than just consistent training. This is a list of important rules you have to follow while preparing essays. Try and be persistent using them for practicing your essay writing skills at home and in the classroom:
  • Do some research

It is a must for almost all essays. Before writing an essay, study the topic carefully. Become an expert in the field - this will help to reveal the message and interpret the materials in your own words without plagiarism. Look for information on the Internet, use databases, go to the library to expand your knowledge. At the end of the research phase, you can start writing.

  • Analyze

After a thorough research and collecting the necessary information, you need to analyze your argument. Clearly formulate statements and write down all the arguments and ideas that you will be covered in the essay. Review essays that were once read, marking strong and weak points. Speculate, think and ask questions.

  • Outline your essay

Write a brief plan for your essay. use short sentences reflecting the basic idea of each paragraph. Using bulleted lists that will also help you sketch an essay correctly.

  • Write according to the basic essay structure

Keep in mind that a text without introduction or conclusion has nothing in common with an essay

  • Compose paragraphs according to the rules.

For example, there should be no more than 6 sentences in each paragraph. A topic sentence should be written first and other important rules

  • Draw up a conclusion

Use the conclusion, to sum up. Do you think that you have managed to attract the readers?

  • Edit

Now you can start editing and formatting the paper. If in the process of writing you borrowed some thoughts, ideas, phrases - use quotes so that your paper remained unique.

  • Submit the essay

finally, you can re-read the essay and correct all grammatical and spelling errors. Reread as many times as it takes for the essay to look like this, and the thoughts were laid out in the way that you think is right. After all, an ideally written essay is the guarantee of an excellent score for your efforts.

The collection of universal topics for essays

The examples of interesting essay topics given here do not replace your essay. And they should not be copied and presented as your papers - this is an occupation for losers, for those who cannot or unable for hard work. The examples we offer are for all students. Teachers want to check lots of writing skills and so on. The algorithm for choosing a topic is the following:
  • Revise the previously stated rules
  • Compare them with the practical material given here and
  • Improve your writing skills
Below there are ready-made titles for your essays:
  • Man and Nature
  • Freedom in today’s world
  • The Internet in the life of modern man
  • Why English is important today
  • My native language
  • Competition between nature and society
  • My future career
  • Why are there so many fat people around?"
  • Economics: the past and today
  • Man and Society: problems of loneliness and seclusion in the city
  • Fantasy - entertainment or serious literature
  • Sociology of Relationships
  • Global problems of the present and ways to overcome them
  • Social conflict and its solution
  • Leadership
  • The importance of education
  • Community leaders
  • Cultural events that impress
  • Friendship principles
  • The power of art
  • If I were a President
  • The future of my country
  • Can virtual communication replace the real?
  • My favorite literary hero
  • The role of family in our life
  • Romanticism
  • A family
  • My favorite teacher

Good luck with your writing! There is no doubt that your essay will be great!

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