Writing a teacher cover letter

The cover (or application) letter is far from an empty formality. This is a kind of a card of the applicant for a vacancy, his first statement about himself to a future employer. It should draw attention to the CV, interest the human resource specialist, convince him that it is this candidate that can bring the greatest benefit to the company.

If you apply for a job as a teacher, use a teacher cover letter to emphasize the relevant experience and achievements in the past.

Below are tips on how to write a cover letter for a teaching position.

Using an example of a letter

A sample of a letter will help you with the outline of your own letter. The samples demonstrate which elements need to be included in the text, for example, intros and main paragraphs. In addition to supporting your layout, examples of cover letters will help you find out what things you should insert in your letter. They can give you the ideas about the type of language you want to apply. For instance, a sample of a resume can show you those action words that you must provide in your letter. Apply the sample as a guide to writing your own document, but don’t just copy the sample. You must adapt your letter to match your own job experience and the job you’re applying for.

Recommendations for writing

Here are the tips to write your teacher cover letter:
  • Highlight your achievements. Describe examples of your achievements in past work as a teacher. For instance, if your students got high grades or if you got a reward for teaching, indicate these successes.
  • Indicate any preparation or certification. In the cover letter, you can also include information about appropriate certification and training. This will show that you are qualified for the work.
  • Describe the out-of-class work related to the work with children. If it was not a teaching job or an experience related to working with kids, emphasize this in the cover letter. This is especially useful if you have little experience in teaching.
  • Individualize your letter. Make sure to customize each letter so that it matches the certain school and job list. Research the school and descrie why you think you’ll be good at this particular school.

An example of the letter for a teaching position

You need to start your letter indicating the following information:
  • Your first and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Date
Then you can proceed to the letter itself:
  • Mr. John Smith
  • McKinley Middle School
  • 50 St Marys St
  • Boston, MA 02215

Dear Mr. Smith,

I want to apply for an entry level teaching position in your school. As a graduate of …, I have experience teaching students of the fifth and sixth grade levels in both urban and suburban school districts. I believe that my experience of teaching and the passion to participate in the community make me a perfect candidate for teaching in your school.

I have the experience of teaching the beginners in various conditions. Currently, I participate in the teaching of third-grade kids in the school charter school. Being a former education coordinator in the museum, I also have the experience of teaching kids of the fourth grade in a small school in suburbs. Your school highlights its position as a school that is suitable for both students from cities and suburbs, so I think that my experiences will make me useful for your school.

Your school also seeks to attract students to a bigger community. I have a lot of experience including public service projects in my classrooms. For instance, as a teacher-student, I headed a division of third-grade graduates, and we volunteered to the garden of the local community. I’d like to find ways to include service training into my lessons.

My goal is to link various experiences I had with my possibility to be an enthusiastic, compassionate, and intelligent teacher who will positively affect both your school and your community. I would appreciate if you invite for an interview and hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Name and last name


Writing a noticeable cover letter

Recruiters receive hundreds of responses to each post and spend only a few seconds looking through the letter to the CV. To get noticed, include elements of personal branding: an appeal, a tip or a mission.

The appeal

A brief phrase or sentence that is put under your name or at the top of the paper, for instance, in the leftmost box or italic at the bottom of the letter. The appeal should briefly convey the significance that you can bring to the potential boss.

If your creativeness does not scale up to the level of the sky, look at the description of the position or career site of the company, highlight the main thing and describe it in your own words. You can get inspiration for your teacher cover letter by going through a couple of examples.


Positive reviews from your colleagues and previous employers make your words more credible. There’s no need to submit of files from your previous job and hurry to scan appreciation notes from your customers. Include small clippings from the reviews or quotes in the letter– this will do the job.

The mission

Shortly describe what you plan to do or have already done in the plan for your career, which inspires and motivates you to work, what interests you about the activities of the company. Your goal is to reveal the significance that you’re going to bring to the company and demonstrate that your interests are the same as the company’s goals. Here are some examples:
  • For the teacher – “Every step that students make in their life influences his future. I assist them take the right steps.”
  • For the sales manager – “If the client is satisfied, purchasing our goods, it is a win. I enjoy making people happy.”
  • For the marketer – “I like to convey the main thing to the customer using advertising. It’s a fun way to talk about the goods in the video, image or text – this, in my opinion, is talent.”

What you should avoid in the letter

Here are what to not include in your letter:
  • Phrases and expressions that somehow talk about the hopelessness of the position of the applicant or that working in this firm is his last chance, and so on.
  • A pompous description of the merits, bordering on boasting.
  • Deepening into unnecessary detail, duplicating the resume text.
  • Open flattery of the employer, who can, contrary to expectations, give the opposite effect to the expected: the applicant will certainly form an opinion as an insincere careerist.

If a letter is composed on the website where you look for a job, don’t rely on the auto-complete template. An impersonal message will appear in the basket, as it will not say anything about the applicant to a potential boss.

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