The case against homework: Why it is so important

The Case Against Homework is a book written by Sara Bennet and Nancy Kalish. It discusses the problems in the current educational system, leading the kinds to be overwhelmed with the tasks they are given to do at home. Studying is very important, and there is no doubt about that; however, it is really useful for children to spend so much time reading, learning, investigating, writing, etc.? Is there a better way to get necessary knowledge without scarifying so much time and efforts?

What is really happening?

Over the past several years, the time that children have to spend on doing their homework has increased significantly. Not only is this time ofkids and students, but also of their parents who often have to help them or wait for them to finish an assignment. One of the most frustrating things about that is that it is unclear what exact benefits will your kid and your family obtainfrom spending so much time and efforts on completing a task.

According tothe authors of the book, there is almost no clear evidence that doing homework reallyhelps students in achieving academic success. Too much studying really worsen the quality of student’s life by taking away the precious time for play, sleep, and exercise, that are essential for physical, neurological, and emotional development. This is also considered to be a hidden cause of the obesity problem in kids.

It is not only students who complain about their homework, but also their parents, and even some teachers; however, it is not a secret that to achieve something it is often important to try hard. The question is whether doing homework is really worth spent efforts.

In The Case Against Homework, the authors conducted research by interviewing educators, parents, and kinds, and other sources of information. Both of them are parents,andthey also used their own experience to rise and underline the problem. They provide a range of pieces of advice onhow to deal with the current situation to protect their kinds.

Is the problem does really exist?

Bennet and Kalish are not the only authors or parents who paid their attention to the lots-of-homework problem. The topic has attracted lots of attention from other parents, authors, teachers, etc. That is a why a range of articles have been published regarding the problems, calling to making some changes in the current educational system.

According to Alfie Kohn, an author of the book Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing, there are no clear pieces of evidence demonstrating that homework is useful for students under high school age.

Students and parents have to deal with tasks and materials that really look like busy work, including word searches, long sheets of math problems, and others that really make children dislike books.

According to Nancy Kalish, homework assignments are not more than just busy work that makes learning a difficult problem instead of a positive, useful experience. Some students spend more time at home doing their homework than they actually spend at school. Teachers sometimes give studentsa short school day, but a long homework day.

One of the most significant disadvantages of doinghomework is that it takes the time from the family. Lots of parents and teachers believe that students are often assigned to do their homework just because this is a rule, although there is no realneed forthis. Considering that parents and their children do not really experience positive effects from doing homework, but they do experience its negative impact, the problems really exist.

Is homework effective for children?

The efficacy of the homework has been studied by policy researchers. For instance, according to Gerald LeTendre, homework is useless when all students do the same assignment that then just checked. It is important to pay attention to each student and his or her work individually,todiscuss his or her work to make sure that the material was learned well. Monitoring and feedback are essential to make homework really effective.

According to the researchers from the University of Virginia, homework does not really impact on the grades of students. Adam Maltese believes that the problemis not really about homework itself, but rather it not being used properly. It is important to pay attention to the quality and type of assignments as well as their suitability for students with different learning skills and abilities.

This means that homework may really be useful; however, it is still important that it does not affect the quality of life of children.

The researches also recommend that assignments should be given taking into account the maximum time that should be spent on a task. According to the National Education Association, children should spend about 10 minutes per night starting in the 1stgrade. Every year, additional 10 minutes can be added.

What are main advantages and disadvantages of homework?

Any homework aims at helping studentslearn the material and use the gained knowledgeand skill further in life. All of this, basically, is about being able to get a job and knowing how to deal with difficult life situations. However, does it really worth struggling and what is the real ‘cost’ of children doing their homework?

According to Alfie Kohn, homework has the following disadvantages:
  • This makes parents’ life more difficultbecause they have to spend additional time helping their children;
  • Doing homework is stressful for children. This is sort of an endurance test that may lead to sleepless nights, low self-esteem, and other problems;
  • This often causes conflicts, which worsen relationships in the family;
  • Homework takes lots of time, which does not allow children to spend enough of it on other activities essential for their physical and creative development. Also, children need to have enough time to rest;
  • Homework often leads to children losing interest in learning.

Althoughthere are many parents and specialists who believe that homework is not good for children of the age under high school, there are lots of parents and other people who believe that it is necessary for developing important skills and gaining knowledgethat can be used in life.

It is true that people have to deal with differentsituations in life, and lots of them are really stressful. It is important to teach children how to deal with these situations and how to overcome them. Due to these disagreements, it is not that easy to change the educational system.

Why the problem does not only concern elementary school?

Although teenagers and adult students seem to have more abilities for learning difficult materials or writing long paper works, they often find it very hard. The following are some of the reasons for that:
  • Students need to have enough time for socializing, private life, hobbies, etc.;
  • There are lots of different assignments that students have to complete. They have to spend plenty of time on learning requirements, investigating, writing, and doing other actions;
  • Some students work, and it is hard for them to find time for completing acertainassignment or even several of them;
  • There may be different,unexpected life situations not allowing a student to dedicate enough time tolearning and writing assignments;
  • Completing all assignments may lead stress, poor quality of life, and more.

Today, students have to learn more and write more papers then it was several decades ago. It is lots of efforts that they have to spend, and that is why they try to look for the way out.

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What to do to improve the situation?

In order to improve the situation, it is important to do the following:
  • Researchers should take care of the problem by determining how, when and for whom it does make sense to give homework or not at all. It is important to implement an individualapproach to each student;
  • Everyone who believes that homework in the way it is today is too manyworries should unite to force the necessary changes in the educational system;
  • Parents should read as much information as possible to know how they should act nowprotect their children frombeing overwhelmed with homework. The Case Against Homework is one of the sourcesthat allow learning how to deal with teachers, administrators, etc. in order to make the life of their children easier.

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