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Online writing help became very popular in the last decade. The reason for it is simple – it helps students to get in touch with the schedule and to meet deadlines. Basically, the cooperation with the writing service goes by two main possible scenarios:
  • Students hire the writing company as the manuscript editing firm
  • Students hire the firm to write the essay or another assignment from scratch.
There is also a middle option – to do the half of work, set the ideas, the direction of research and etcetera, and only then to ask for a professional help. In this case, the writer will finalize the draft accordingly to strict requirements. If you want to find the reputable writing company, you need to conduct your own search:
  • Pay attention to companies with a good feedback on student forums and on the Internet
  • Pay attention to companies with the best price offers
  • Learn the revision and the privacy policy

Make sure that the qualification of the writing firm will fit your requirements.

When you will find the perfect writing firm for you, it is important to give the strict requirements and to select the useful way of communicating with a writer. Anyway, when the work will be done, you will save your time and will be able to use it to meet the other deadlines. To do that, you should improve your writing process:
  • Make a personal vision and understand your goal
  • Find the powerful motivation
  • Fight procrastination
  • Improve the creative thinking.

Make sure that you have the right motivation

Motivation as a set of external stimuli has a number of shortcomings. Being external, they often run counter to inner desires. Thereby, a person is usually forced to do what he does not want. As a result, he does not receive satisfaction, which can lower the result in the end. Efficiency decreases and this can lead to the procrastination. All this can suppress the creative thinking and desire to learn. It is noticed that schoolchildren who studied for the sake of grades do not aspire to knowledge after graduation. As a rule, when the external pressure disappears, a person ceases to do anything.

And what if we define a big and significant goal and represent it every day? This motivation will work better than all external powers. A person who has a goal is very different from those who depend on external motivation. After all, he is doing something, because he really wants it. But what happens when the goal is achieved? How long have you been happy after taking a difficult exam at school? Your sensations two days after the purchase of a new car were just as strong? In psychology, there is the concept of "hedonic adaptation". It means a quick adaptation of the person to the results of the achieved goal.

So, the usual approaches to motivation do not lead to a long-term effect. Thereby, you should not to look for immediate ways to cheer yourself up, you should form a personal vision. This is a more lasting tool. It triggers in the person the right internal state, which keeps him in the right tune. Personal vision as a magnet pulls a person into the future, to where he wants to be. If you feel the serious lack of motivation and cannot feel it with your purpose, you can hire some of the professional essay writers to get the assignment done on time.

Before a person makes an action, he has a desire to do it. Desire is a set of positive emotional states that are associated with an action and its result. Thus, by inducing certain emotions in oneself, a person can transfer oneself to a state, which will be followed by action. It remains only to find out how to induce such emotions. In general, this problem is solved. You need to monitor yourself and record what motivates you during the work. The result will be a list of actions and processes.

The way as a goal – find the right purpose

The goal helps a lot in a fight against procrastination. There is no reason not to follow the call of the heart. These words by Steve Jobs to students were told hen he already knew about his fatal disease. He said that awareness of the finiteness of life helped to start doing only what is really important. The greatest value is time. It goes away irrevocably. Those who realize this spend days very carefully. They know how they want to spend their time. This means to have a personal vision of the life path.

We emphasize that a personal vision arises from the answer to the question "What do I want to do in my life?". It is aimed at the present. It allows you to receive satisfaction from the activity itself. This is the motivation of the path, not the result. Although, of course, goal setting here is also very important. The goal becomes a frontier. The difference is that the person aspires to the goal as such, and the boundary is an intermediate milestone. The intersection of it gives you a signal that you are moving in the right direction.

So, in order to successfully combat procrastination, you need to choose the appropriate type of motivation. The internal motivation of the path has a number of advantages. Main of them is that the person feels a sense of satisfaction with the present. We often feel happy here and now. And this helps us to move forward, to new frontiers. If you see that there are no efforts or time to fight procrastination, you can use the help of professional essay writers. Anyways, you can defeat procrastination if you pay constant attention to the following elements:
  • Motivation
  • Self-discipline
  • Results.

Develop the creative thinking for your college assignment

Creative thinking is the process that can help you in many spheres, not only in doing college assignments. However, when you do the college assignments, it is almost irreplaceable. Creative thinking opens a wide range of options when you do the college papers. Here are the things that will help you to set the creative thinking:
  • Try to live as creatively as possible, because you do not know what can happen. You are mistaken if you think that you cannot be creative
  • Everything around you is an opportunity to start creating
  • Learn to analyze your failures, the key to success is in them. If you spend some time on this you will see something useful in your failures
  • If you have a positive attitude to life, you can always turn back and say: "No, it was not a failure, it was an important moment in development"
  • You cannot explain to others what's inside you. It's just a feeling
  • You always need to think - why? "Why do I do what I do?"
  • Create creative precedents as soon as possible, if you want to analyze them
  • Develop your instincts
  • Technology is not a form of creativity
  • Sometimes you already know too much and stop studying it. Do not give up and continue to believe.

Developing a personal vision

There are a number of techniques that can help to form a personal vision. When you get to know them better, it is very important that you do them yourself. Note, this is your personal vision, not the vision of your friend. You can start with the personal SWOT analysis. It will identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as possible threats from the external environment. Divide the piece of paper into four pieces.

Write the headline in the first quadrant - "Strengths", in the second - "Weaknesses", then - "Opportunities" and "Threats". Fill in the parts of the sheet and write 10 characteristics in each. Subsequently, you will use the strengths to realize your vision. Weaknesses will require your attention. As a rule, these are delayed-action mines that knock us off course. We need to work with them, develop them. Try to spend 80% of the time on strengths and only 20% on weak ones. You can use this understanding to learn your weak sides. This will help you to make decisions on delegating tasks to professional essay writers.

What is the hidden procrastination?

The causes of procrastination can be divided into two groups - psychological and physiological. The first group of cases is due to how a person perceives himself and the world around him. In this sense, they are subjective, and therefore can be changed. The second group of cases does not depend on the person; they are conditioned by our physiology. Here are the most often excuses of the procrastinator:
  • "I'm a lazy person"
  • "I did not postpone the implementation of the cases, I just decided to rest"
  • "I like to do everything at the last moment. This increases my productivity".

"I'm a lazy person" – this is a quite popular reason for many students. For someone, this excuse works well. However, the fact is that a really lazy person will not worry about not doing important things. Those who postpone business, feel a sense of anxiety. As a result, one gets a feeling of own helplessness. All this again leads to procrastination. This is a big difference between the procrastinating person and just lazy person.

"I did not postpone the implementation of the assignments, I just decided to rest". This is another misconception by the procrastinator. That rest is a pastime that charges us with energy. And during procrastination, energy is always lost. The less internal energy we have, the more likely the assignment will be postponed again. This is the characteristic of the procrastination, not the relaxation.

"I like to do everything at the last moment. This increases my productivity". The burning deadline is definitely a powerful motivation to work. But doing the job, when the deadline is burning, is always stressful. Work in a stressful situation is fraught with mistakes that generate reproaches. Moreover, this affects the emotional state, the desire to do something. Meanwhile, it is always more pleasant to do work with joy and get a deserved appraisal for it.

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