How to write your opposite of assign essay

Opposite of assign

When teachers or instructors ask you to submit a good opposite ofassign essay, the first thing that you should do is to becomefamiliar with definition papers. Basically, this academicassignment requires you to give a definition of this word, and itshould be logical and well-supported by evidence and research.Start with finding the right definition before you create thefirst draft that presents it using reliable sources and suitablereferences. When you’re done, your essay should be polished toensure that it flows well and doesn’t contain any grammarmistakes. This writing task requires you to explain the meaningof a given term by giving its detailed description and support itwith clear facts or examples. Your explanations are necessary ifthe chosen term is disputed, abstract, special, or doesn’t haveany common meaning.

Basic steps to write a good definition paper

To write a strong definition essay, there are some steps thatshould be taken, including:

  • Pick a particular term that you will define and introduce itto the audience (you can do it in a few ways, but the mainpurpose is to indicate the content of your essay clearly);
  • Use reliable sources, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries,to see how the chosen term is defined and consider an effectiveway to merge or combine them to end up with a unique definition;
  • Present the chosen term to readers in the introduction;
  • Provide them with detailed information about it in the mainbody (in addition to your description, point out common uses andinformation about origins or evolution while highlightingmistakes in its definition);
  • Give any strong examples that can fully explain andillustrate your definition.

Key points to be considered

Giving your definition in essays is not copying everythingwritten in dictionaries and other sources. If you can’t defineany new meaning for the chosen concept, use any existingdefinition with your personal interpretation. Look for the termsthat you can understand or the ones that had any impact on yourlife experiences. Avoid defining anything that you can’tunderstand because you will only confuse readers with poorexplanations. Define terms by explaining their nature, structure,and functions or by specifying something that they don’t mean.You can also compare the chosen term with others in the sameclass of works to determine differences. Follow a pre-determinedstructure in your opposite of assign paper because it’s logicalto do the following:

  • Present your term in an opening paragraph;
  • Give your detailed explanations in body sections;
  • End with a brief conclusion.

Dos and don’ts

When writing your definition essay, there are some things thatshould be avoided and done to end up with a perfect draft. Youneed to:

  • Narrow your term if it has any broad meaning to make essaywriting easier for you;
  • Search for great transitions to connect all parts together;
  • Proofread your paper attentively to fix all mistakes;
  • Come up with the definition that is uniquely yours;
  • Be creative when giving your original explanations becausethis essay writing approach is encouraged by most professors.

Things that can break your definition paper

To submit a good paper and earn high grades, you should avoidthese simple things that can break a final draft:

  • Using standard definitions because you need to make them lookmore scientific;
  • Writing an essay on a well-known term or a very narrow topic;
  • Writing in any overly-detailed fashions, but this doesn’tmean that you should be very brief (think about your word limitwhen getting started);
  • Repeating a defined term within its definition becausereaders won’t appreciate this essay writing technique.

Common errors when writing definition papers

Students make minor mistakes that compromise their grades aftersubmitting definition essays. Be sure to avoid them to improveyour academic results in no time. The most popular mistakesinclude the following:

  • Defining the term too broad for the scope of your essay;
  • Writing about any terms that are obvious if they don’t haveany conflicting interpretations;
  • Forgetting to emphasize the term you want to define becauseit makes it difficult for readers to understand what your paperis all about;
  • Copying existing definitions because you need to interpretthe meaning of your term without being afraid to use personalthoughts to create your unique definition;
  • Ignoring the importance of concrete examples because it’shard for other people to understand when and how a particularterm is used without them, no matter how clear and detailed yourdefinition is.

Where to find useful definitions

Opposite of assign

Everything starts with defining the chosen word, so look it up inavailable dictionaries. Familiarize yourself with its officialdefinition and use encyclopedias and other sources. Pay attentionto its structure because it always starts with a term. Next, itnotes its class or where it belongs among other concepts andobjects. A definition may also note existing synonyms or thewords that mean the same or similar things to your chosen word.

Researching the origins of your term

You need to research the origins of the chosen word to determinewhere it came from, so check print and online encyclopedias.Choose the ones that focus on specific concepts and ideas. Readrelevant theories and ideas if they’re connected with the chosenterm. Browse the Internet for relevant sites, articles, blogposts, and other sources that discuss or address your term indetail. Watch any educational videos that can help you learn moreabout it.

Interviewing other people

Interview other people, such as your friends, family, and otherstudents, about the chosen word to get their personalperspectives. Ask them what they think about it and what comes totheir minds when they hear this term. To end up with a strongopposite of assign essay, you should ask the following interviewquestions:

  • How do they feel about your term on a personal level?
  • What comes to their minds when they consider it?
  • What does it mean to them?
  • How do they deal or interact with the word?

