Everything you should know to create an effective Metabical case study

Metabical is one of the latest products developed by Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP). This international health care company is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and marketing products directed at helping people with different health problems, including the following:
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Immune deficiencies;
  • Acute medical conditions and others.

They have developed a range of medicine, and Metabical is one of them. It is a drug that can be used for the treatment of excess weight in people whose Body Mass Index (BMI) ranges from 25 to 30. The medicine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover, that was the very first drug developed by CSP that was approved by this organization.

The drug was found effective in weight loss when taken just one time per day for 12 weeks. Moreover, it is considered to be a relatively safe medication, use of which is associated with low risk. It may cause a range of side effects, but they are mainly those similar to gastrointestinal discomfort, but not something serious or life-threatening. Moreover, the side effects after using this drug may occur if a person uses too much fatty food. However, the scientists from CSP are still working on improving this medication to make it as safe as possible. Also, the Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals feature a support program, allowing people to find out how to change their lifestyle, eating habits, behavior, etc. in order to achieve the best results.

Today, more and more people struggling with overweight problems, which explains the popularity of this medication. However, there are lots of other medications that can be used for treating this problem. That is why an effective case study should demonstrate the obvious advantages of Metabical over other similar drugs to increase its share in the market.

What is a case study?

A case study is a published report about the “case” that was studied over some period of time. There may be different cases undergoing analyzing and studying, including organization, individual, event, actions, etc. Creating a case study is an effective step toward convincing potential customers in the usefulness of your product.

The results of a case study can be published on a corporate website as well as used as part of media packages and public communications. This is a clear way for the company to demonstrate to their customers how they managed to meet their needs. Before creating a case study, it is important to know what your goals are and what the steps you should take to create good research.

The following are the main stages of creating a case study:
  • Analyzing the task;
  • Researching and linking to theory;
  • Developing solutions.
When creating a title for your case study, you should keep in mind the following recommendations:
  • Use the simple English language, avoiding complicated technical terms;
  • Try to use active voice instead of passive;
  • Give as much information as possible, so that people get a clear idea of what your work is about and what they will find out about after reading it.

Preparation, structuring, finalizing

Before you begin to write, you should conduct the preparation stage, which includes the following actions:
  • Examine the case thoroughly by taking notes, highlighting facts, underlining key problems;
  • Focus your analysis by identifying key problems, reasons why they exist, their impact;
  • Find out possible solutions by reading discussions, research, personal experience, etc.
  • Select the best solution. Use strong supporting evidence, and underline pros and cons to find the most realistic solution.

After completing the preparation stage, you should make a draft of your case.

Your Metabical case study should have a proper structure, which will help you add all of the necessary information and findings, and your readers to find, read, and understand all of the data.

The following is an example of your work’s structure:
  • Introduction. Here you need to identify the key problems and issues in this case study;
  • Create and include a thesis statement and summarize the results of your analysis in several sentences;
  • Background. Here you need to provide the relevant background information, facts, and the most important issues. You should demonstrate that the “case” has really been analyzed comprehensively;
  • Alternatives. Here is where you should outline possible alternatives. You do not have to mention all of them, but the main ones should be added to your work. This is where you should also explain why the alternatives have to be rejected;
  • Proposed Solution. Here you need to explain why this solution should be used. Provide clear explanations of your conclusion and support it with solid pieces of evidence;
  • Recommendations. This is where you should determine and discuss the chosen strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution.

Finalize your case by reading your draft and checking for any inconsistencies. Now you need to read everything carefully one more time to eliminate any gram mistakes or errors.

General writing recommendations

Carefully read the following recommendations and use them when writing your case study:
  • Write your work in a clear, plain English;
  • Think through the structure of your paper, so that the most important information is placed at the top;
  • When using someone name for the first time, you should mention his or her full name, which later can shorten to only the first name;
  • Try to create several sections in your text, which will allow the reader easily following your thoughts and findings;
  • Try to use bulleted lists instead of long paragraphs or sentences;
  • Add links to the sources of materials that are used in your works;
  • Find and add a quality image because visual information helps understand information easier.

Tips for the effective case study

The following are some of the tips that may help you create a great Metabical case study analysis.

  • It is essential to understand the main benefits and disadvantages of the medication and what the target audience for it is. This is how the product can be advertised and marketed for the use;
  • Your work should contain the initial information about this drug, including its brief history of development, who is involved, etc. It should demonstrate the fundamentals of the case study analysis;
  • Your case study should not just include customer testimonials telling how happy they are that they managed to lose some extra weight, but also describe real-life situations showing how the product helped people to achieve personal goals;
  • Since Metabical is a medication that used for treating a certain health condition, you should use only data that is guaranteed accurate. Since this medication has been approved by the FDA, you can find lots of useful information on their official website;
  • It may be challenging to create an effective Metabical case study analysis even if you have read all of our recommendations. That is why, you can just order your work from us, and we will gladly help you with it. Also, you can always ask us for a piece of advice, if you encounter certain difficulties.

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