How to start writing the review paper

To start writing a paper or at least tune the writing process, you need to understand what it is. Many students do not even think about it until the deadline, as the student life all this time is very stressful. However, to be effective, you need to learn how to write the paper long before you will get the assignment.

The author should strive to be unambiguously understood. For this he needs to follow certain rules:
  • Use only the clearest and unambiguous terms
  • Do not use a word that has two meanings, without specifying which of them it will be applied
  • Do not use one word in two meanings and different words in one meaning
  • Do not abuse foreign language terms. As a rule, they are not synonyms of native words, there are usually semantic nuances between them.
When writing a review essay, you must adhere to a clear plan, and follow the recommendations. Often there are difficulties associated with different pitfalls. It is important to know a number of nuances in order to write a review essay that will be published and appreciated by the tutor. The work should:
  • Be interesting
  • Contain in itself the original compilation
  • Has interesting observations and conclusions on the existing papers
  • Have a clear structure and a good theoretical basis.

Such an article will certainly be of scientific interest and will catch readers. Particular attention is paid to the rules for writing an article. The use of scientific literature is one of the most important requirements for this type of paper. Since there is only review and no own research, the ability of the author to work with this kind of literature, correctly use quotes and make references to used sources is a measure of the level of his academic training.

Thus, for writing a good article, it is necessary not only to know and take into account the scientific works and achievements of others scientists but also competently quote them. In addition, the author should be familiar with the rules of how to show the elements of the article: its illustrative (tables, graphs, figures) and statistical (mathematical) parts.

Fight procrastination when writing the review paper

Procrastination is a person's desire to constantly postpone important or unpleasant things. The procrastinator perfectly understands that the work is waiting (review writing, college activities, and etcetera). Despite this, the procrastinator ignores everything and prefers to be distracted by some household tasks.

Procrastinators can easily find compelling reasons why they delay or postpone the solution of the tasks facing them. For example, they can convince themselves that they correctly prioritize, do not allow the work to occupy most of their life, or they can consider that it is easier for them to work under pressure of overhanging deadlines. There are many reasons for procrastination, and each procrastinator justifies his phenomenon personally.

Unfortunately, the state of procrastination is inherent in most of us. Luckily, up to a certain level, it is considered the norm. However, it becomes a big problem when it turns into a usual working state, in which a person stays the most of his time. According to psychologists, a chronic form of procrastination affects fifty percent of students. The good news is that it is not congenital, but acquired behavior, therefore, it is possible to fight the procrastination.

How to procrastinate correctly when writing the review

Structured procrastination is the use of the habit of postponing important affairs to oneself for the good. Procrastinators cannot be called lazy people, because they rarely do anything at all. They are constantly busy with conditional-useful things, such as sharpening pencils or mowing lawns. Why do procrastinators behave in this way? Because it frees them from more important things.

If for the procrastinator the most important thing was sharpening pencils, no one would have made him do it. Consequently, the procrastinator can perform an important and difficult job if it helps him to escape from a more important assignment. Thereby, if you need to write the review, you need to invent the more important assignment to push yourself to write the previous.

However, if you see that this tool is not working, you still need to somehow find how to cope with deadlines. In this case, you can try the professional writing help. Professional writers will help to cope with everything and get the high result. It is important here to find the reputable writing agency because only in this case you will be safe in the matters of privacy and quality.

Structured procrastination is the compilation of a list of tasks that allows you to use this feature. The list of priorities should be made accordingly to their decreasing importance. The most complex, important and urgent cases should be at the beginning of the list. It is important that the list contains many useful things that do not fall into the category of important and impatient delays. And their implementation will be a way of shirking from the "upper affairs".

The use of the scientific style in the review paper

The scientific style is characterized by the use of special scientific terms and definitions, and more recently, international terminology (for example, management, IT-market, and etcetera). Also in scientific works, it is customary to use a more abstract vocabulary over a particular. For example, abstract vocabulary is when the word is not associated with any particular image: genius, substance, phenomenon, matter, feeling, movement, substance, and etcetera.

Specific vocabulary - these are words with which works imaginative representations about really existing material objects, for example, a cat, a glass (or about the properties and manifestations). There are material objects perceived by the senses (for example, green, hot), which are widely used in the descriptive writings.

The lexical composition of the scientific style is characterized by relative homogeneity and closeness. This is expressed, in particular, in less use of synonyms. The volume of text in the scientific style increases not so much at the expense of consumption different words.

In the scientific style, there should not be a vocabulary with a colloquial coloring, which is not inherent in the appraisal. Assessment in scientific works is applied, for explaining the author's thoughts on attracting attention and has a rational character. Scientific speech is distinguished by the accuracy and consistency of thought, its consistent representation, and objectivity of presentation.

In order to make it more visible logical structure of the article, you can use various introductory words and phrases: first, secondly, thirdly, in addition, at the same time, therefore, thus, summarizing, in conclusion, so, therefore, and etcetera. However, you do not need to start each sentence with the opening words.

The research paper – difference from the review writing

So, the research paper is a final qualification work with a research character, it is defended at the end of the course, and it is performed by a student. Already at the beginning of the training, you can determine the direction of the work, if, of course, you began to understand the features of your specialty. Various practical classes, seminars, and research competitions help to provide the energy for the research. Unlike the review paper, in this kind of writing, students need to conduct their own research.

In the work devoted to experimental (practical) research, it is necessary to describe the methodology of experiments, to estimate accuracy and reproducibility of the results obtained. It is desirable that the results of the work were presented in a visual form: in the form of tables, graphs, and diagrams.

Already here you can choose the direction of the research paper, and the time to refine it. Teachers are welcome to help in this kind of work, so don’t hesitate to use their help. For practice, you always need time. This can be laboratory research, drawing designs and diagrams, project design arrangement, end etcetera. All this is useful in the research work.

The topic of your work is approved by the department (tutor) to which you belong. The topic can be selected from the list provided by the tutor, or compiled by you. The research paper consists of several parts:
  • The title page
  • The content
  • The abstract and the table of contents
  • The main part
  • The practical part
  • The conclusion
  • The list of literature.

In general, the choice between a paper-compilation and a paper-research depends on the maturity and efficiency of the student. Often, this choice is influenced by material reasons. Undoubtedly, students who have the part-time job, have less time, less strength and often less money, and consequently less opportunity for a long scientific research (in particular, connected with the purchase of expensive rare books, and trips to distant archives and libraries, at a conference and so on).

Throughout the world and at all times, science has been the privilege of the rich. Nowadays there are scholarships, grants for trips, exchange with foreign universities. This cannot be said to solve all problems for all students. Ideally, of course, it would be good for the state to pay for studies, support talented scientists. However, the majority still prefers to write the review paper, not research.

The stages of writing the final work consist of several steps:
  • Search for literature and other sources, such as the works of other students or teachers
  • Drawing up a work plan, and consultation with the tutor
  • The main part of the research paper. It is usually placed on several chapters and must comprehensively reveal the topic of the research paper
  • Practical part. It will show your personal research and work on the result
  • Photos, tables, charts - are placed in the application, are clear examples

A special role in the research paper is played by the introduction and conclusion, in fact, it is a short form of the final qualifying work. At the time of writing a research paper, your tutor will check your work and research, help and guide in the right direction. As you can see, the research writing differs from review writing by the existing of your own research.

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