Record all interviews or take notes to use them as great sourcesin your academic paper.

Creating your unique definition

Use your deep research and personal experiences to create yourown definition of the chosen term. For example, you can focus onhow it works in the world or a specific community. Feel free tocompare your word with other similar terms. Format it by statingthe term and giving your definition in one sentence.

How to write a good essay draft

Your definition paper should consist of 5 sections, includingbody paragraphs, its beginning, and end. Talk to your teachers tofind out whether they have any unique requirements. Ensure that athesis appears in an opening section of your essay and yourestate it in the end.

Include a term, its definition, and your thesis

Introduce the chosen tern and give its standard definition. Youressay should start with telling readers the word that you want todefine. Use encyclopedias and dictionaries as helpful referencesto provide them with its standard definition.

Include a thesis with your unique definition in the first sectionof your paper and use the active voice. A thesis must be onesentence long and describe your own version of the meaning of thechosen term. Consider personal experiences and strong facts tocreate your definition.

Discuss its origins and analyze its dictionary definition

In the second section of your definition essay, discuss theorigins and history of the term. Focus on its roots and how itcame into its modern use. Use notes, research, and othermaterials as strong evidence.

In the third section, you should make a deep analysis of thedictionary definition of your word. To achieve this goal, pull itapart and take a look at each part. Rephrase and interpret itsstandard definition to explore any deeper meanings.

Make a comparison and discuss a personal definition

Compare the chosen term with other words that have a similarmeaning. Determine its differences and similarities to use thishelpful information in your essay. Besides, you can discuss thewords with opposite meanings.

In the fourth section of your essay, include a personalperspective on a given term and create its unique definition.Describe it based on any personal or life experiences, includingrelevant childhood memories. It’s advisable to include personalexperiences based on the interviews of other people.

Support and restate major points

Include quotes from reliable sources in your opposite of assignessay to support any claim that you make. Back up your pointswith strong evidence and relevant references. Use quotes fromjournals, articles, and other sources. Choose suitable quotesfrom the interviews conducted to get a personal definition ofyour term. Follow the rules of a required citation format whentaking this step.

Conclude your definition paper by briefly restating major pointsand a dictionary definition of the chosen term. Restate a thesisto remind readers of your unique definition and ensure that aconcluding section doesn’t discuss any new points or thoughts.Take a look at the first sentence of every section to gathermajor ideas. Write the last sentence that describes a key phraseor has a strong image.

How to polish your definition paper

Opposite of assign

Once the first draft is ready, you should read it aloud to knowhow it sounds. Ensure that every sentence flows smoothly and allsections are well-structured. Underline any unusual phrases orawkward lines to revise and edit them. Look for any grammar,spelling, and other errors because they have a very negativeimpact on your essay content.

Get feedbacks from other people

Show your definition essay to other people, such as your friends,relatives, and other students. Ask them for valuable feedbacksand comments to improve its content. Find out whether your uniquedefinition of the term is easy and clear to follow.

Ask specific questions to determine if all major points aredeveloped and supported well. You should be open to anyconstructive criticism from other people to make your academicpaper better.

Effective methods to revise your essay

After getting valuable feedbacks from other people, take enoughtime to revise your definition paper for its flow and clarity.Get rid of any sentences that seem unclear and redundant. Ensurethat all of your sources and references are cited correctly. Ifyou have any particular page or word count for this academicassignment, you need to meet it. Your essay should have a coverpage at the very beginning and a special reference page in theend.

Use all the suggestions that you get from other people and gothrough a final draft attentively to rewrite it successfully.Reading it out aloud to yourself is an effective way to catch allminor mistakes, especially missed words. Besides, you’ll noticethe sentences that are hard to read or don’t sound right. If youstumble over any sentence, this means that it should be rewordedto be read smoothly. When revising your definition paper, youshould watch out for the following:

  • Using different sentence types and lengths;
  • Failing to start sentences in a paragraph with the same word;
  • Adding transition words when starting sentences.

Questions when editing essays

When editing a final draft, asking a few questions can help yousubmit a perfect essay, including:

  • How well are definitions presented?
  • Is a relationship between them clear?
  • Are other meanings presented logically?
  • Is your thesis clear?
  • Are there any good transitions?
  • Are all topic sentences in the right order?
  • Does your essay include dictionary definitions and interviewsproperly?

Writing a good definition paper can turn into a challenge,especially if you don’t use reliable sources and effectivetechniques. However, if you follow all the above-mentionedguidelines, you’ll end up with a strong essay that any studentcan be proud of.

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