One of the important persuasive essay topics – the death penalty

Throughout history, many people expressed their thoughts on the death penalty. In the past, most people considered the death penalty to be an absolutely normal way to protect society from a certain type of crime. In those times neither the death penalty itself nor its horrific forms caused any discussion, condemnation, or indignation. Religion has always approved the use of the death penalty: "Vengeance is mine, and I will repay" or "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". Although, later the Christ was against the kill.

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The powerful motivational tool of the society

If you have selected the topic “Against the death penalty” from persuasive essay topics, you should learn not only arguments against the capital punishment but for it also.The threat of death can stop a criminal already preparing to commit a crime. The actual implementation of the threat can make a salutary impression on the whole agitated society, to create a saving fear in persons prone to vice and crime. To eliminate the death penalty from the list of punishments means to deprive the punitive power of its most reliable means. Even if the death penalty is not executed, then one threat of the law, one possibility of its execution will serve as sufficient protection of the legal order. This is what people, who are for the death penalty, think.

The arguments for the death penalty made by criminalists

Supporters of the use of the death penalty have many arguments in defense of their views, most of which have been put forward for many years and centuries ago. Since the death penalty excludes repetition of the crime, such punishment serves as a defense for a society that has the right to self-defense. The society has the right to take life from the one who took life from another, otherwise, the Lynch court may come into effect. The American criminologist Reckless formulated four main points in defense of the death penalty:
  • The principle of correspondence of punishment to a crime
  • Punishment as a redemption of guilt
  • Punishment - intimidation of others, reminding that the same can happen to them if they violate laws
  • Punishment as the protection of the interests of society.
Another American criminalist E. Sutherland formulated five reasons for the death penalty:
  • The death penalty serves as a more effective means of preventing crime than other types of punishment - it is more economical than imprisonment
  • It is necessary to prevent the lynching of the offender
  • The death penalty frees society from defective individuals
  • It is more reliable than life imprisonment for persons convicted of willful killing, which may fall under amnesty.

Why people should pay for the imprisonment of people who committed the most serious crimes

Adherents of the death penalty argue that the very existence of the death penalty execute citizens with feelings of reverential fear and respect for the rule of law. Which naturally as a result will lead to a decrease in the number of crimes. Indeed, does the level of crime depend on presence or absence of a fixed opportunity of the death penalty? On this score, people have many different opinions. Another argument of supporters of the death penalty is the economic injustice of the replacement of the death penalty for life imprisonment. Why do taxpayers (and, in particular, relatives and relatives of the victim) have to pay for the life of the offender?

Arguments against the death penalty

If you have selected the topic “Against the death penalty” from the other persuasive essay topics, you have to learn all arguments against the capital punishment. You should also invent your personal system to evaluate different arguments and find the most effective from your point of view. The list of the main and most frequent arguments of opponents of the death penalty:
  • It can stimulate crime to some extent
  • The lifetime imprisonment can work better
  • This is totally unacceptable for many believers
  • In many countries, this is already illegal.

Sometimes it can stimulate the crime

The death penalty to some extent stimulates the crime. Some people can reason: if the state can kill me, then why cannot I kill someone else. One of the indispensable attributes of a democratic rule of law is humanity. Humanity is, first of all, an awareness of the value of human life. Thereby, using such logic, the death penalty is unacceptable. There are many countries, such as the Netherlands, that show the totally different attitude to the punishment, and it shows good results. However, this is mostly for not serious crimes.

Lifetime imprisonment performs better than the death penalty

Lifetime imprisonment gives protection for society from the potentially dangerous actions of the offender and the additional motivation to not do illegal things. The replacement of the death penalty with the life imprisonment is not a manifestation of indulgence towards criminals. The life imprisonment is a very unpleasant measure. If everyone is so afraid of the death penalty, then why do many of the prisoners try to commit suicide? Lifetime imprisonment is for some reasons even more difficult punishment than a death penalty.

The religious arguments

It cannot be said that the death penalty is the forced self-defense of society from a criminal. There are other ways to protect the society. The death penalty is murder, not justified in the eyes of the God. Some people can say that killing a murderer is not the murder of a person. But should not people, first of all, think about how to preserve the human in yourself? The state should be with a human face. Moreover, it was not the state that gave life, so it should not take it away.

In many countries, this is already illegal

Criminal legislation of many civilized countries doesn't practice the death penalty. The other countries in the civilized world fix the provision of non-use of cruel, disgraceful, tormenting punishments. There are obvious contradictions here. Yes, the legislator seeks to enforce the death penalty, while inflicting a minimum of suffering on the convicted person. At the same time, the execution of the death penalty cannot but cause suffering to the convicted person.

First of all, the reason for this is long periods that take place from the date of sentencing to its execution. The impossibility of immediate execution of a verdict in civilized countries does not cause doubts. The sentenced person should be given the right to appeal the verdict. This avoids (or at least reduces) the number of judicial errors. Those sentenced to the death penalty people take it differently:
  • Some people calm down
  • The others fall into a deep depression
  • Some of them show aggression
  • Some people turn to religion
  • Some of the sentenced try to commit a suicide.

The value of human life is reduced by the existence of the death penalty

Another argument, which is given by opponents of the death penalty, refers to indicating the value of human life. Since every person, including the most serious criminals, is a human person, the death penalty devalues human life and diminishes human dignity. Supporters of this point of view can be countered by the position of some opponents of the abolition of the death penalty. They say that often criminals commit so heinous crimes that they lose the right to live among people.

In one of the answers during the sociological survey, it was said that the death penalty is the liquidation of social monsters. Some people cannot see in people, who commit a serious crime, people like them. They do not recognize their right to live even in conditions of lifelong isolation. Nevertheless, it is clear that such "monsters" are the very rare event, and their existence hardly gives grounds to apply the death penalty as broadly as possible.

Why there are so many arguments for and against the death penalty?

Since the problem of the death penalty is relevant not only in criminal law but for human life in general, it is a significant issue. The problem of the death penalty originates from the deepest roots of our history, and this theme continues to develop even now. For many centuries, various authors expressed their views on this issue, opened their arguments, thereby proving the need to abolish or maintain the death penalty. All of them, both opponents and supporters of the abolition of the death penalty, give us very convincing arguments, defending their views. And until now no compromise has been found in resolving this issue, so far the works of various scientists are being developed on this issue.

It is very important to evaluate the effectiveness of the death penalty. Punishment in general and the death penalty, in particular, is not the best tool in the fight against crime. Since crime is multifaceted and profound, which is caused by a number of reasons, measures to combat it must also be complex. But if we are talking about the legitimacy of the use of the death penalty, its necessity, and expediency, the reasons are very different. The research in this area is very limited, so neither supporters nor their opponents can provide convincing factual evidence in support of their points of view. Most of the arguments are still based on emotions. In order to objectively elucidate this question, it is necessary to disclose it, relying on facts. This topic is one of the most powerful between the persuasive essay topics, so to perform it, you have to be prepared enough. If there is the lack of time which stops you from writing the perfect argumentative essay, you should ask for the professional help.

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