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Finishing a novel requires dedication, time, motivation and focus. Special tools for online novel writing make it much easier for anybody to narrate a story, generate a sustainable writing routine and confidently draft. Specially for you we’ve come up with the most advanced online writing tools.


Jotting down whole swathes of your creation will be faster and easier if you utilize such an effective collaboration and writing tool as “Draft”. Its so called ‘Hemingway’ mode appears to be a nice novel solution for those folks who are fond of going back and editing their writing as they go incessantly. When using Hemingway mode you don’t have an opportunity to delete anything, you’re just free to move forward. That’s absolutely free, so try it if you don’t want to edit your book’s first page repeatedly.


Perhaps, you’re writing historical epics or you’re dealing with romance. Maybe your major personage appears to be a medical professional or you require researching some facts about human anatomy to back some dialogue. Anyway factual detail will make your novel tastier; its richness will be significantly improved.

Evernote gives you an excellent opportunity to save images and articles found on the web for later viewing to the specialized Evernote app. Installing the browser extension enables you to instantly save any data found by you.

Another great feature of Evernote is that it lets us create individual journals with multiple notes. You’re fee to create journals such as ‘Setting’ or ‘Characters’ and have them filled with details, which you can utilize in your book. It’s a good way to store all the facts you’ll require when going in an easy-to-use platform. The given application is available for mobile gadgets and desktop computers.


Obviously, online novel writing can be overwhelming because there’re a lot of competing ideas as for how to draft your book. No matter what you’re writing organizing your thoughts considerably accelerates the process, and gives a sense of direction.

Before you have your story drafted, you require an idea of why you’re actually working on this story and where the narrative might lead. If you need a helpful and visually appealing online brainstorming tool you can make use of Coggle. It enables authors to visually map their ideas. You can take advantage of its free version, enabling users to make unlimited mind maps. However, if you need private maps, it won’t cost you more than $5 a month.

You’d better utilize Coggle in tandem with the Now Novel ideas finder for the purpose of arranging and organizing your creative ideas. Collecting all of your initial thoughts about specific personages, settings and plot events will initiate the process of building a complete and perfect story.


A great number of writers share one weak point, which is organization. Fortunately, the problem can be effectively resolved with the help of Trello – a user-friendly information organizing tool. Having logged into your private account a user can create a ‘board’ on any theme. Every board appears to be a blank space where a user is capable of creating side-by-side lists, which can be rearranged in any way. You’re welcome to add cards to every list with blocks of text. You can move the blocks around vertically within your list or drag and drop to other lists. Additionally, you can attach website links and images to individual cards. Trello will come in handy when it comes to structuring your novel.

Use individual cards to write scene summaries. Have them shuffled around to generate alterative plots as well as narrative sequences. It will enable you to find a sense-making shape for your novel.

Google Calendar

A horrible lack of time turned to be the number one obstacle when asked what was preventing authors from finishing their novel. If you lack time, most probably you didn’t take care of it before. It will be much easier to spot gaps in your schedule and also manage your productivity when having an easy-to-use and perfectly structured online calendar at hand. For example, you can take advantage of Google Calendar. Apart from marking your scheduled activities and events, feel free to set alarm reminders for your handset. The tool will enable you to stay focused on your writing objectives.

Pomodoro Technique tools

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To finally finish your book you require focusing on determination. Evidently, the Pomodoro technique will enable you to work much smarter. Use it o build tiny frequent breaks into your writing. As a result, you’ll become more productive and focused.

The very idea behind this approach is that the best length of time for writing a novel without faltering attention accounts for 25 minutes. An official Pomodoro app can help, although you can find other worthy digital timers on the web, such as Tomatoes, a free app, enabling you to set a ticker sound to play through your browser, thus stimulating your writing.

The Scribble Pad and Now Novel Ideas

It’s just a direct self-promotion. However, the Now Novel Ideas Finder ensures a well-guided, structured process, which will help you to identify major elements of your novel and make an outline for it step-by-step. As for the Scribble Pad, it’s your private space on Now Novel. Here users save extracts from their writing in progress.

You can also benefit from lifetime Now Novel membership. It offers unlimited access to these features along with Now Novel’s detailed writing guides.

Power Thesaurus

It’s so sad that from time to time your writing slows down as there’s an exact word you are eager to use and the alternative you’ve just utilized isn’t working. Thesauruses happen to be must-have tools for any author, regardless of whether you aspire to be a writer or your novel has been already published. A thesaurus will show you the right word with the most fitting connotations.

Power Thesaurus is a great online tool, which will help you to rapidly find a synonym, ideally fitting your passage. Don’t forget to employ a reputable dictionary to check definitions or spelling you aren’t sure of. It’s a great way to save much time when editing.


There’s something else, which can slow you down, when working on a novel. It’s coming up with names for primary as well as secondary cast of personages. Namepedia appears to be a database offering thousands of names from all over the world in addition to their meanings. Here you can rapidly spot foreign-language equivalents for the names, with meanings ideally fitting your personages.

750 words

Many writers have faced such an unpleasant state, when they’re unable to write as something blocks their writing ability. Perhaps, one of its greatest causes is excessive self-criticism or self-censorship. Free-writing is one of the best ways to cope with the so-called writer’s block. So, you only require writing anything for 10 minutes or so to finally loosen up your writing ‘muscle’.

Don’t neglect 750 words. It’s a free online tool, enabling you to easily write up to 750 words a day. It can be defined as a distraction-free writing environment. Here you can monitor how you’re getting closer to your word count objective and other interesting and useful statistics.

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