How to develop the process essay topics?

There are three main questions that you can answer when writing the process essay:
  • In which process are you good?
  • Tell the story about how to do something or how not to do something
  • Use some process to describe.

In the first case, you can think about something that you already have invented answers. For example, this can be the story about how you solved your problem with low focusing on work, low writing results, procrastination, and distractions. You can write about how you manage your time or fight procrastination, for example.

The second case is the easiest one because here you should not invent something. You just need to tell about something already invented. This can be the process that you are familiar with or the process about which you have learned from books. For example, you can write the essay about how to cook something. This is one of the easiest ways to invent the topic for the process essay topics.

The last case is similar to the previous. You can write about how to choose friends, for example. Or you can write about how successful people get to work. It is up to you which topic to select. The main thing here is to find the high-level topic and write the process paper properly. If you feel, that you don't have enough time to make a proper paper, it makes sense to ask for professional writing help, if you want to get the additional appreciations from tutors, not only the good grade.

How successful people find work

Finding a good job can be difficult not only for yesterday's students but also for highly qualified specialists. This is one of the most popular processes of essay topics. For every worthy place, HR manager gets dozens and sometimes even hundreds of applications. Identify yourself in such a stream of applicants is not very easy. You will need

  • The resume
  • Knowledge of writing the cover letter
  • The computer with internet access.

The most important thing in finding a job is determining the scope of your activity. If you do this incorrectly, then you can spend a lot of time waiting for a response to your resume. Another option may be that, after spending a couple of months on a boring job for you, you will be forced to leave. First of all, think about where you would really be interested to work.

Make a list of such vacancies. Then create a second list, specify all the posts in which you have at least some experience. If these lists have the same vacancy, apply for it exactly. If there is no such option, then you will have a difficult choice: to work on unloved work, but with the usual salary and familiar functions or to enjoy your work, starting from the very bottom.

When you have decided on the vacancy, start writing the resume. It should be suitable for the chosen position. Describe not only your experience, job responsibilities and achievements, but also tell HR managers about your desire to work in the chosen field. Describe in detail what skills you have, how you see yourself on this vacancy, what you can do for the organization.

Place your resume on as many worksites as possible. Don’t hesitate to make your own search, don’t wait until someone will contact you. Monitor the selected ads by calling the organizations that posted them. Ask as many questions as you are interested because you must find a job that will bring you not only financial well-being but also satisfaction.

Regularly attend the interview. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the future job. You should be approached not only by the duties and level of wages but also by the premises, staff, and furnishings. The person who wants to go to work in the morning is happy. Try to become such a happy person. Contact the recruitment agencies. If you have financial difficulties, choose organizations in which applicants do not need to pay money.

How to make a perfect hamburger?

This is an easy topic for the process paper. A good hamburger can be cooked at home, however, it is very difficult. Correctly fry a thick cutlet is not easier than a good steak. Here the things that make the process difficult at home:
  • the internal temperature of the meat should be in a certain range
  • the fat inevitably flowing from the burger
  • it smokes strongly
  • the kitchen is cramped
  • there are not enough places
  • the blades are blunt.
However, there still is a way out - the "Smash" technique. A hamburger consists of these elements (the minimum configuration):
  • Two pieces of bread
  • Meat cutlet between them
  • Salad.
As a rule, meat without any additives - is, in fact, a chopped steak. The optimal set is a bun it, cut it across of bread. Such ingredients will also make a difference:
  • fatty sauce like mayonnaise, which will prevent the loosening of breadcrumb from meat juices
  • crunchy juicy salad, best of all – lettuce
  • tomato sauce for the balance of salty, sweet and sour,
  • perhaps - ketchup.

The basic decision to be made is whether the cheese is needed in the burger. Cheeseburger has a different balance, much softer to taste, allows the use of a huge mass of all sorts of additional ingredients: from fried onions, tomatoes and various greens to bacon, to avocados. However, moderation is the main virtue in the production of a hamburger. No need to score the taste of meat, unless, of course, meat is of good quality.

How the bad habits form?

This is an example of useful process essay topics. Here you can develop a lot of interesting ways to write the paper. In psychology, a habit is defined as an action that was previously repeated many times and actually passed into the necessity. For example, teaching yourself to save energy can lead to the habit of turning off the lights every time you leave the room. How people get used to the habit is really an interesting question.

Often you can hear that for the formation of a stable habit it is enough to perform the necessary action (for example, to go out on a morning run) for 21 days. This term was first mentioned by the scientist, who worked in the field of plastic surgery and drew attention to the fact that his patients are getting used to changes in appearance in about three weeks. This fact led him to the conclusion that the 21st-day boundary is a certain feature, overcoming which people are guaranteed to receive a psychological result.

In the course of further research conducted by psychologists, data were obtained on the average time-building habits, which amounted to 66 days. However, it has also been established that the type of habit and individuality of a person also affect the period of its formation, and you can spend on it from 18 to 254 days. However, sometimes even a year and a half are not enough for some useful action to become a habit.

The formation of a habit can be viewed from the point of view of both psychology and physiology. Psychologists talk about getting used to repeatedly performing some action, in which this action does not cause complications, and when it is impossible to realize this action, a person begins to experience discomfort.

In order to form a habit, in this case, a regular repetition of the action causing positive emotions is necessary. The physiological aspect of habit formation is the emergence of neural connections that are formed and regularly activated when performing a particular action, therefore, are more stable and ready to function.

What is the connection between the habit and the character?

Although every person has certain innate qualities, only upbringing and habits determine the character of a person. The newer the habit, the easier it is to change it, but from what has taken root for years, it will be more difficult to get rid of. The character of a person is not an absolutely rigid system and is inclined to change throughout life, so excuses in the form of the phrase "what to do, I have such a character" are just a veiled reluctance to change of certain habits.

The possibility of changing the character through working on habits depends on several factors:
  • Age of the person. The younger a person is, the less established patterns of action he has, and the easier it will be to change habitual ways of acting and character in general
  • Individual characteristics. Mainly it is the ability to change character, because to one people it is given simply, and others are less plastic in this case
  • Intention. Only the decision to change the character is not enough, because even minor habits require systematic action, complex changes – even more.

Often copying the behavior of other people in different situations helps in changing habits and character. Since childhood, a person has been learning certain ways of acting precisely on the basis of imitation of other people, so in a desire to look like someone, meaningful people can change much more productively than in the absence of such a pattern.

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