Ponder a question: Why go to college essay

Why go to college essay

Obtaining a college degree is perhaps one of the most importantsteps one can take in life. It is a common fact that a certifiedspecialist has wider career opportunities than a nongraduate.Once the decision is made, a school-leaver has to go throughcertain trials. Let’s assume you have finally selected a collegeof your dream, passed SAT, ACT, Abitur or other qualificationexams for college entrance and done some paperwork. Now you arefacing another challenge which is writing a college admissionessay. For most students, it is still a mind breaking taskaccompanied by lots of stress. However, this process can beexciting if you spare a bit of your time reading this guideline.Below we are sharing precious tips on writing matchless entranceessays ever.

Why a college essay really matters? A selective procedure at manycolleges is very tough. They observe every applicant from allangles to choose the best candidate. Test scores, APAcertificates and school records are under a watchful eye of theadmission officer. However, there are too many students who canboast excellent scores. Then how they select among thousands ofworthy applicants? Most admission bodies believe that an entranceessay will help them make a final decision.

And this is the main reason why your essay should be finelycomposed.

What counts more

Students often have a trouble to reflect on their last 15-17years within the limits of two pages. For many of them, it takesweeks to write a good entrance paper while admission counsellorsneed five minutes to read the paper and identify if the applicantfits the college requirements. Then how to persuade an officer tochoose you among thousands of other candidates?

These tips from experienced writers will help make your essayimpressive:

Do not overplay

Your essay should not sound like that written by a seasoned man.You are just a teenager with your own values, visions andlanguage. They are not looking for Shakespeare-like style but tryto see a self-aware, aspirant and independent boy or a girl.

Admission bodies do not like gasconading about super awesomevictories or heroic actions even if they are true. Of course, youmay mention your big achievements but do it without exaggerationand bragging.

Share a moment

To engage an admission officer from the first lines of yourpaper, you should start with a mini story about a certain eventthat has shaped your character. Real stories that show who youwere and who you have become are really involving.

Tell about what is important to you

How to do it? Imagine that you have only five or ten minutes todescribe yourself. Practice this method several times and youwill be able to sift through only significant facts about yourlife. This technique will also help you demonstrate the abilityto think logically. Colleges sought for authentic ideas andhigh-level thinking skills.

We strongly believe that these tips will unlock your writingtalent. Go to another paragraph to learn how to make nice withthe admission committee.

What an admission committee expects

Why go to college essay

Admission counsellors wish the essay were different. So if youuse sample essays from the Internet, do not copy them. Collegesreceive loads of similar essays written with the help of Google.Examples are ok only in those situations when you want to learnhow to format and structure your paper and are useless as fortheir contents. A good technique to write a paper that sets youapart is to imagine that you are talking to a new friend of yoursabout your interests, experience and plans for the future. Itwill work better than ready-made texts.

Supposing that, you managed to convince the readers that you area second-to-none individual. But that is not enough to hear awished-for respond “accepted”. The goal of all colleges is tochoose a student who will be able to graduate successfully. Theyexpect your academic achievements will contribute to theuniversity success on the whole. Like parents are proud of theirchildren, colleges boast of their students and have high hopesfor their capability to make the college life better. That is whythey look for those who are passionate about studies, persistentand ready to participate in college life. They are willing to seean erudite able to think critically, make thoughtful decisionsand study with curiosity.

Your essay is also a demonstration of your diligence. That meansyou have to follow the instructions given by college officers.They will highly appreciate your efforts to meet theirrequirements so try hard to make them see that you are aresponsible and responsive person.

While writing your personal paper, make sure that you havedescribed every specific aspect of your life. Finishing aparagraph, ask yourself “What else do they need to hear from me?”In this way, you will not miss essential details. Most admissioncommittees simply have no time to dig facts about you. Youpersonally decide what to include in your essay and only youdetermine what is worth mentioning.

An admission paper serves as a brief presentation of yourthinking abilities, outlook and best qualities. It provides aperspective of who you are able to be and what you are going todo for your further development.

What to avoid

Writing an entrance paper is hard because you do not know yourreaders well. It is also difficult to sort out the things thatreally matter among numerous stories from your life. Writing isstressful as applicants are always too critical about theirlanguage. Therefore, they have to redo their essays again andagain. But it does not mean that you should start panickingbecause of those things.

You will be able to write smoothly and to the point if youorganize the writing process from the beginning to the end.

There are two main things to be done before writing – first is tobrainstorm ideas and second is to design an outline.

Once you have focused on particular ideas and outlined the essay,you have to know what can make your admission paper weak. Toavoid numerous rewritings, we highly recommend learning thesewhat-not-to-use rules:

  • Do not write long words. If there is a chance to replace asyllabub composed phrase into a simple one, do it withouthesitation.
  • Cut out the words that make no sense. Take them out of thestatement and see if it is still meaningful without them. If yes,get rid of them.
  • Do not use the stylistic devices that you do not know well.The papers with lots of similes, metaphors, hyperboles and othersfigurative words will look unnatural. Please remember that youare presenting yourself and not writing a novel.
  • Do not make the sentences passive. Active voice is muchbetter for those who want their essay to show your personalfeatures.
  • Forget about jargon words, scientific terms and foreignphrases as not every reader can figure out what you mean.
  • Do not repeat facts. When applying to a college, a studenthas to provide lots of documents including certificates, examscores, school records, testimonial letters, etc. Every papercontains certain information and therefore there is no need tosay things twice.

These are basic tips to follow. However, sometimes breaking rulescan help write creatively.

What we advise

Why go to college essay

This section contains encouraging words on how to present you inthe right way.

The formula of a splendid essay has the following components:

  • Creativity. Do not interchange the notion of creativity withobscure and undisciplined writing. To compose the essaycreatively means to be interesting, not dull, to use your voice,not clichés, to describe things as you see, not as they areobserved by others.
  • Sincerity. This is what is much appreciated by the readers.Be yourself and talk honestly about your personality, successesand failures, bad experiences and achievements. Remember thatonly sincere words will sound powerful.
  • Moderation. Keep from talking about exotic things, puffed upwords and far-fetched topics.
  • Brevity. Write simple sentences. Express the ideas conciselyand logically.
  • Flawlessness. Edit and proofread the paper more than once.Ask your teacher or parent to check the essay for grammar andspelling mistakes. The paper which is not edited properly hasslight chances to be accepted.

Writing this guideline we did our best to explain why go tocollege essay is extremely important for those people who want tocontinue education. To summarize, we should say that a personalessay is a key to your new university classroom. Make this keyappropriately by following our advice and it will open the doorto your dream college.

The authors do hope that this article was useful for you and fromthen you will be able to conquer an impressive personalstatement. If no, look through more why go to college essayadvice on our website.

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