Useful tips on surviving your dissertation

When writing such time-consuming and complex assignment as the dissertation, you should clearly identify your personal attitude to writing a dissertation. A very, very serious motivation is needed to start this significant writing work. This is a very time-consuming process that includes months of the very intensive work. The statistics say that more than seventy percent of all students face problems with writing a dissertation. The big percentage of students postpone assignments for later and put themselves in a very stressful situation. Thereby, you should have a strong motivation on writing, before you will actually start it. It may be also a good idea to use the professional writing help at some stage of writing. Here are the things you should understand before you will start writing the dissertation, which helps surviving your dissertation:
  • Understand that dissertation writing often is different from pure science
  • The dissertation is a complicated, time consuming and very stressful scientific work
  • The selection of tutor is important, but not critical
  • Measure the contribution and result
  • Clearly understand exactly how the dissertation is performed
  • Understand the structure of the dissertation.

What is the dissertation for students?

The dissertation is a complicated, time consuming and very stressful scientific work. Thereby, you should show qualifications that are required for writing a dissertation. You go through a very stressful time and work under a high pressure. It is only your responsibility, and no one will make for you (if you only not using the professional writing firm). Thereby, the selection of tutor is significant, but not so critical.

The tutor is a critically important figure when writing a dissertation at the beginning and the last stage. The tutor helps a lot when the students decide on the topic and the direction of work. The tutor is also very important when you need to finalize the draft. However, if you are lucky and the tutor is very interested in your work - appreciate it. Do not let his enthusiasm to burn out, thereby try to regularly show your progress.

Measure efforts and the result

If you address small efforts and no soul into the work, it will be very difficult to do and to read. If you address a lot - you can be disappointed to see that the result is not worth it. Try to understand exactly what the process of writing will bring to you. The paper often is read-only by three people – you, your opponent and tutor. From this follows you can get the very simple rule - the most time and effort should be given to what will be studied lately and also can be used for further work. A good topic that is really interesting for you help surviving your dissertation a lot.

The structure of the dissertation

Here are the components that should be presented in your dissertation:
  • Introduction
  • Scientific novelty
  • Purpose to be protected
  • List of works of the applicant
  • Opponents.

Visiting the conferences and other useful tips

As well as studying other author's dissertations, or simply attending the meeting of the students connected with a dissertation writing is very useful. The more other people's examples you see, the clearer the requirements and expectations for the dissertation. Here are the things that you should also do when writing a dissertation:
  • Write any questions or ideas that you have as you write the text, in a separate file
  • Do not be supercilious with other students
  • Take part in all activities connected to the dissertation writing.

If the thesis theme changes, you should always save all versions of the paper. Even if you are changing your draft dramatically, these old drafts will help you to get new ideas. This will help you a lot in many stages of your work. Feedback from opponents is also very important. A dozen reviews on the author's dissertation from different universities and many other interesting documents can help you to make your paper interesting. Examples of other students help surviving your dissertation very much.

Do not be supercilious with other people

When you go to the defense of the dissertation, you understand the subject better than the majority of people in the room. Simply because it is a narrow niche that you have personally unearthed, you should learn it dipper. You opponents can simply have completely different scientific interests. However, this does not mean at all that in a very short time they will not be able to assess what you did and find all the shortcomings in what you have provided or not. And here respect for others will help very much.

If you find the writing of dissertation too difficult for you, consider using a professional help. This can help you into main stages of writing – in finalizing your ideas and drafts and in manuscript editing. Such help will not steal your personality from the paper, but will really help to avoid stresses and to get the high result. To find a perfect writing company for you, you need to pay attention to its reputation (feedback), prices, qualification and the privacy policy.

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