Nursing admission essay: an easy-to-use algorithm

Nursing admission essay

Undoubtedly, getting an advanced nursing degree has a number ofchallenges, so writing a nursing admission essay appears to beone of those areas with which many folks struggle. The tipsillustrated below will help you to cope with this writingassignment.

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Your essay can tell a lot about you

Your application essay is very crucial, so don’t think thatwriting this paper is what you can do very fast. Exactly throughyour application essay, the faculty reviewer will try to get afeel for your capability to be successful in nursing. Therefore,you should treat writing this paper as a serous undertaking.

Nurses need to be critical thinkers. It suggests being capable ofreasoning and problem-solving. Obviously, logical flow isextremely crucial to making and baking an argument in a way,which really makes sense to the audience.

Adhere to the advisor’s guidelines

At first sight it sounds obvious, but not for all, to our greatregret. The matter is that all educational institutions havedifferent requirements for such a paper. Some schools might wantyou to answer a particular question in your paper, such as“Illustrate your position on a social or healthcare issue,” whileother nursing schools might want you to answer too broad orinformal questions. For example, you can be asked why you’reeager to work as a nurse.

If you’re asked to utilize the NursingCAS system for yourapplication, your 500-word essay is expected to answer thesequestions:

  • Illustrate your perceptions as well as attitude about today’snursing. In your answer, you require identifying currentinformation about the field of nursing with the demands, hopesand also career options.
  • Are you prepared enough for profession?
  • Considering your personal background, depict an experience,illustrating what diversity you would bring to their learningcommunity.

Keep in mind that a 500-word essay occupies approximately twodouble-spaced pages. In other words, you won’t have much room foryour thoughts. Therefore, you require answering the assignedquestions completely, although has briefly as you can.

In case of having citations, you should put them on the thirdpage. There’s no need to have them counted in your total wordcount.

Stay away from headings because they eat up space. Instead, tolead into the next paragraph utilize transition sentences.

Be aware of your topic area

Nursing admission essay

Admission essay questions can be specific or broad. If you’re allgeared up towards becoming a clinical nurse specialist, nursepractitioner, nurse midwife, nurse administrator, nurseinformatics, registered nurse anesthetist, wound care nurse, etc,you’d better explore what those nurses actually do. You shouldpay special attention to their expectations both in a nursingschool and when they’re graduated. Perhaps, you’ll disclose thatthis career doesn’t meet your expectations.

Personal statements

If you’re applying for a BSN program, then your written statementwould be a personal statement instead of a conventional essay.

Well, in the personal statement, the admissions officers areeager to learn a lot about you. First of all, they’re eager tolearn why you have decided to be a nurse. Don’t try to answerthat you’ve always wanted to get this profession. Instead, answerthis question using your personal story or something, which madenursing your career choice. Another cliché you need to stay awayfrom is “I just want to help sick people.” Tell your storyinstead in your nursing essay.

Certainly, you will be most likely asked why you’d be an idealnomine for admission. In this case you require talking about yourqualities, which happen to be congruent with those of anexperienced nurse. If you know nothing about these must-havequalities, just visit the American Nurses Association website andremove this gap in your knowledge. If you succeed in aligningyour personal qualities with those the nursing school issearching for, you’ll have a better chance of getting accepted.

Application essays

When dealing with application essays, you might be asked to talkabout a specific health care theme or issue. You will requiresome preparatory work to come up with the right facts and data tohave the questions answered intelligently.

Don’t forget to outline what you’re going to narrate. A strictoutline will help you to see whether your thoughts keep unrollingin the logical way from one item to another or you might requirerearranging your points. Have your response drafted out. Afterthis you should re-read and also refine it.

When answering the assigned questions you should be brief andthorough at the same time. When utilizing reference materials youneed to credit the authors in the right way for their ideas.However, your own point of view on the subject shouldn’t beforgotten.

As you’re responding to the admission essay questions, inform howyou think your degree will influence the health care issue ortopic in question. For example, it might provide excellent directpatient care, cutting-edge quality improvement initiatives and soon.

Extra tips

Don’t forget about the necessity of standing out from all otherpotential nurses applying to this particular program. If youressay you’re expected to write what makes your special and whyyou’re a much better nominee for this program than any of yourrivals. You’d better pay attention to long-term professionalobjectives than the short-term one of getting accepted.

You require underpinning your statements with persuasive examplesof your professional achievements. If you already have certainhealth care experience, feel free to share it with the admissionscommittee. You can also mention the coursed you’ve taken just tohave a feel for the nursing program.

Inform the committee why you’ve chosen their nursing program.Additionally, conduct research and seek information about thiseducational institution to find out what they’re actually famousfor.

Avoid telling your life story. Don’t make your paper exclusivelypersonal, as too much personal information can’t be appropriatefor such a strict and concrete paper as an application essay.Keep in mind that you don’t have enough room to write what youwant. Have your story condensed into the strict points andvaluable lessons learned. When invited for an interview, you canuncover as many details as you wish.

Scholars have recently found out that notwithstanding a strongapplication, the nuances mentioned here below can make theadmissions committee consider rejecting the candidate’sapplication:

  • Mediocre writing skills, resulting in numerous grammar,punctuation and spelling mistakes.
  • Inadequate attempts to have the admissions officers impressedsuch as blaming previous schools or faculties.
  • Harmful reference letters, disclosing negative applicantcharacteristics and using inappropriate sources, includinggirlfriends/boyfriends, employees, relatives and so on.
  • Complete lack of knowledge of the nursing program thecandidate is applying for.
  • Personal statements, revealing certain mental health issues,excessive self-disclosure or altruism, inappropriate humor andreligious references.

Keep it in mind when working on your statement or essay.

Have your sources cited

If fact, you don’t need to cite sources if your paper doesn’texceed two pages and you’re depicting your personal experience.However, if you’re illustrating a healthcare topic you can’t dowithout citing. Cite at least one source or two.

Make use of APA format because the given formatting style isoften utilized by nursing schools.

Proofread your newly-written paper

Nursing admission essay

Handing in an application paper stuffed with grammar, syntax orspelling mistakes isn’t professional, to put it mildly. It pointsto the fact that the candidate hasn’t cared about checking his orher paper – such a bad personal quality for this challengingprofession.

Mediocre writing skills can totally ruin any career, includingyour nursing one. In general, when admissions officers read apoorly written application paper, they think that how hard itmight be for the candidate to be successful in their program. Iffaculty is unable to understand what you’re trying to tell, youcan hardly cope with the assigned tasks.

The quality of your essay should be your primary concern. Youdon’t want a bad paper to ruin your chance to get into thenursing program. The better the quality of your writing is thegreater likelihood of getting accepted will be.

So, attentively reread your paper several times to spot glitchesand mistakes and fix them before submitting the work. It makessense to read it aloud. It will lower a probability ofoverlooking an error in your paper.

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