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The importance of this paper will be hard to overestimate. The entire career can depend on it. Thereby, some applicants decide to use the help of the qualified writing team. Before making such decision, however, you should check the reputation of the firm. Learn the qualification of the writing firm and the feedback on the main resources. The outsource writing help will give you more time on other things, a qualitative result and more confidence in your own chances.

The tips on writing the IT cover letter

This is a specific type of writing, which refers to specific business rules. When you write your cover letter, you need to follow these simple rules:
  • Attach less "I" and do not start each sentence with "I..". It can talk about your narcissism
  • Write on the purpose only. Do not write about your hobbies and interests, if they do not concern your purpose. This will just increase the amount of text, but not the value of it
  • Do your paper easier. Avoid too complex and long constructions. Simple presentation often looks more profitable and attractive. Reread your text - you can try to break long sentences into shorter ones again
  • Avoid banal and famous quotes and avoid cliché. Better pick something interesting and unknown to the general public
  • Use only truth for your paper. A smooth and ideal biography looks, at least, suspiciously
  • This is a kind of recommendation to oneself. It must be made restrained and concrete, avoiding general phrases. For example, instead of the phrase "I have a great organizational experience", you should write "I was the head of all 3 years of university studies, during this time I achieved...". Given the previous recommendation, do not bow to self-criticism either. Do not testify against yourself - "Maybe I have not yet achieved very high knowledge, but I will do everything in my power to eliminate this gap". Never make excuses in your motivational letter – no one blames you until you do. It is better to write down what you did in the direction you need.

Set the high level of spelling and grammar

After you finish writing the IT cover letter, check it. Any spelling and stylistic errors will work against you. You can give the letter for verification to a person who is fluent in English and experienced. Use the correct stylistic design of the motivation paper (to whom it is addressed, dates). Increase your chances of success!

Use only the original papers. Don’t ever try to use the texts from the samples on the Internet! The copied or template text immediately catches the eye of the employer of the tutor. This makes your chances almost zero. If the employee discovers plagiarism, the consequences can be sad. At best, such paper will simply be ignored. At worst, they can refuse further consideration of documents.

The letter should be individual, describing only your achievements, successes and goals. It is your advertisement. Promote yourself, interest the addressee and you will succeed. Create the impression of an educated person with great potential, and the feedback will come soon.

Learn more about the IT company and the position you are applying for

You need to know the online market. Read specialized magazines and press releases of companies, about the development trends of this online business. On the Internet and in newspapers learn about each company in each sector. Talk to experts in this area, find out what's new in the market. Make your letter personalized. Find out to whom you can send a paper and contact this person only. Always write the name of the responsible person correctly. If you are familiar with some representative, contact him. This will cause the boss to think before sending your resume to the trash.

Rely on the description of the vacancy when composing a paper. Even if you do not have the skills that are required for this online job, you still have some skills. If you only have some of the necessary skills, write the paper to show that you still consider yourself an ideal candidate for this job. Write about what you can give to the company. The cover paper, unlike the summary, not only about you but also about the company, the tasks facing it.

Do not beg. Always use only weighty arguments

Always speak from the position of strength in your IT cover letter. For example, use such tone: "This is what I propose and that's what I can do for you. That's how my skills will help you succeed". Don’t show that you are sending hundreds of papers to hundreds of firms at once. Similar cover letters say that a particular vacancy is not particularly interesting to you, and you are just looking for any job.

How to finish the cover letter?

After you introduced yourself, outlined your goals and told about yourself, let the employer understand that you are intent on acting. Complete the letter with a promise to call at a certain time and make sure that your resume has got to the employer. Be ready to answer possible additional questions. This can force the head to rescan your resume, waiting for the call. Be sure to call, as promised; if this is a high-ranking person, you will have to talk to the secretary. Make sure that the employer knows about your call.

What exactly can make your cover letter effective?

The paper should convince the reader to pay attention to it. Use triggers here because they can catch the attention of the reader. Many people use special agencies that help them make such powerful cover papers. Sometimes the style, appearance, and message of the resume do not correspond to what is stated in the hastily written cover letter. It is very important to think over the contents of your cover Letter, and match the job vacancy and the requirements that are set by the employer. Answer these questions:
  • Why do I fit for this position?
  • Why does my qualification match this vacancy?
  • What should be in a cover paper?
  • The great cover paper answers the following four questions:
  • Which vacancy do you apply for?
  • From where exactly did you learn about the vacancy?
  • What skills, achievements, education or relevant experience make you a suitable candidate for this position?
  • What do you know about the employer (company culture, management style, company history, end etcetera)?
  • How to contact you fast and effective (don’t give many numbers and options here – only one that works)?

You need to quickly let the person who reads your cover letter know what you are looking for. If you are applying for a position in a large company, no doubt, hundreds of applicants will turn to it. If you do not tell the employer what exactly do you want, your resume will disappear in the trash folder. A potential employer wants to know how effective his work with the media was. And if you have friends in the company and you learned about them from the vacancy, it's important to specify this fact. In this case, your cover letter will be given special attention.

Make sure that you have the skills, work experience, and professional achievements that will make you an indispensable specialist for the vacancy. Or at least your cover letter should make such impression. Start with the most important. This will be the very essence of your cover letter. Give 3-4 examples that illustrate how you approach the employer as the specialist he is looking for. Make clear how skillful you are and what skills and knowledge you have.

This is most often forgotten in the cover letter, but this information will set you apart from competitors. Many applicants randomly bombard employers with letters, not knowing exactly what they want and for what job they apply. An additional paragraph of your letter, dedicated to your knowledge of the company, will for sure make you more attractive to the employer.

General actions to improve the efficiency of the IT cover letter

There are basic components of the successful employment - quality resume, thorough preparation for the interview, thoughtful answers during the meeting with the employer. These elements mainly determine the success in the search for work. On the other hand, there are factors that are less ambitious, but effective - the methods by which you can increase the chances of getting a job. Their main advantage is that these techniques do not require a lot of preparatory work and are not time-consuming, while the likelihood of seriously engaging the employer increases. Here are the things that you can do:
  • Change the title of the resume - bring it in line with the request of the employer
  • Write in the cover letter that you are ready to perform the test task
  • In the cover letter, give examples of your achievements
  • Mention in the cover letter that you have common acquaintances with HR-manager

The title of your resume and your cover letter is the post you are applying for. This line is the first - the most noticeable in the resume, so the headline plays a significant role in the decision of the employer – to read it or put it aside. Before posting a resume, make sure that the title matches the vacancy. For example, if the resume indicates "Sales Manager" and the employer is looking for a sales manager for non-food items. If the applicant has experience in selling goods of this type, it makes sense to indicate in the headline of the resume "Sales Manager (including non-food products)". If the applicant was primarily selling goods of this type, you can indicate "Manager of sales of non-food products". This header is a "flag" for the employer, that the profile of the applicant matches his requirements. The chances of getting a response increase in this case.

Write in the cover letter that you are ready to perform the test task

The test task is useful not only for students but for the experienced workers too. Perhaps the employer does not use such practice at all - to give the candidates test tasks - but the willingness of the candidate to compete for the position for sure will cause sympathy. For the employer in general, the applicant's interest in work is extremely important: often the candidate becomes more interesting

Mention in the cover letter that you have common acquaintances with HR-manager

It is clear that this technique can be used if you know who will conduct the interview, and you and this person have common acquaintances. In any case, if the situation develops for you so favorably that both conditions are available, use it. Don’t be afraid to use all the advantages that you have to improve the situation. If you need to improve the resume or cover letter but need the outsource help, you should use the professional writing help.

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