Interesting narrative essay topics

One of the most widespread type of narrative written works in academic practice is a story. This writing assignment is not used during the examination time and often is given to students in high school during the term. Teachers assign narrative essays to train the students’ skill to write a composition and plot in a proper way.

If you manage to learn and understand the structure of the story written by the master of the literary word and try to write a story yourself, you will gradually develop the ability to aesthetic perception of the work of art, will form the ability to briefly, dynamically present narrative texts on the principle of artistic storytelling or literary editing.

The narrative describes the successive actions, tells about the events in their time sequence. Narrative compositions include such components as the beginning (setting), the development of the action, the culmination (the most important moment in the development of the action) and the ending.

Since a narrative text is primarily the description of the action it often contains the lexical means, denoting the time sequence or change of phenomena, and verbs used in the past tense.

A whole composition can be built on the narrative parts of a literary text. The entire argumentative part of this work will be a concise narrative, such as the main stages of the hero's life.

However, to write a real story, you need to find a suitable topic. In this article, we suggest you choose a title for your paper from a long list of the most common narrative essay topics and find out which essay topics are more suitable for a particular level.

We are sure that you will be able to choose a suitable topic for your essay or adapt existing ones to your needs. Our goal was to collect the best and most popular exclusive narrative essay topics that inspire.

What is a narrative essay?

All you need to know about a narrative essay is that translates to action, action and only action! A narrative is a statement of events in chronological order on the first or third part. This may be a brief biography or a story about some important event. The main components of this essay are the introduction, the climax, and the conclusion. Accordingly, there should be a conflict.

A narration is closely connected with space and time. The place, the action, the name of the people and the action are the language means which make a story. The stylistic functions of the narrative are diverse, associated with the individual style, genre, and the image. The narrative can be more or less objectified, neutral, or, on the contrary, subjective, permeated with the author's emotions.

Three types of topics for essays

The topics can be formulated in different ways. Everything depends on your objectives. Sometimes you feel that a simple statement will be enough to show the reader what you are going to tell about. Sometimes you need to create a topic that can show how you are able to discuss the issue.

There three main types of narrative essay topics:
  • A topic-concept (phenomenon) is a formulation of the topic, which does not contain a direct indication of the idea or reasoning. The author defines it in the text,
  • A topic that comes in the form of a question. This means of creating a title also expresses the idea of reasoning, but it points to a direct path to it. The writer defines the idea of reasoning. Moreover, different authors can answer the same question in different ways.
  • A topic which has a quality of a judgment. In this formulation, the idea of reasoning is already expressed, so it is considered the easiest. The independence and originality of the writer can be manifested only in the selection of arguments to justify this idea in the material.

Topics for essays about personal experiences

Your major responsibility is to use the above-mentioned information for creating interesting papers. Here is a collection of topics for essays that are mostly about the student’s experiences and key life events:
  • Why did I choose to volunteer at (a dog shelter, a local club, a library, a children's hospital, a Nature Park, etc.)?
  • My first trip. What I learned.
  • Where and why will I need the knowledge of geography?
  • How I took care of pets.
  • Why I decided to work
  • Spiritual connection between man and nature
  • Does a person feel compassion?
  • Negative experience in my life and its consequences
  • Kindness is a quality that many people lose.
  • My first or most vivid experience of participation in the concert/project/ contest
  • An event that upset me
  • The first time you heard a rejection
  • Strange meeting
  • Memorable meeting
  • Communication with the older generation
  • Difficulties I faced after changing from place of residence
  • Why I'm easy / hard to find friends
  • Funny episode during a trip to another city
  • Situation when there is no strength and desire to do something
  • What I'm capable of in a difficult situation
  • The funniest /saddest party of my life
  • How often the failures accompanies me
  • My first experience on the driving
  • What I have learned at summer camp
  • My first day at work
  • The man who influenced me as a child
  • The hardest decision I've ever made.
  • How I felt after winning sports competitions
  • My experience of friendship
  • My communication with older brother / sister
  • What am I ashamed about?
  • My conflict with parents/ teachers / friends
  • The event after which I began to respect my brother
  • When did I realize that my parents deserve a lot of respect?
  • My first culinary experience
  • The most interesting trip to another country
  • My first gift
  • How I helped a friend
  • What changed me for the better?
  • My bad habits and how I fight them
  • My interests and plans for the future.
  • What I learned during my visit to music school
  • The first time I stayed home myself
  • My first lie
  • My best experiences as a community leader
  • The weirdest event in the last year
  • My first purchase
  • The person I would like to follow
  • My meeting with a local celebrity
  • What has changed my attitude to life?
  • How I took up extreme sports
  • How I managed my time during the studies
  • My last summer holidays
  • The book that influenced my mind
  • My victories and failures
  • Do I remember something from my childhood
  • The most reputable person in my life
  • My visit to the theatre
  • My last hiking tour
  • How I see my future career
  • When did I realize that a person cannot do without good education
  • The people who I hate / love
  • My last quarrel with friends
  • A memorable family trip
  • Why I am never late for the appointment

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