How to find PhD creative writing online programs

Phd creative writing online

Pursuing any doctorate creative writing programs over theInternet is a great way to hone your craft without compromisingyour comfort. The main reason is that they push students toproduce their new work on a consistent basis. For example,different workshops ask students to produce their regular workingdrafts to get feedbacks from professors. It’s also possible toimprove your work by learning such advanced techniques and stylesas cross-genre writing and literary adaptations. Since yourcoursework is digital, you can pursue PhD creative writing onlineprograms outside standard classroom schedules whenever you feelinspired.

The basics of doctorate creative writing programs

The main purpose of doctorate creative writing programs availableonline is to help students develop their literary finesse. That’swhy they often place the right technique development, style, andwriting at the forefront of their learning curriculum, but onlineprograms may differ in their genre. Although their basiccurriculum requirements are similar, each one may be focused onwriting through a different perspective. For instance, you canfocus on these genres in your doctorate program:

  • Fiction;
  • Poetry;
  • Literary translation;
  • Young adults’ fiction;
  • Creative nonfiction;
  • Children’s fiction.

A genre choice is a crucial consideration when looking for asuitable online doctorate program in creative writing. Availableoptions may vary based on institutions, so you need to read theirprogram descriptions attentively.

Reasons to choose online programs in creative writing

Why should you earn your doctorate creative writing degreeonline? In addition to a high level of convenience, such programsoffer a number of extra benefits, including the following:

  • A unique possibility to get instant feedbacks from peersbecause instant messages and emails allow you to send many draftsof your piece of writing to professors and other students forreviewing, thus giving you some extra critique;
  • A great opportunity to write from the comfort of your homeand get more freedom to write where and when you like the most;
  • A good chance to write and send feedbacks as your busyschedule or routine allows because creative writers aren’t famousfor keeping their conventional hours, and online doctorateprograms reflect that.

Different creative writing degrees available online

Phd creative writing online

Creative writing programs for graduates are typically offeredonline at a few different degree levels. Although they havesimilar formats and educational goals, each one covers coretopics in different depths. Besides, each type is designed forstudents with varying experience and education levels. Consideravailable options based on your academic goals.

Online programs for masters in creative writing

Special programs for masters in creative writing are holistic andthey cover the main parts of the literary canon to let studentscomprehend the art form while learning online. This uniquecombination of courses also offers a look into how to writeefficiently and beyond standard plot points.

The benefits offered by workshops

Workshops are the main part of the curriculum of any onlinecreative writing program because they ask students to producetheir new works consistently. It’s a great option not only topractice regularly, but also to receive helpful feedbacks. Ingeneral, workshops require you to submit your works in progressto receive the critiques of your peers and professors. Theirconstructive feedbacks can be crucial in developing andinteresting and successful narrative. Online workshops areconducted through emails, special forums, and instant messages.You can submit your works to a class and download feedbacks whenthey’re available.

The best part is that such workshops usually blend students indifferent literary genres together. That’s why their feedbacksprovide you with a new perspective. As an example, studentswriting their creative nonfiction can give you a fresh insight onyour young adult works. Their structures and requirements mayvary, so you should get more details in advance.

The availability of electives and core courses

Online doctorate programs in creative writing offer electives andcore courses for students to improve their literary knowledge.You can study the following subjects:

  • Literary criticism;
  • Literary adaptations;
  • Cross-genre writing;
  • Regional writing traditions.

There are other electives that are worth adding to yourcurriculum as they expand effective literary techniques that youcan use for interesting stories. Studying new methods and writingtools can provide you with more inspiration for your works. Asyou already know, course requirements and offerings may differ,so look for the one that matches your unique interests.

Thesis writing and graduation

Students who pursue online masters in creative writing are askedto submit their completed work as a standard thesis. It can beanything completed during workshops or courses. After yourgraduation, it’s possible to publish or use this piece ofcreative writing as a part of your portfolio.

Online doctorate programs in creative writing

They allow you to dive deeper into your unique writing processbecause they’re more focused on important workshop experiencesthan courses, and this feature is evident in basic dissertationrequirements. Unlike other available doctorate programs, theonline creative writing ones require all students to producetheir full-length and completed work and submit it to thecommittee. You can submit your dissertation in one of thefollowing accepted forms:

  • Poems;
  • Manuscripts;
  • Screenplays;
  • Short stories.

A dissertation can be any completed work edited by yourprofessors and peers, and it may serve as a valuable asset whensearching for potential publishers. Based on class anddissertation requirements, it’s possible to earn your doctoratedegree in creative writing online within 3-5 years based on thechosen program.

Special creative writing certificate programs

Phd creative writing online

Online certificate programs in creative writing can be a goodoption for students who want to develop their skills fast.They’re focused on a particular genre to create aworkshop-oriented and succinct curriculum and help studentsimprove their creative writing abilities without taking any extraelective courses.

Another benefit is that their online format can help you includetheir timeline into your right schedule. Think about pursuingboth academic and professional goals at the same time. Suchonline courses offer a convenient schedule and curriculum, thusallowing students to earn their creative writing certificatefast.

Low and high residency programs

Many doctorate creative writing programs available online requirestudents to participate in residency programs too. Like theirname implies, they require students writing and living on campusto let them fully focus on their learning curve without anyinterruptions. During this period, you’re asked to live withfellow students, so this opportunity also helps you refine yourcreative writing skills by sending and receiving feedbacks.Special residency programs require students to come on campus andoffer different options. For example, there are low and highresidency types, and the main difference is in their duration.High residency programs last about 2-6 weeks, while the lowresidency ones last only up to 10 days.

Common questions and answers

What is the ultimate goal of PhD programs in creative writing?Their purpose is to master the chosen genre and demonstrateskills through dissertation writing. However, your creativewriting thesis is a certain collection of your works, includingessays, novels, or poetry.

What are available career options?

Most students considering online creative writing programs areinterested in future career options. After their graduation, it’spossible to become:

  • Creative writing or English professors;
  • Poets and fiction writers;
  • Reporters and grant writers.

What coursework type do such programs entail?

Your coursework may vary based on the chosen online program, butyou’re quite likely to take part in many writing workshops wherepeers will evaluate your writing. PhD programs are often focusedon peer workshops and student teaching, and their coursework alsoincludes studying literary criticism and theory.

What do you need to apply?

It’s necessary to submit your creative writing sample as the mainelement of your application. For many online creative writingprograms, a personal portfolio is the most important determiningfactor. This sample should be a collection of your creativewriting works in the chosen genre, such as fiction or poetry.

What can you do after your graduation?

Online doctorate programs in creative writing prepare studentsfor a number of interconnected fields. For example, somegraduates pursue their teaching positions in creative writing andEnglish departments. It’s necessary to have a good record ofpublished works to secure any teaching position. Therefore, youcan become a professional writer to create a substantialcollection of creative writing works.

Although you don’t need any formal education to be a professionalwriter, enroll in available online PhD programs to refine yourskills. They also allow you to build helpful connections withinthe modern publishing industry, thus increasing your chance toget published in the future. Finally, fell free to pursue yourwriting career in nonfiction, poetry, fiction, grant writing,news reporting, and research writing. You’ll be well-educated ina literary analysis too.

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